Hammond’s Reflection (One Shot Fan Fic)

I didn’t think anyone would actually write that story I suggested! Check this out, it’s amazing.


(Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been very active this last week. Been super busy with school and other stuff, which is ironic since this is supposed to be my Spring Break!!! Anyway, my cryptids post is coming, but a spark of inspiration hit me and I felt like I had to do this. The above image is concept art of a scrapped ending to Jurassic Park in which Hammond decides to stay behind on the island. Fellow dinosaur blogger Raptor Dash talked a bit about this, and thought it would be cool if someone wrote a short story to expand the idea. So, I decided to put it upon myself to do so. Hope you enjoy!)

The helicopter was almost out of sight by now, with only a small dot in the distance signifying it’s presence. The more he looked at it, the more shame he felt inside. More people…

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