Random News: Artsy Art Art Edition

Here we are again with some random news. Yes, it’s very artistic. Get your opera glasses out.

Bryce Dallas Howard gave an interview with Bustle today, in which she managed to reveal pretty much nothing about Jurassic World except “it has dinosaurs and Chris Pratt”.

“Jurassic Park is so iconic and getting to be a part of that in any way is astonishing.”

“He’s so kind and humble, and absolutely hilarious. There is never a dull moment when Chris is around. He’s the sweetest actor I’ve ever worked with.”

At least we learned one thing about her that we didn’t before. Get your paparazzi cameras out: Bryce is a Jurassic Park fangirl.

“I would have played a tree in the background if they asked me to!… I was just pinching myself the whole time because I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.”

Assuming she isn’t just gushing because JW is such an enormous movie (heck, I’d probably talk a lot like she does here if they cast me in a Transformers sequel), Bryce Dallas Howard has beaten us all. She has ascended. She’s reached the highest level of Jurassic Park fan that can possibly be achieved (except, possibly, for director of one of the sequels). Bryce won. We can all pack up and go on our way.

We have additional food merchandise! The sugary Jurassic World snacks keep on coming. First we have fruit snacks, then Peeps and now:


I’m gonna get so fat and it’ll all be Jurassic Park’s fault. Actually, never mind. I’ve always wanted to blame fictional dinosaurs for a medical problem. I always thought it would be for a leg injury or bird attack, but I can go to the doctor and say dinosaurs caused my obesity, too.

Jurassic World’s Facebook page has started putting out amazing promo images. Some of them have been collages of previously-released images and quotes over screenshots from the trailers, but some have been new material. Actually, the only original material has been these two pictures, but they’re also the best:



I assume both of these are screenshots from the movie and that both have to do with the I. rex; Claire is introducing Masrani to it in the first picture, and Owen is running from it in the second. In that case, I’m starting to like this movie’s cinematography more and more. The framing and lighting in the first shot are really nice, and combined with the shots we’ve seen in the trailers (the claw piercing the gyrosphere, Claire with the flare) the movie’s looking very visually interesting in ways that continue on the great cinematography of the first and second films. In the second shot, Owen, your military is showing. He looks like he’s out for a power jog.

Finally, Jurassic World (the news site) did an interview with John Bell, the art director for the first and second films. We got a look at some really interesting concept art:

Visitor Center Interior


JP Vehicles And Goggles

Something really interesting to me was his discussion of an alternate ending in which Hammond decided to stay on the island, left alone with his creations:

Hammond Alone
John: Having John being left behind was a cool sequence, albeit somewhat dark, not a [Steven] Spielberg ending. Since dinosaurs are so popular with kids, as well as adults, Steven wanted to make a film that wouldn’t scare away kids, but gave the audiences some suspense. He hit just the right balance in my mind. The opening scene of the novel was one that we thought could also go at the end. It’s a dark scene and didn’t fit with where he wanted to go.

That really struck a chord with me for some reason. It doesn’t really fit with the whole “hopeful” tone of the end of the movie, but it would have been interesting and tear-jerking. Someone should write a short story about this.

He also talked about the inspiration for the Barbasol can:

John: Yeah, I went to the Walgreens on Ventura Blvd and Laurel Canyon Blvd [in California] one evening specifically looking for Barbasol. I didn’t think it was still a brand, so when I saw it, I went for it. The great design of the inside was from Michael Lantieri’s team. I wish I could recall the designer who made it, because it was cool. He mocked it up, they showed it to Steven and it went right into the film! A really rare thing to happen in film.

Read the rest of the interview here (seriously, you should): http://www.jurassicworld.org/interviews-johnbell1.php


One thought on “Random News: Artsy Art Art Edition

  1. That really struck a chord with me for some reason. It doesn’t really fit with the whole “hopeful” tone of the end of the movie, but it would have been interesting and tear-jerking. Someone should write a short story about this.



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