Stegoceratops is Just a Toy*

Some music to set the mood:!%20The%20Witch%20Is%20Dead

Good news for sane people: Stegoceratops– this ugly thing, if you haven’t been following toy news–


has been confirmed to be only a toy and to be absent from Jurassic World. Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief. From International Business Times:

Screenrant has reached out to Hasbro regarding the online preview of the hybrid Stegoceratops figure they released days ago, which, according to the site, led fans to worry that “Jurassic World” was going overboard with their dinosaur ideas. However, Hasbro officials have confirmed that the Stegoceratops won’t be a film feature; thus, the dinosaur won’t be appearing alongside its hybrid counterpart, the Indominus Rex, in the movie.

A lot of speculation and fan frenzies *sheepishly looks at the ground* were for nothing, but that’s okay, because the beast is slain and we haven’t again descended into the madness that was Chaos Effect.

By the way, the Stegoceratops is probably not a hybrid of Stegosaurus and Triceratops. It’s more likely a Stegosaurus with a Nasutoceratops:

A life restoration of the dinosaur Nasutoceratos titusi.
“Looks like someone’s gearing for a goring.”

Unrelated– who’s excited for the Oscars*? It’s the one awards show every year that I actually get really excited about. And this year we’re getting some representation! Sarah Harding Julianne Moore is up for Best Actress, Ellie Sattler Laura Dern is up for Best Supporting Actress and Ian Malcolm Jeff Goldblum was in The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is nominated for basically everything. Hooray for unofficial reunions!

*It’s a slow week at Jurassic Adventures.


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