Random News, Robot Plesiosaur Edition


Considering how many pieces of news have been coming out lately that don’t merit their own posts and don’t fit in with any other posts, I think I’ll start doing short collections of random news pieces. Today we’ve got a couple new pieces of merchandise, some movie speculation and, yes, robot plesiosaurs.

Pictures of two Jurassic World backpacks have been released:



Considering how many snarling dinosaurs, bad puns and somewhat violent slogans (“You are what we eat” from some Lost World merchandise, “I am your crisis” from that one weird trading card) this looks really nice. I especially love the light blue coloration– the movie’s marketing seems to use a ton of that– and the little DNA strands on the tops. The backpack in the second picture will be available for purchase online for a short, six-day period, which starts on March 30 of this month according to the website. You can find it (not sure if it’s a pre-order thing or if it’ll be delivered immediately) here: http://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/toys/construction-cars/c-398/dinosaurs-animals/p-11339/jurassic-world-backpack/

Digital Times released a piece following the Empire magazine interview. Trevorrow revealed in the interview that the ACUs in Jurassic World will have live camera feeds attached to their uniforms, which stream to the part of the control room that I’ve begun to call the Orwell Wall.

Big Bryce Dallas Howard is watching you.

According to the article, this will pay tribute to a famous action scene in the movie Aliens. I personally have not seen Aliens (I know, I know) but I assume that the scene in question involves a xenomorph attacking military troopers and that the scene is viewed through a camera on a trooper. Jurassic World can’t stop with the references, can it? This seems like it would be a really cool scene. I would love to see I. rex eat somebody in real time! In related news, we have our first confirmed death of the movie. It appears that Lee’s heart rate has disappeared, implying that he’s bought it somehow, probably ending up as I. rex’s breakfast. This provides another explanation of why Owen’s in the control room– he probably just watched Lee get snacked on, possibly in person if we’re judging by the trailer. Here’s the piece: http://www.idigitaltimes.com/jurassic-world-spoilers-dinosaur-action-scene-pay-tribute-aliens-418125

Finally, giant freaking robots. Giant freaking robot plesiosaurs. The Dorset Museum in England is starting a new project called Jurassic Cove. It’s the idea of David Attenborough the naturalist, and the point of it is to recreate a prehistoric underwater environment. This is where the giant robots come in– the cove will be filled with detailed, swimming robotic creatures from presumably the Jurassic and/ or Cretaceous period, the highlight of which will be life-sized plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs. The concept art is gorgeous:



The attraction will also include a huge surrounding area that mimics what the area would have looked like in prehistoric times, but come on, you’re not gonna go out and look at prehistoric trees when you can go watch the giant robot monsters of the deep. The project won’t be complete for at least 6 years and it’s seeking a lot of funding, so if this is as awesome to you as it is to me, John Hammond’s brother would like you to please throw money at him.

Everyone else is making Jurassic Park jokes about this and talking about how it’s bound to go wrong because dinosaurs, so I’m going to try my best to be original. *clears throat* Don’t go in the tank at night, or the animatronics will stuff you in a robot ichthyosaur suit. You heard it here first, folks. Read more here: http://www.blastr.com/2015-3-2/forget-jurassic-world-heres-our-first-look-real-jurassic-park

Oh, and I saw this on the Innovation Center park cam:

Papo Raptor

Pretty sure that’s a Papo toy raptor on the display. They might wanna have a look at that.


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