Jurassic World Costumes


I know I’ve said this before, but enjoy this post while it’s up, folks; if I’m ever getting C&D’d for a post, it’s gonna be this one. We have photos (well, sort of) of official Jurassic World Halloween costumes! They’re from a manufacturer called Rubie’s, and they can be found by going to the 64 Licensed catalog on rubies.com and flipping to about page 670. Here’s the catalog link: http://rubies.com/catalogs/2015rubieslicensedcatalog/

If you’re lazy like me, you’d rather just look at screencaps and in that case you’re in luck. First is Owen, an ACU trooper and a ~~super strange mystery dinosaur~~ that they ~can’t show~ (it’s the I. rex):


I can’t critique these much because they’re really just concept art. The designs don’t look bad and seem pretty accurate. However, if you’re planning on buying an Owen costume for your or your child’s Halloween costume, you’re probably not going to want to buy these. They might look good on the packaging, but they’ll be made of cheap plastic and will most likely look fake; I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a ’50s greaser jacket’ costume that’s supposed to be leather and instead looks like obvious poncho plastic, but I’m guessing Owen’s jacket will get the same treatment. You’d be better off just buying the separate pieces from a thrift store. That’s only for the human costumes, though. Not so much for the dinosaurs. Behold T. rex:


That is infinitely hilarious and I sincerely hope to see at least one little kid in my neighborhood stomping around with that T. rex costume on. Seriously, look me in the eye and tell me that won’t be cute. Also, that isn’t a bad inflatable T. rex. You could do a lot of fun things with a good costume and a toy like that. For instance, themed T. rex volleyball.

There’s a couple pages of repeats, and then this:


OK, everyone in the JPLegacy thread this was posted in is freaking out about that treat bag. People are saying it “reveals a pretty big spoiler” and that “the guy on Reddit was right”. Would someone like to explain to me exactly what’s being spoiled here? All I see is T. rex and I. rex about to fight in the park, and we knew that would happen with the release of the Bad Boy packaging. I really wish I knew what the big spoiler is; I’m looking into it, but if someone could tell stupid me if something important is happening other than a T/I rex fight, I’d really appreciate it. You’ll also notice a canteen and binoculars, which I’ll probably end up buying for cosplay, and a ‘Safari’ hat that’s blacked out for some reason. Why would that be– NO.


You know what, I’m not making a big deal out of this. I don’t want to get any hopes up, especially mine. I’m not gonna sing about this or repeatedly post about it or steer a hype train about it into the sun. Still, though, it is blacked out for no apparent reason, the shape is just right… you’ve gotta wonder.

Okay, that’s it for costumes. As you can see, there’s no Claire and the dinosaur costumes are limited only to the main 2 carnivores, but there’s always room for expansion when there’s money to be made. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these costumes and I’d also like if you’d alert me if the Feds are coming to my blog for copyright infringement.

Here’s the original thread I found ’em in: http://jplegacy.org/board/showthread.php?t=27919&highlight=costume


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