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Even more news has been released on the Marani Global site! First up is a video showing the process behind dinosaur creation. It’s basically a video version of the ‘Creation Lab’ page of the Jurassic World site, and it doesn’t contain any new information, but it’s pretty to look at if nothing else.


They’re starting to talk a lot about ‘building InGen’s genomic library’ a lot lately, which probably includes animals from other time periods than the Mesozoic– more on that in a little bit. We definitely know that InGen is doing research and trying its best to have as many species’ DNA cataloged as they can, which opens the door to some decidedly Jurassic Park Builder- like possibilities. I’m personally a little uneasy and I feel like this is some attempt to ease us into the idea of having mammoths and such in future movies, but it could just be harmless world-building.


Something’s telling me you’re gonna want to keep that locked up really nice and tight, Claire. I don’t know, just a feeling.


All right, there’s that egg again! That egg they show in every single video and that we keep seeing over and over! I was plagued with doubt before, but the egg found its way into my mind and made me see that there is no reason to fear the egg. I’m so pumped! All hail the egg!


Just one. One. All I want is one little shot of a baby T. rex in the nursery wrapped up in a little blanket and maybe with a tiny teddy bear. But they won’t even let me have that, and all my dreams are for naught.


In the visitors’ center, a geneticist stands behind glass and shows kids how the lab process behind baby dinosaurs works, because Jurassic World has absolutely no parallels with Islands of Adventure, no siree, none.

That’s it for the video. Now let’s dig into the 2014 investors’ report from the site. Or, more accurately, let’s skim over the parts we actually care about. In-universe, I. rex seems to have been announced and hyped to the point that the park’s popularity is skyrocketing:

Wiesner credited Jurassic World’s latest success to Simon Masrani’s recent announcement of the new Indominus rex attraction. “Since opening we’ve seen online bookings skyrocket” he explained. “2015 is going to be a fantastic year for Jurassic World.”

Wiesner, by the way, is the CFO of the company. Some are saying he’ll show up in the movie, but nobody knows for sure at the moment.

Regarding what I said earlier about a real possibility of non-Mesozoic animals being cloned:

InGen Technologies temporarily closed down two of its mines in Argentina to focus on its Martel expedition in Siberia, a move that has so far yielded an abundance of highly preserved carcasses. Despite the exciting finds, Dr. Henry Wu has held back on speculating whether Jurassic World might be including recreated assets from the Cenozoic Era. “Right now we are focused on the construction of the world’s most complete genomic library”, Dr. Wu reiterated. “But if the world tells us that’s what they want to see, we’re more than prepared.”

It’s not confirmed, but it’s possible. Will we see mammoths in this movie or its sequel? Definitely not and probably not. But from a financial viewpoint, this is actually a smart move. Lots of toys could be licensed if mammoths got involved in the franchise, and it opens up a ton of storytelling purposes, some more cheesy than others (T. rexes fighting mastodons, anyone?). Heck, there could even be a whole Pleistocene Park spinoff movie or something. It’s not what we necessarily want to see, but the possibility is on the horizon. I really hope that Wu’s remark about only cloning new animals if the world wants to see them is some kind of coded way for Universal to tell us that it won’t go ahead with something so major if the fandom doesn’t approve. If that’s the case, great for them. They could make some fantastic additions to the franchise if they consulted the fandom and saw what it wants.

That’s it for now. On a personal note, I hit 25 followers yesterday, which I consider a pretty big milestone for a blog that I thought would only get a tiny group of readers once in a while. Thank you to everybody who’s reading this right now, and even deeper thanks to everybody who I’m lucky enough to have following me. I love you guys. Seriously.


2 thoughts on “More Masrani News

  1. Personally, I would love to see some Cenozoic creatures in the franchise, I think it would be a great way to mix things up for the sequels. However, I don’t think Ingen and Masrani will be creating anything new after the events of this movie, and if they do it will probably be in secrecy.


    1. I hadn’t thought of how InGen would recover after their park was destroyed. I wonder if, after the events of Jurassic World, the San Diego Incident and everything else that happened, if InGen would learn even a single thing from their mistakes? I get the feeling they won’t, but with a wrecked park and an even worse track record, I wonder if they’d even have the resources to clone anything.


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