Major Leakage


That’s right, folks, it’s high time for another leak! Today on Twitter, we got a glimpse of a call sheet from the shooting of Jurassic World:


First of all, we now know that Omar Sy the raptor trainer’s name is Barry (you know, because he’s French) and Katie McGrath’s name is Zara (and she’s some kind of concierge, as we’d previously suspected). We also learn that Zara calls Claire at one point to tell her that the two boys, Zach and Gray, are at the park’s perimeter fence. I think this may be reminiscent of the first film– they could be returning from the old park and trying to get past the fence into the new one, and Zara (man, that’s a cool name) wants Claire to turn the fence off so they can get back in to safety. Now this is really starting to excite me, if it means what I think it does. If the boys– AKA potential I. rex chow– head back to the new park after tromping around in the jungle (where we know I. rex goes at some point), that means she will in all likelihood follow them back. Pair that with a fence that’s at least temporarily non-electric and the fact that this is far enough into the movie that Claire’s probably already released the T. rex, and we’ve got a mid-park T. rex/ I. rex showdown. I mean, that’s always been a possibility– although it’s not official– but I’m always really excited when it’s hinted at more and more (you can see the volcano-thing from the park in the background on the Halloween bucket that shows a T/I rex fight).

The sheet also mentions a “Research Arena”, the possibilities of which are probably only I. rex and raptor research but which could be something more (maybe Vic Hoskins’ weapons research). There don’t appear to be any more details from this sheet at the moment, but at least we have a couple more names and a rough layout of a scene that might lead to an awesome, awesome rex battle. Here’s the link to the original leak:

This isn’t a leak, but it’s something official. Sickle_Claw of JPLegacy was recently lucky enough to visit Universal Studios in Hollywood, and he got pictures of official advertisements being set up there! Take a gander:


A studio where they filmed the movie. I would’ve jumped out of the tour trolley and made a run for it.



The park is open indeed. Pictures can be found here:

Another piece of merchandise has cropped up; it’s a thermos– sorry, a funtainer— and it stars the I. rex, who really needs to figure out what her good side is:


If you look in the bottom left corner, you’ll see what a lot of JPL users think is a reference to the T. rex and raptor DNA in the I. rex. Overall, I really like the look of this. It’s very scientific, and I’ve been hoping that merchandise will cover the high-tech, futuristic aesthetic of Jurassic World instead of being all jungle-themed. It’s not available for order right now, but it will be here:

Last but not least, a new Raptorpass has come out, which gives some basic facts about Mosasaurus. It’s only background information and isn’t too fantastic, but it does have a couple of interesting facts. I suppose that’s only fair– if I were about to be gloriously slaughtered by a merciless killing machine, I would want to know about its origins and discovery so I could fully appreciate the experience. Read it here:


2 thoughts on “Major Leakage

  1. I am not taking you back to Hollywood until they have finished filming. I don’t have the bail money to get you out for trespassing


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