Fanfics You Should Be Reading #7

Welcome back to Fanfics You Should Be Reading!

#1. No Church in the Wild by amosanguis:

Summarization: The story of how Owen Grady trained his raptor squad over a few years and how they came to be a team together. If you have as much of a pathological need for Raptor Squad as I do, you’re sure to enjoy this.

Why you should be reading it: As you well know, I have a serious baby dinosaur problem.

For example, when I see this picture I can’t type in Engjaa;ioreoickjsajkcjvbxkk

That’s the reason that, when I first read this story, I clutched my face and softly cried, “I’m melllltiiiing,” while furiously pounding on the Kudos button. I cannot possibly stress to you how adorable this story is. Echo chases a grasshopper. Charlie is shy and won’t leave Owen’s pockets. Delta curls up around his neck. If you want Chris Pratt being adorable with raptors– which the whole Internet seems to– this is everything. It’s an animal story, a friendship story and an adorable family story all in one. Gah, it’s perfect.

#2. Tainted by Macx:

Summarization: This is a lot like No Church in the Wild, except a bit longer and done in a different yet still enjoyable style. In an AU where Alan Grant is involved in the Jurassic World story, Owen Grady overcomes warnings and adversity to train a weaponized raptor pack. It’s told in sort of a broken-up vignette style that still coveys a fluid story.

Why you should be reading it: Come on, we all want Alan Grant to at least see the Raptor Squad, and we all want to know what he thinks of it; maybe we even want to see him help with their training. (Yes, you do. Even you up there in the back.) This is a lovely exploration of what Dr. Grant would do in those unique circumstances, as well as another great raptor-training story. The story is ongoing and progresses slowly but excitingly.  It also contains some informative bits about animal behavior and one of the loveliest sentence fragments ever put to paper:

[…] Owen with his raptor pack of four, following him around like vicious ducklings.

Vicious. Ducklings.

#3. In This Small World by Oceasia:

Summarization: A short story of how I. rex’s life began, told from her perspective. It’s not very long but boy, does it hit you.

Why you should be reading it: Colin Trevorrow has said recently that the I rex has some problems stemming from being isolated all of her life and being the only one of her kind. This story gets that point across succinctly and heartbreakingly and gives you somewhat of a new perspective on Jurassic World‘s story. There’s not much more I can say about it– I’ll just let it stand on its own and give it all the recommendation I can.

Well, that’s it for new stories. By the way, three stories I’ve recommended in the past are still going strong and still very enjoyable.

The Silliest Jurassic Park Fanfiction Ever Written (56 chapters, that’s some freakin’ Tolstoy-level dedication):


A Pet By Any Other Name:

Happy reading!


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