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This is a short post for a short bit of news, but it was utterly irresistible. Someone over at GameInformer got the chance to play a bit of the Jurassic Park Lego game, and they had some marvelous things to share.

So, we’ve got a new attraction. Think it’ll scare the kids?

Jurassic Park is great, but despite what the park’s creator John Hammond might think, it’s not exactly a place for young kids. Its balance of action and suspense remains just as effective since its release.


… I’ll take your word for it.

Mike Taylor, head of design at TT Fusion, says the team approached the hungry beast [the T. rex] as though it were an oversized puppy. Sure, it’s a puppy that’s taller than a stack of mastiffs and it has a mouth filled with spiky teeth, but it’s still kind of goofy. 

There is no possible way that wasn’t written to bait cute-dinosaur obsessers like me. No way. None.

The dino isn’t interested, so Grant kicks the [music] box. Out pops an oversized, squeaky chew toy, which immediately catches the T-rex’s attention.

T. rex playing with a squeaky toy

T. rex playing with a squeaky toy

T. rex playing with a squeaky toy

T. rex playing with a squeaky toy

I am crying

The dinosaurs are obviously the main attraction at Jurassic Park. They’re not trained circus animals; part of the appeal is that attendees are able to see them as wild as they can be. It only makes sense that these beasts aren’t exactly ready to wear saddles.

Until the fourth movie, when they’re trained. But even then they don’t wear saddles. Of course not; who’d do that to a dinosaur? Instead they wear muzzles!

[You can build your own dinosaurs] You can then populate your island hubs with the critters, and you can mix and match elements from the 20 types to create your own monstrosity. Taylor says there are more than 1,000 combinations, not including color and skin-pattern variations. From what we’ve seen of the film Jurassic World, messing around with various species is a fantastic idea, and nothing bad could possibly arise from that. 


Look, I love animals. I’m a vegetarian, I pet every stray cat I see and I thought the dog-eating scene in Lost World was Marley and Me-level upsetting. I can’t stand to see bad things happen to animals, even fictional ones. I just wanted to clarify that because, if someone makes a Stegoceratops in this game and feels the need to hilariously make it pay for what it did to us (put it up trees, etc.) then I am gonna laugh my head off.

Lego Jurassic World features a cast of more than 100 playable characters.

Including every major character, that’s about, let’s say, 17-18 people, which is a lot less than 100. So who are we playing here, even if we include minor characters like Dodgson?

Unlucky Bastard?
Gerry “I Don’t Know How I Got My Veterinary License Either” Harding?

I mean, this number probably includes dinosaurs, but tell me the second one wouldn’t be funny.

Grant is a versatile guy, able to construct helpful objects out of the environment and cut through thick vegetation with his machete.

Well, obviously Grant kicks butt. It’ll be fun to play him and watch him go full Indiana Jones. Also, the guy carries around a well-preserved sickle claw and has to use a machete? C’mon, what did evolution do all that work for?

Malcolm can toss flares, but from what I played, his biggest skills are in acting frightened and bouncing around with nervous energy.

IAN, YOU COMPLETE DORK. And Lego Goldblum, you are the light of my life.

Paleobotanist Ellie Sattler hops into smelly piles of dinosaur scat, which leave other characters gagging. She can pull out vital clues (lysine!), or the occasional electric guitar.

Because that’s what dinosaur franchises need–
— more bathroom jokes.

Yay, though, for Ellie being an action hero and essential to the plot! And she plays electric guitar! Hey-o! ( ) For all I talk about Sarah (who I mostly like because of her character in the book; Book Sarah is the boss) Ellie is, in my opinion, the much better character. But all the women in this franchise are great and I’ll cheer for them any day. Speaking of which, they should really throw me a bone and give us a little glimpse of Lego Kelly. We do, though, get a considerable measure of Lex, so I’ll subsist.

Finally, something intriguing:

Mr. DNA is a playable character.


Read the article here:

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    1. That would be fun! I’d love to do some kind of challenge where you play as Nedry and drive through the dark woods avoiding obstacles and stuff. Plus I bet they’ll do something funny with the Dilophosaur scene.


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