Omar Sy: Raptor Guy

Today Colin Trevorrow revealed a few details about the character that Omar Sy plays in Jurassic World. He doesn’t give us a name or anything, and we’re not sure if he dies, but we know what he does at least. Previously all we knew is that he plays Owen’s best friend, and now we’ve got a little more to go on. From Trevorrow:

I wrote the role especially for Omar, I’m a huge fan, I spent a lot of time in France, my wife is French.

Ooh la la. And I would like to think that the role being written especially for Omar means something, but he doesn’t seem to have a typecast so we can’t really predict too much what his character will be like. Other than French.

He has a bigger role than you think – he works for Chris Pratt and is also a Raptor tamer.

Okay, so Owen isn’t alone in his efforts. Everyone seems to think he’s training these raptors for his own reasons, but this may prove that that isn’t the case. I can see two possible scenarios here: either Owen and Omar are good enough friends that Omar decided to help with his buddy’s harebrained scheme, or it’s an official Jurassic World project that the both of them just happened to be assigned to. I think it’s the latter, and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

When Chris, who’s in charge, is done with training the Velociraptors, Omar brings them to their cage and takes care of them, checking their teeth, these kind of things.

He is a raptor groomer, my friends. He gives the velociraptors baths, brushes their teeth and maybe even plays with them. Do you know what I would give to have that job. Do. You.

He has a very special relationship with them. There’s a great scene with Vincent D’Onofrio when Omar speaks French to the Raptors and Vincent pretends to understand what he’s saying.

French raptors are a thing! French raptors! He speaks French to them and they understand French! Hold on, I need to immortalize this moment.

*romantic violin music*

The reason I think the raptor-training project is sponsored by Jurassic World is because of the fact that Vincent D’Onfrio, AKA Vic Hoskins (head of security) is in at least one scene with one of the raptor trainers. I think Hoskins might have had the idea to train raptors for his own ~sinister reasons~ and just got Owen and Omar to do it for him. I’m fairly sure he’s planning something, being the villain and all, that involves using raptors as weapons and that’s fairly nasty. Maybe the raptor training is what the mysterious Project IBRIS from the Masrani site is. Also, maybe Hoskins will get eaten because he underestimated the raptors’ relationship with Owen, or because he saw them as controllable machines instead of volatile wild animals (a major theme from the first movie), or even thought they were stupid (in a way similar to Nedry.) Calling it now– the raptors will take him down somehow. I could be wrong, but that seems pretty plausible in my opinion.

I have not tried to Americanize him – he is French and has a great action scene. Everything he does results in a close relationship with the Velociraptors.

He’s a raptor groomer and he gets to jump around and blow stuff up with raptors cheering him on? Man, how cool is this guy? I like him already. I hope he fires bazookas and then pets Blue’s head while he walks away from the explosion in slow-mo.

Ah! Everybody expects him to die. I think you’ll like what we’ve planned for him. No one wants to see Omar die.

So does he die or doesn’t he? I’m fairly sure he doesn’t, but… oh no. Please don’t let him have a Disney death. Please don’t let him pull a Billy Brennan. I think that would be worse than if he died.

That’s the end of the interview. Omar sounds like a pretty awesome character and I can’t wait to see what his role is like in the movie. All I need is his name and a picture of his costume, because this guy needs an action movie poster and if no one else will make it, I will.



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