Books and Eggs

Jurassic World has discovered our weak spots. They’ve found a way to systematically determine what will make us freak out about the movie and clamor to go see it, and now they know how to do it with the tiniest, simplest pictures and bits of information. Case in point, the Jurassic Park Facebook page posted this today:


The QR code on that egg is scannable. When it’s scanned, guess what pops onto your screen?:

*soft crying sounds*

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It’s so beautiful and the name is perfect! (Of course Ian would remember his own best sayings and repeatedly quote himself.) Even if he doesn’t make a cameo in the movie, it’s still awesome that they gave us a glimpse at his book. And we were right! A few months ago, we got a glimpse at the control room in the movie:


And someone quickly spotted this in the background:

Malcolm book

People figured it was Malcolm’s book– who else in the series is confirmed to have written a book about the Park, wears a lot of black and poses like that– and I guess we’ve been confirmed to be correct. Hooray for whoever first guessed that!

I have two questions about this. First, is that a Lorenz attractor on the cover? I feel like it is, but it looks a little more jumbled in the middle than a normal one (could just be the angle), and you’d think someone so well-versed in chaos would know better than to use arguably the most neat and tidy attractor out there to represent a very, very disorderly event. Second, what the heck does that Post-It say? I can’t make out more than one or two words, and if Ian was the one who wrote the note (I knew he had messy handwriting!), this is a very urgent translation problem. Perhaps we should call in experts from the UN.

Here’s another couple of official Jurassic World pictures:


…oh boy, a 99.8% safety rating. This is being released in the part of Jurassic World continuity where the I. rex hasn’t escaped yet, so yep, there was a stego attack before any escapes even happened. I’m pretty sure you’d have to do something really, really stupid to get a stegosaur so mad that it would break through its paddock to attack you– they’re not entirely dumb animals, but they’re not the sharpest crayons in the box either, and they’ve been shown in the series to be mostly docile and to keep to themselves most of the time. If some visitor pissed one of them off, as opposed to some worker accidentally getting whacked by a stray thagomizer, then I believe we have a Darwin Award to give someone.

What’s gonna happen to the… ooohhhhh crap.

I. rex doesn’t want to hunt, she wants to KILL. MAIM. DESTROY. MURDER. NONE SHALL BE SPARED.

A new piece on Jurassic World has been released in Hero Complex magazine. Dinos4Ever on JPLegacy photographed the whole thing:




Other than the fact that Claire and Owen will be awkwardly paired together in the movie and turn out to like each other in the end despite their differences (like two of your friends on a blind date that you set them up on both telling you that the other is a very nice person through a forcibly polite smile, or two Barbie and Ken dolls’ faces being shoved together) we learn something new and awesome about this movie. The raptors were partially animated by motion-capture! Different humans did the mocap for the four different raptors, so they all have unique quirks and motions. I think that’s really, really amazing. If the CGI isn’t perfect, at least a level of detail was put into the raptors’ animations that none of us expected. And it helps to individualize the raptors, making them less like movie monsters and more like arguably likeable characters. This is a really pleasant surprise.

Finally, it’s a special day today!


If you’re Christian, happy Easter, the Lord has risen! If you’re Jewish, happy Passover and chag sameach! And to every single one of you, may many Cadbury creme eggs fall into the general vicinity of your mouth, and have a very happy Easter!

Source on the last image:


2 thoughts on “Books and Eggs

  1. God Creates Dinosaurs.
    Sounds like a book written by Ken Ham.
    (cricket noises the mock me for that obscure reference).
    In all seriousness, that is an awesome find, and I hope somewhere down the line a passage from the book is released. Or better yet, the entire book published to tie into the movie (that sounds too expensive, though). I would really love to hear Malcolm’s extended thoughts on the whole situation.


    1. Yeah I feel like he giggled while he wrote that title. Maybe he even sent Ham a copy just for the lulz.

      if they release the full book. do you know how many copies i will buy. do. you.


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