Simon Masrani Gets Legofied

Today in “Really? I thought that was happening anyway”, we learned that Simon Masrani will be a part of the Jurassic World Lego game. Since his character seems to be very important to the movie, I don’t know why it’s news that he’d be in the video game, but okay. Here’s his Lego figure:


Khan also said that there are two Jurassic World Lego games (!!). In his words:

There would be two versions of the game developed by the team at LEGO and Irrfan’s character would be part of both games — first with characters and the other, a video one. This is a huge thing because both games will be launched at an international level.

I’m not entirely sure what he means by ‘a separate game with characters’– does he mean there’s a game where you play as the dinosaurs and another where you control the humans? Either way, I’m really happy for this. The more Jurassic World games, the better!
Unrelatedly, Sarah got the little gold guy!
Congratulations, Julianne Moore! (I know she’ll never read this blog but it’s the thought that counts, people.)

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