New Jurassic World Pictures!


All right, the dry spell of Jurassic World news is officially broken. From Empire magazine, we have four (three, really) new stills from the movie!


Oooh, this is interesting. It seems to be a continuation of the scene we’ve seen shots of before, in which Owen busts into the control room and tells Claire to evacuate the island (all I want for Christmas is two people on a lifeboat having an exchange similar to the end of Titanic, except instead of drowning the guy gets snatched up by the Mosasaur). Evidently I was right about the tracking technology bragged about in the Masrani video being used on park staff; we can see two InGen troopers, presumably ACUs, being monitored. (Lee is the one with the Apple watch that the drop of blood falls on in the first trailer, by the way.) Seems like it would be sort of a waste of wall space to show the vital statistics of every individual trooper on the entire island when no one’s going rogue or anything, but that’s why I don’t run a theme park.

As you can see in the bottom left corner, someone’s activated the park system’s master control. Something’s telling me Owen did that, and really, I can’t see that turning out well. Either the hero of the movie will just get into the computer system and automatically know what to do to re-contain the dinosaurs and/ or save the day–


— or we’ve got an animal trainer who seems to have little to no experience running every system in the whole park, and things can pretty much only go downhill. Or I’m just being pessimistic and he’s helping Claire however he can, or watching what goes on in the control room before the I. rex breaks out and for an unrelated reason. Judging by his relative cleanliness, it might be the last one– in that part of the trailer, the room looks neat and orderly and so does Claire, so probably nothing’s going down at that point in time and the master control thing is just foreshadowing. (I’ve always loved that about Jurassic Park movies. You can tell how far into the movie a scene is by how filthy everyone’s gotten.)


This isn’t new, but you probably knew that already because you’ve seen this shot everywhere on the Internet that dinosaurs are even mentioned. Blue is definitely the one on the right, and if I had to guess the other one’s name I’d say Delta, but I don’t see the rest so I don’t know if they’re still all the same color. Also, does it look to anyone else like Blue is kinda mocking him? She’s spreading her arms like, “Ooh, look at me, I’m the big tough human. Eyes on meeee, eyes on meeeee.”


Here’s Owen looking nice and bloody, being directed by Trevorrow out in the jungle. I think this is somewhere around the scene where he hides under the truck from I. rex, but I could be wrong. There’s not really a lot to say here, except Trevorrow is probably pointing where a dinosaur is coming from. Are they using those cardboard cutout dinosaur heads to show the actors what to look at, like they did in The Lost World? That’s perfect. I hope they are.


Here’s a shot of the crew waiting for the catering helicopter, which is apparently the same as or identical to Masrani’s helicopter. Hey, two birds with one stone, right? I can’t quite make out what that huge crane is lifting– I think it’s a car, but I’m not sure. Why anybody would need a car lifted 30 feet into the air is beyond me, but I’m not one to question Trevorrow’s directing expertise or what Masrani does with his insane amounts of money.

That’s it for new photos, but we did get another tidbit: Owen is a ranger and Claire is an operations manager in the park.


Here’s where you can see the pictures:

Finally, on an unrelated note, someone wrote me a Jurassic Park story! It’s called Raptor Blue by CameoAmalthea, it’s about Blue the raptor when she was a baby and it is absolutely the cutest thing ever. I love it to death. Read it here:

I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but thank you, CameoAmalthea. You brighten my world.


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