The Jurassic World Soundtrack, My Gosh

Just checking in so you guys know I’m not dead. Tomorrow night a new clip from Jurassic World debuts! You can watch the MTV Awards to see it if you have cable (some of us aren’t so fortunate); it’ll air at about 11 PM. For the rest of us, I don’t know exactly when it’ll show up on the web, but as soon as it does (shouldn’t take very long) I’ll post the video and write an analysis about it on Thursday morning. We don’t have any news about what scene it’ll be from, but most likely it will be something from the first act of the movie, and it definitely won’t reveal any spoilers. Personally, my money’s on a scene with little to no dinosaur action. I think they’ll show us either Owen and Claire’s meeting outside his tin can house or the scene leading up to the gyrosphere attack. They’ll try to hype us up without showing too much, and of course it’ll work. For now, though, here’s something little to keep us going. Michael Giacchino composed the Jurassic World soundtrack and has now begun recording it. On his Twitter, he showed us three song names:


Well, I mean, how could he not?


Watch, this plays while the Universal logo comes on screen.


Probably the best part of that last one is that it looks to be slow and ponderous. I bet this will play during a beautiful moment in the movie, one that brings tears to your eyes– maybe when the kids are finally saved, or when the dinosaurs are left alone on the island after everybody leaves. Someone will look the song up, or download the soundtrack and decide the song is beautiful. And when they get the title they were looking for, they’ll get… a butt pun. Clever composer. Oh, and we’ve got a new shot of the back of the Dilophosaurus Lego set, taken by Sickle_Claw of JPLegacy:


Run for your freakin’ life, kid.

4 thoughts on “The Jurassic World Soundtrack, My Gosh

  1. MIchael has a history of naming all his musical numbers in bad puns. His score for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes gave us such gems as:
    Past Their Primates
    Close Encounters of the Furred Kind
    Caesar No Evil, Hear No Evil
    Monkey See, Monkey Coup
    Gorilla Warfare
    Gibbon Take
    How Bonobo Can You Go
    Enough Monkeying Around

    I did not make any of this up. Suffice to say, I was looking forward to the punny names he would give for this soundtrack, and it looks like he won’t disappoint.


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