Some New Pictures

Jurassic World’s staff knows just what we need to see to get nice and hyped up. They’ve been releasing a slow but steady trickle of promotional photos recently. Some of them reveal plot points:


See, here’s a little thing about this movie that’s been getting under my skin. Look at these children. They have just been attacked by an enormous, mutant monster. They nearly got ripped apart, and look at them now, they’re injury-free and clean as whistles. Here’s Claire after having been attacked by pretty much everything:


Note the attractively wavy hair, the unharmed makeup and the perfectly intact lipstick. And here’s Owen, after having run through the jungle and staring into the very face of death:


A little sweaty, but perfectly fine. How is this happening? Does the I. rex carry around an emergency makeup kit for when everybody needs those little touch-ups? Nevertheless, this is a beautiful shot and the boys journeying into the old park has been confirmed. I mean, it’s not like that’s a big deal, we know neither one will die anyway.


Some other official pictures are just plain awesome. Owen’s locked, cocked and ready to roll. I assume the other staff, especially the ACUs, have all kinds of high-tech weaponry, but Owen’s more of an old-school guy and they’ll take his trusty rifle when they pry it from his cold, dead fingers. Fight the power, Owen.


This isn’t particularly noteworthy (except that man, I wanna go to whatever private school those girls on a school trip are from) until you squint your eyes and look at the reflection in the glass:


So we may or many not be seeing Baryonyx in the movie (I will not entertain the notion of it being a Spino). I hope we do, but at least this is cool if we don’t. Also, am I mistaken or is there something dripping from Baryonyx’s jaws? Better watch yourself and that knockoff stego plushie, little girl.

We’ve got a picture of a new Lego set!


It’s got that same veterinarian that’s definitely nothing like Dr. Grant, as well as Barry the French guy, who appears to drive a wicked ATV. I bet he and Owen race all the time and the raptors follow after them in a little row. Anyway, here’s the raptor enclosure, which looks kinda prison-y and appears to have its own mini-set of Jurassic World gates in the front. I see a tall tower in the back, which I’m hoping against hope means that this movie will include the high-hide-attack scene from the second novel. (If you haven’t read the books, you should read at least that one part. Raptors jump up and grab people, candy bars are thrown, stuff gets real.) This appears to be a scene in which the raptors rebel and break out of their enclosure, which makes me wonder because it doesn’t really fit in with the trained-raptors-as-weapons narrative that we thought we had until now. Owen is not present to see his baby birds fly free (maybe he’s out I. rex hunting with Blue and Delta? That would be interesting. I wonder what would happen if half the Raptor Squad rebelled and the other two stayed loyal)  and the vet appears to have been tossed in the air by Charlie. That’s unfortunate.




Here’s our first look at the Dairy Queen/ Jurassic World promotional campaign, in the form of a cup showcasing a Pteranodon in the aviary. From this angle, Pteranodon is bearable to look at (I’m glad she found a way to fly with those horribly bent wings) and the aviary looks suspiciously like the one from JP3, with a little dash of the shark exhibit at SeaWorld. I’m looking forward to when this campaign starts, because when I go to Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard in one of these cups, Pterandon will look like she’s doing a backflip when they do the cup-flip thing! (I have been described in the past as “easy to please”.)

Finally, these aren’t new, but I really enjoyed them. This is a backstage shot from the factory floor in JP3:


And this is not only self-explanatory but adorable:




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