Jurassic World Lego Game Trailer!

You have no idea how excited I am right now. The first gameplay trailer for the LEGO Jurassic World video game has dropped, and it’s absolutely fantastic. I’m not exaggerating, and I’m not gushing about how I looooooove this like I do with other trailers. No, this is perfect. It’s funny, it’s completely film-accurate as far as I can tell and it couldn’t be more catered to fans if they personally sent butlers to all of our houses with free, gold-plated copies. Wow. See for yourself:


Allll aboard! All aboard the hype train! Toot toot!


When I say this thing is film-accurate, I mean shot-for-shot accurate. I would love to shake the hands of whatever nerd task force they put together to make this.


Lego Muldoon does a lot of things, but he does not *** around.


You know, it might just be me, but I’m having a little bit of trouble taking this seriously.




Even as a Lego-being, Ellie is a plant geek, Ian’s curl game is still legendary and Gennaro is still wonderfully punchable. Some things never change.


Took this by accident and didn’t want to put it to waste.


Wait, did they replace the cow with a person?! What’s gonna happen to the–


–oh, never mind. Heh.


This is what the ‘Clever Girl’ scene looks like. She stuffs his gun with a banana before he can shoot!


She goes all Carmen Miranda!


But in the end, Legos are red in tooth and claw.


There’s the main lady! Just look at the set design. So much work went into this game. Seriously, I can’t be the only one who thinks this is gorgeous.




Check it out, guys, Nobodywantsosaurus is here! This is the only shot from JP3 in the entire trailer. Perhaps that’s for the best.

Just look at this dork.

Gimme that sweet, sweet Ian rant right to the vein. All the CCs you’ve got. Yeah, that’s the stuff.


Let the record show that, even as a brick, Lex Murphy is still aggressively adorable.




There she is!


Again, I’d like to draw attention to the truly incredible set design at work here. That worker’s village is not only perfectly screen-accurate, it’s very detailed and every bit of it, even the lighting, conveys the exact mood that that scene in the movie did. How much does a Wii U cost? A hundred bucks or so? I’ll pay it. I’ve fallen in love.


It’s the Jeep chase! The Jeep chase is going down before my eyes! Woohoo!


Look at their faces of terror! They’re so scared of the mighty T. rex! What a testament to her power! Her strength! Her–


–her, uh…


*muffled snickering*


So there you have it. An absolutely incredible trailer for a quite possibly perfect game. I’m telling you, I’ve waited forever for something like this to happen, and it’s just as great as I’d hoped. It seemed to emphasize the first movie and sort of play down the others (and didn’t even show Jurassic World), but that’s a smart move and the producers know it. The first film will always be the fan favorite anyway; I’ll get my Lost World fix when the game’s out, but for now I’m totally content with what I’ve been shown. Love it, love it, love it and can’t wait to see more. Now I need to go lie down somewhere. My ears hurt from my own screeching.


1 thought on “Jurassic World Lego Game Trailer!

  1. My sentiment exactly. One great thing about Travelers Tales, the developers for all the LEGO games, is that they are always big fans of whatever property they are working with. That means they will craft this with the same care and respect fans as big as you and me would, as well a drop several Easter eggs and references that only the really big JP geeks will capture. I highly look forward to this game.

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