Random News: Cups (And Not the Annoying Song Either) Edition

When it rains on Isla Nublar (fun fact: rain is evaporated ocean water, which may mean that when it rains on Isla Nublar, it’s partially mosasaur sweat that’s coming down from the sky), it pours. A trailer dropped and I was getting ready to sit back and bathe in that sweet, sweet traffic boost that always follows a trailer analysis when a bunch of other pieces of JW news came out. So here I am again. Hello.

Dairy Queen’s promotional campaign is still gearing up. It’s a win-win– they’re getting nice cup designs and ad revenue and we’re getting our mitts on HD movie stills. Nemosoul on JPLegacy was kind enough to give us thorough shots of four more Dairy Queen cups from the upcoming line. There’s a Mosasaur one:





Dude, that last picture! Look how cool that is! I know there’s been a lot of controversy about Mosa’s size, so if it helps: she is freaking gigantic judging by this picture. I’m guessing they also let the sharks they feed her swim freely in the tank; this is appropriate, as the mighty Mosasaur must occasionally remind great whites of their place in the seas she now rules with an iron fist. My favorite part of this, though, is the look on Mosa’s face. Look at that last photo. Look at that mischievous look in her eyes, the upturned corners of her jaws. Mosasaur is having a blast.

Don’t tell me you don’t see it.

Also, if any of my readers work at Dairy Queen, hit me up: can one order gummy sharks in a Blizzard?

There’s also a Raptor Squad cup:





I really like the raptors’ designs here. Their faces are well-defined and, at least from a still shot, their CGI looks pretty decent. I especially like the bare-toothed snarl in the last photo. And I guess it really is the lighting that makes them all look the same color. Not, of course, that Owen doesn’t know the difference between them anyway. He’d know Echo’s sweet little chirpy noises and the adorable sound Blue makes when she tears out intestines any day.

Here’s a Gyrosphere cup:





The apatosaurs in the first trailer got a lot of flak for having bad CGI and looking dumpy, and I think Universal really did work to amend that. The animals here might not be perfect, but they aren’t awful either. Their tails are nicely detailed, at least.

Also. Quick lesson to any of you current or aspiring Dairy Queen CEOs out there. Here’s some free consumer feedback just for you.

Things that I typically like to think about when I am eating:




Things I typically would not like to associate with my eating experience:

Killing for sport


There’s a cup featuring the park monorail:





I have one comment only:

Finally, there’s an artsy one of Claire and the I. rex:



This looks like it should be called “Confronted by the Power of Man” or something and posted on an indie art gallery site with no accompanying caption and five million shares. Nonetheless, I love this design and I’ll gladly buy a print if anyone wants to make one. Also, look at I. rex! What a sweetie! I bet she wants her widdle nose scratched, doesn’t she? Yes she does! Who’s a good girl?

In other news, Hasbro has officially thrown its hands up. We have left the age of the I. rex ban: http://www.hasbro.com/en_US/shop/details.cfm?R=E669B427-5056-9047-F5A3-1EE92DBDDFF5:en_US


I don’t know when we’ll be able to preorder these guys, but I’m assuming it’ll be sometime next month. The rest of the toys should start making their way into stores about then, too. A tsunami is about to hit us, ladies and gentlemen, and the only hope we have is to empty our wallet-boats in hope of staying afloat. Incidentally, have I told you I’m bad at metaphors?

Jurassic World will apparently have a special advance screening at Bozeman ( http://www.kbzk.com/story/28616896/jurassic-world-movie-to-have-special-bozeman-screening ) on June 10th, 2 days before the movie comes out. Judging by the general public’s track record of utmost respect towards the crew’s wishes and refusal to even touch Jurassic World leaks thus far, I give it 2 hours before someone plasters the thing on BitTorrent. I plan to be there when this occurs. I’m not gonna download the movie or do anything illegal, of course, but I’m not exactly putting a modesty veil over my eyes when screenshots come up.

Finally, we have another official new shot of Owen and Masrani, the latter of which has perfected his “ugh, really, peasants?” look:


I’ve already speculated enough about what Owen’s doing in the control room. Masrani looks relatively clean and unimpressed, though he looks unimpressed with pretty much everything. That could mean two things– it’s early in the movie and nothing major has gone down, or Masrani is a smart man who knows that emergency bunkers are tickets to survival in these movies and knows not to leave the one he’s got. That or he doesn’t want to mess up that wicked suit. Hey, I wouldn’t either.

Stay tuned for more Jurassic World news!


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