Video Games & I. Rex Animatronic

I would point out what a bunch of video game nerds we all are, but it’s getting a little redundant at this point, so I’ll just cut to the chase. A team at Global Game Jam 2015 has developed a game that replicates the hacking scene at the end of the first movie. It’s called ‘I Know This’ and it’s amazing. Check it out:



You don’t need to know anything about actual programming to play it, and it’s sort of an adventure game. If you want to feel like a 90s-movie hacking genius (several options available)–





–you’ll probably like this. Read more and find the download link here:

Another game hasn’t been released yet, but it’s pretty far along in development. I’ve reported on it before– it’s called Jurassic Park: Aftermath. There are some new stills out:


As well as a new trailer, which is set to the piano music that I cried when I heard the first time because I’m the biggest loser nerd on the planet:

It’s gorgeous and frankly it’s unfair, because people like me are going to buy it no matter what, so the creator can set the price exorbitantly high and we’ll still cough it up. Why does it have to be so perfect?! More about it here:

Irrfan Khan, AKA Simon Masrani, has confirmed in an interview that the I. rex does indeed have an animatronic:

“In earlier Jurassic films, they had real dinosaurs, robot dinosaurs. In this they were more relying on special FX, so later they could create, the technique has changed. The one which is the main pivitol for the story, they made it… and it’s scary. It gives you a strange feeling, something strange about his behavior”

I would both like to cheer for the fact that practical effects and CGI are being combined again, and to commend the Jurassic World team for keeping the animatronic from being leaked up until this point. I’m not being sarcastic; in an Internet age when they can’t even keep a paper napkin from the public, they’ve kept a 4- or 5-ton, 40-foot robot from having a single picture taken of it. I don’t know how they pulled it off, but gee willkers, they did.

Finally, more snack news. Soon you’ll be able to buy Jurassic World Peeps! That’s right, everybody– the little balls of marshmallow fluff that are highly addictive narcotics for all intents and purposes will soon have our favorite dinosaurs slapped on them. Behold:


I’m very excited for the expanded merchandising and for the extra 20 pounds I’ll be putting on eating these things. Yes I’m still eating them! I can quit any time I want, okay??!!


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