The Clip: A Manifesto & Another New Still

Well, it’s been almost 24 hours since The Clip dropped, and we’ve heard a lot of opinions about it so far. Articles are being written, people are talking about it on fan blogs and Twitter, and JPLegacy has a 43-page thread about it that was locked less than 12 hours after the clip came out because of all the arguments. Clearly, it’s a very controversial topic. And you know what? I’m okay with that. We wouldn’t be an interesting and diverse fan community if we all agreed about everything, and all the squabbling and infighting will just bring us closer together in the end, just like it has every single other time we all yelled at each other about something new about the movie. Since I wrote my analysis at midnight last night when I was exhausted and thoroughly medicated after a long day out *, I’d like to share a few more of my thoughts about the clip that I didn’t get to yesterday. In no way am I trying to tell anyone how to feel; I just want to say what I think, and I think that this doesn’t mean anything bad about the movie in general.

First, whether this scene is bad or not, everyone can agree that it does one valuable thing—it adds character development. Whether you like the characters or not, at least they’re characters, and not cardboard cutouts like half the cast of JP3. The characters aren’t bland—Owen is skeezy but smart and likeable, and Claire is professional and organized but witty. For a one-minute clip, that’s a lot to learn about who they are, and if that much development is shown in that short a time, how much more will they grow over the course of the two-hour movie? The first JP movie had characters that were deep and likeable and dynamic, and that we cared about and didn’t see as just plot devices before the dinosaurs showed up. I think this movie will be the same way, and that’s important if it’s going to be more than just a summer blockbuster monster movie, which everything else tells us it definitely will.

Second, about Owen being skeezy. I still think it was incredibly inappropriate for him to make so many passes and sexual jokes at Claire when she was trying to be professional and clearly not interested. But there are a couple other things to consider. Owen doesn’t have to be perfectly likeable. Every good character has flaws, and maybe his is that he’s a little too cocky and kind of a jerk. But he could still be a jerk with a heart of gold, and we could’ve just not seen that side of him yet. I would rather have him be three-dimensional than immediately lovable, and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way. Of course I don’t want that kind of behavior to be shown as totally funny and acceptable, but it could just be played as a joke only in this scene, and Claire could bust his chops later for it.

Also, here’s a point that a few other people have brought up. It’s about Malcolm, and about the car scene in the first movie.

Let’s be honest— Ian is pretty skeezy too. He’s constantly flirting with Ellie, jokes about how many women he’s married and divorced, and has his shirt open for no reason for the entire second half of the movie. And in the car scene where he hits on Ellie, taken out of context he could look kinda creepy. He grabs her hand, tugs on her bangs and, like, growls or something. If that was the first we’d seen of that movie and it was totally devoid of context, we’d all likely have a similar reaction that we did to yesterday’s clip. We’d call Ian creepy and inappropriate, people would be outraged and we’d wonder why in heck that this of all things was what we were shown out of a dinosaur movie.

But placed in context, it makes perfect sense. It adds a little comic relief and adds a bit of a romance angle that’s pretty much absent from the rest of the film, it leads up to an important scene in the plot and it’s actually pretty well-liked today. It’s the same if the first we’d seen of Lost World was Ian and Sarah arguing in the trailer; it’s a scene that adds character development and makes the movie more than just a dinosaur flick, but out of context it’s not too exciting. This clip will definitely have context, and more than likely it’ll make sense in it. We might forget about the scene after the movie’s over, or even like it. It doesn’t represent the whole movie, after all.

Finally, I think this clip shows us that the movie, like the rest of the trilogy, doesn’t take itself entirely seriously. It’s not a stern movie that wants us to think grave thoughts about the future of genetics after we watch two huge dinosaurs rip up a theme park—it has jokes and funny bits, and if viewers don’t like the action aspect, at least they’ll enjoy the comedic parts. I guess it makes the movie a little more accessible to everyone, just like the other three movies were. Plus, let’s keep in mind that this aired on MTV. People who routinely watch MTV are watching shows like Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, My 600-Pound Life and I Married Alien Elvis and We Have 13 Kids. It’s not exactly a channel that hosts thought-provoking science movies with deep moral questions. If you’re intentionally watching the MTV Awards at 11 PM on a Wednesday night, you’ll likely appreciate a funny, lighthearted clip more than anything else. Die-hard fans wouldn’t be the only ones watching the clip. There was a distinct audience that had to be catered to.

Anyway, thanks for reading my six-paragraph essay about a Jurassic World clip. I fully support people feeling how they want to feel, and everyone can resolve their feelings about this however they want to. But personally, I think the clip may not be amazing in the short term, but overall it really doesn’t mean anything terrible. It’s a cute little scene to build character development and set up a minor romance subplot, and that’s all it ever will be. I’ve really enjoyed hearing your opinions on my last post, so keep ‘em coming! I love talking with you guys.

Also, another new Jurassic World still came out:


So they’re hiding in a gift shop and everyone is relatively clean– Owen looks a lot like he does in the Main Street attack scene– so this is near the beginning of the movie’s second act. Wait, what? I can’t quite figure out what point in the movie this is supposed to take place in. Maybe the timeline I set up was wrong? Or everybody gets cleaned back up after the kids are rescued or something? More on this as it develops, I guess. Hey, the official page is showing us events we hadn’t seen before! Here’s hoping that continues!

*Off-topic, but I was visiting a college all day, and I have the chance to go to undergrad school for paleontology, not just biology and do field work over my summers and take real actual paleontology classes. I’m so excited, you guys.


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