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This week on Jurassic Adventures– the Jurassic World news drought continues. Raptor gets cabin fever and a pretty nasty cold which is why she hasn’t posted a lot recently. Sorry, guys. 

Fair warning: this may be ridiculous.

A little while ago, I saw a fanfic prompt somewhere that involved an AU (alternate universe) in which characters from a fandom go to high school together and form a band there. Something possessed me to use this concept with Jurassic Park, and I wrote up an outline for a story in which the gang from the first movie were in a high school rock band together, which would eventually lead to the second movie’s cast being in a college band. I wrote that outline about three months ago and never did anything with it. But I still think it’s an interesting concept with at least a little potential, so I’m publishing the outline here in hopes that it doesn’t wither and die without ever seeing the sun. I may or may not get around to turning it into a story someday. In the meantime, I would actually love it if someone felt like writing it into a coherent story, because I know a lot of fanfic authors who’d do a great job of it. Anyway, here’s a story I’d like to see in some way or another, whether or not I’m the one who writes it.

(Note: I’m not sure about the time period involved here and I didn’t do a lot of research. Let’s say early 80s and please forgive any inaccuracies.) 

  • Alan and Ellie start dating freshman year of high school and make friends with Ian when they all stay after school to do experiments in the school’s lab on the same day
  • The three of them hang out with the ‘nerd’ group at school for a little bit, but it isn’t really their style (the other kids aren’t as deep into biology and math as they are). They hang out as a group of three for a while, and one day they see a lonely new transfer student from England hanging out by himself in the cafeteria. That’s when they meet Robert
  • They talk about making music, but it isn’t until they’re sophomores that they really start talking about forming a band
  • They argue a little over the name and eventually settle on ‘K-T Boundary’—much to Robert’s dismay, since he wanted to call the band ‘Midnight Mauling’
  • Ellie sings, Ian does guitar, Alan plays bass, Robert plays drums
  • They have to play in Alan’s garage even though it’s all dusty and full of bones, because Ian’s is filled with computers and dangerous chemicals, Robert does taxidermy in his and Ellie’s is basically a big indoor garden
  • Ian wants to play hard rock, Ellie wants to sing weird indie music, Robert wants to play British rock (mostly Pink Floyd covers) and Alan wants to make Western and cowboy music. They try to do songs in each genre, but what they usually end up with is a mashup of all four
  • They don’t get too many chances to perform. Sometimes people at their school—even a senior once, which they all get really hyped about—want them to play at parties and stuff, but that’s somewhat rare. Once or twice they just go to their local park, set up on the stage there and just start playing for whoever happens to hear them
  • When they’re juniors, the band plays at their school’s senior prom, and they’re excited about showing everyone their original songs. They get a bunch of pop song requests instead, and really only enjoy playing at the after-party
  • Sometimes they write songs in foreign and/or dead languages because they don’t want everyone to know what they’re saying, or just to sound different; Robert teaches them a bunch of British swear words, and they use them in place of American ones when they’re playing around adults
  • They record an entire mixed-genre album at the end of their junior year. Since they live in California, Alan and Ian drive up to Hollywood and hand out copies of their album on the street, hoping to get discovered
  • Alan and Ellie have to keep careful watch over Robert and Ian after their performances, because both of them are known to get a little too enthusiastic about their female fans
  • They record one music video; it’s for their token anti-authoritarian song ‘Can’t Shut Me Off’. They try to make it as ‘edgy’ and ‘weird’ as possible, and it ends up being strange and confusing more than anything else. It includes footage of Ellie staring unblinkingly into the camera for a full minute and a half while Alan shoots his paintball gun in the background, Robert very calmly skinning a Furby and Ian enthusiastically taking a hammer to a brick that’s purportedly from their school building
  • After senior year, they all head off to college; Robert and Ian go to different schools and Ellie and Alan go to the same university. Ian goes to the University of Texas and meets Sarah
  • Soon after Ian and Sarah start dating in freshman year (after they get into a very heated argument about the Permian extinction on the first day of their evolutionary biology class), the two of them meet Nick at a protest rally and Eddie in an engineering class and all start hanging out; they find out that they all like rock music and someone brings up the idea of starting a band
  • Sarah, Ian and Nick are all really smart but really rebellious science students who already act like rock stars as it is. Eddie is a lot quieter and not very rebellious, but he’s just as smart as the other three and hangs out with them because they’re the only ones who ‘get’ him
  • Sarah sings, Ian plays guitar, Nick plays bass, Eddie plays drums
  • They decide to be a metal/rock band and have similar tastes in music, but they can’t agree on a name; they want one that’s dark and metal-y but also niche and scientific. Eddie wants to call it ‘Euthanasia Coaster’ (because he heard about it in his engineering classes) and Ian votes for ‘Field of Bullets’ (because of the extinction theory). They’re outvoted by Sarah and Nick, who both suggest ‘Throwing Red Paint’ (because they like doing just that at animal-rights protests)
  • They perform at a few student parties until the administration finds out about them, gets excited and arranges a campus-wide concert—but the people organizing it haven’t heard any of the band’s songs. They proceed to play loud, obscene rock songs and the administration immediately forbids them from playing in any more public spaces on campus. This makes them very, very popular among students, and the band starts playing at multiple parties and dorms every week
  • Sarah loves writing punk rock songs and basically wants to be Ann Wilson
  • Nick has to physically restrain Ian from dramatically smashing his guitar after every set, and Ian has to do the same to keep Nick from stage-diving
  • Their most popular songs include ‘Test Drive to Hell’ (by Eddie), ‘Guess Who I’m Dissecting (It’s Not a Frog)’ by Nick, ‘Charles Whitman’s Brain (Gonna Steal It)’ by Ian, and ‘I’m the ****** Hyena Queen’ by Sarah
  • After being really quiet and not really offering any suggestions for the better part of a year, Eddie writes a song that’s really good but really, really obscene and disturbing. The band loves it and gets excited to perform it, but they have to send someone out to do a perimeter check for nearby teachers before they can even practice it
  • Eventually they hire a “security team”, which consists only of Eddie’s long-suffering friend Roland

Thank you for reading my weirdness.

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