Because I Love You

Happy Valentine’s! Here’s a bunch of things that I hope will warm your heart.








Here’s a shot of Simon Masrani talking to Henry Wu, maybe giving him the “real dinosaurs” talk and almost definitely calling him “my dear boy”:

“Sho then you gotta… you gotta, uh… STICK SOME MORE TEETH ON IT. Yeah.” “Mr. Masrani, are you–” “LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT THESE BIG OL’ LIZARDS…”

Here’s some more about the Lego game because do I know you people or what:

tumblr_njl1dfQUko1rsiohpo3_r1_1280 (1)

tumblr_njl1dfQUko1rsiohpo2_1280 (1)

And here, courtesy of jptopps on Tumblr and from an old Lost World trading card set, is absolutely the most unexplainably hilarious Jurassic Park-related thing I’ve ever seen:


Fun fact: the baby stego animatronic in that movie was named Claire. #conspiracy

So there you go. I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day, and thank you again for reading my blog! And I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but I got you a little present. I’ll swing by your house later tonight to drop it off. Outside your window. I’ll be knocking. I’ll be waiting. I’ll be watching.


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