A Look at New Toys

It’s not many, but we’ve got a look today at some brand new Jurassic World dinosaur toys! I’m really excited for these to hit shelves. Before, the toy lines for this movie have been filled with ugly seams, misshapen faces and terrible hybrids no one wants to look at, but not now. Check it out, and hold on to your money, ’cause it’ll be far away before long.


Wow. I actually don’t hate the Stegoceratops anymore. I raged against it before, that’s true. I went on quite a few tirades. But how can I look at something like this and not love it? The paint job, the posturing, those awesome plates– crap, I think I actually want it to be in the movie if it looks like this.


And here we have our first look at the Parasaurolphus through this beautiful toy. The coloration here is even better than that leak a little while ago– look at how well those gorgeous greens and browns blend together. Plus it has such a somber, ponderous look on its face. This is clearly modeled after an animal that will take our breath away when we see it moving on the big screen.


As you can see, it just keeps getting better! I wasn’t such a big fan of the other Ankylosaurus toy, but this one is a vast improvement. The green and blue palate is a bold choice, but one that works– not every dinosaur can be earth-toned, after all. This design is also a lot more accurate– no Euoplocephalus-like spikes jutting out from the sides! I hope the tail is poseable, and speaking of which, how awesome is it that they got rid of the tail club? The raptors don’t have sickle claws, so it only makes sense that this dinosaur’s main weapon should be removed too. It could seriously hurt someone.


Here’s our first look at a Stegosaur toy, and it’s nothing less than what I’d expected based on the website design. The skin is wonderfully detailed and the color matches the online photo spot-on. And those plates! They’re sized and colored just right! And to put the cherry on top, I think the thagomizer is missing from this toy. I can’t know for sure, of course, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be; it’s nicely in keeping with the weapon-removal theme of the raptor and ankylosaur toys.


Woohoo, T. rex time! This is a perfect alternative to the terrible head sculpts and bad modeling on the previous T. rex toys in this line. The head here looks fantastic, the coloration is just right and I love the hands, they’re sized just right. I’m definitely buying one of these.


Finally, here’s the first Dimetrodon toy to be manufactured since the first movie, and it does not disappoint. Again, it has very nice coloring and a great sculpt. I love how much justice this does to one of my favorite dinosaurs (if you wondered why I called it that, Dimetrodon was recently classified as a dinosaur despite being Permian). Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing Dimetrodon in the movie. Maybe we’ll even be lucky enough to see her fight I. rex.

As you can see, these toys are a huge improvement. They’re well-articulated, beautifully colored and very accurate. I don’t know how much they’ll be selling for, but I hope it isn’t much; I’d go totally broke. All I have to say is: wonderful job, Hasbro. I’ve renewed my faith in you.



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