Meet Vic Hoskins

Another Masrani video dropped today (Hooray! I’m actually covering a Masrani video within a reasonable time frame!) and it introduces Vincent D’onfrio’s character, Vic Hoskins.


He’s the leader of InGen’s private security division, and he heads a team of security guards that look exactly like you’d expect them to.

I hope the third-from-right guy’s haircut gets eaten first.

He looks and dresses like Muldoon probably would today, had his ‘bad luck’ not befallen him.


He’s working on developing new security measures, both for war and for dinosaurs; I think we can all agree the latter is infinitely more fun. He gets a snazzy quote of his own, which I think illustrates his personality despite its blandness:


See, I can just picture him saying this to a reporter or whoever asked him about his job. He probably just gave this gruff reply. Get what I’m saying? He seems like a man of few words. Again, like Muldoon.


He likes to lean against rails above dinosaur enclosures and look worried, like… oh. I’m sensing a pattern here. That’s all we get about his character. I’ll talk more about that in a second, but first let me go over the other stuff in the video.

Someone who’s smarter than me, can you please tell me what these little circles and numbers mean? I feel like they’re an Easter egg if you know how to look at them. Dino tracking?:

I keep seeing ‘204’. Illuminati?

InGen/Masrani is apparently very involved in security. There’s some irrelevant stuff about supplying soldiers, but this stuck out:


Wow, that’s some 1984-level facial recognition and tracking software I think I see there. If we know one thing the park will have, it’s good knowledge of where their employees are and what they’re doing. I guess they actually learned something from the whole Nedry thing. Hey, I made a fan theory!

Hoskins is developing some sort of special car. A big, secrety security car.

Mercedes-Benz: when you care enough to plug the very best.

And Jurassic World did not go the Blackfish route:


Judging by the size of the stadium in the trailer compared to the map, that looks like a pretty big place for Mosasaur to swim around in; unless they contain her in the stadium, in which case that’s really unnecessary. But we now know that at some point, Mosa will probably have an all-access pass to the entire park and will be dining on rich people until her monstrous tummy has all its yum-yums.

OK, let me talk about Vic. Ever since he was cast, he’s been saying his character is the main villain in the movie. Judging by the fact that he’s employed by the park and seems to be a crucial staff member, I’m guessing maybe they didn’t  learn so much from Nedry. My personal guess is that he’ll go one of two ways. Either he’ll try to steal a dinosaur and take it to the mainland/ sell it/ genetically alter it in drastic ways (less likely) or he’ll be so enamored with defending the dinosaurs that he’ll even kill people to keep the animals safe. Or he’ll go in some weird new direction that I have no way of predicting.

Whatever happens, we know Hoskins is a tough guy, possibly with a military background– hey, maybe he and Owen served together in the military. He seems to be a stern and action-oriented person. That’s all we know about him, so there are only so many inferences we can make about his character, but at least we can guess. But I do know one thing: if anyone’s saying “Clever girl” around here, it’s Vic. You know I’m right.

Oh, and let’s not kid ourselves: he’s dino chow.


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