Random News: Entertainment Weekly Edition

Hi guys! I still exist! I just haven’t had enough spare time to take a deep breath this week, so I haven’t gotten around to blogging a lot. But I made a way!

Are any of my readers in the One Direction fandom? I’m personally not, but if you hang around Tumblr enough you get wind of that particular group once in a while. Well, apparently one of their members had a Twitter feud with Naughty Boy, and they had a blast with it. Throwing shade over Twitter is a pretty popular thing now, especially in fandoms. And guess which fandom got its very own Twitter drama recently, regarding the MTV clip?

I kinda wish he’d said it out loud so we could get an autotune remix.

I’m not getting into what he said here or encouraging people to argue with him, because Whedon actually apologized for saying this (he said it was “bad form”). But how cool is it that Joss Whedon threw shade at our fandom? I’m not being sarcastic here, this is great. Joss Whedon! Senpai noticed us! And we got memes out of it:


I found this on a JPLegacy post; it seems to be from the official website, but I don’t know exactly where one could find it:


According to the safety rules on the right, the dinosaurs have ‘sensors’ on them. I assume this is some kind of radio tracking mechanism? In that case, hunting the I. rex might be a lot easier for these people than we’d previously thought. If she’s got a tracker on her, they can follow her through the jungle, and if they go through a two-hour movie without capturing or shooting her, then obviously she’s very, very skilled at evasion and defense. Wait, I just had an idea. How cool would it be if there was a suspenseful scene, possibly with the ACUs, where their equipment shows her getting closer and closer to them until she’s right in front of them– and she camouflages so they know she’s right there but they can’t see her. I really hope something like that goes down. Now that would be terrifying.

More new merchandise photos came out recently. Via Jurassic June on Twitter:


That appears to be a remote-control Jeep Wrangler car, and I dearly hope it’s scaled somewhere near the 90s action figures and/or dinosaurs. If it is, I’m getting one and driving my Ian Malcolm figure and/ or my various raptors around the house in it all day and no one can stop me. I think I’ll call it Rexy’s Pimpmobile.

From Jurassiraptor on Twitter, four new Hero Mashers sets:





You know, I hate to give up on a good gimmick, but I actually don’t despise these. The more Carnotaurus the better, right? Plus we get another dilophosaur (although I’m noticing a bit of a disturbing trend towards blue coloration with these toys) and I love that Ichthyosaur. Ichthy might have been the marine predator that other marine predators put in their sandwiches, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be recognized, and this isn’t a bad way to do it. I particularly like the snaggletooth and the little razor-edges on the tail. Will Raptor Dash sell out and buy the child of the creatures she once condemned as monstrosities? Stay tuned!

This is a popcorn bag that will be for sale when the movie comes out:


They made a bag out of the insanely happy Mosasaur picture I liked so much! Look at that sweet grin on Mosa. Aww.

Well, a new Jurassic World game– Jurassic World Builder– was released this week, and frankly it’s something that I don’t have the time to tackle right now. But I can provide you with a detailed review: http://www.jplegacy.org/coranto/iSay.cgi?Page=Comments&ID=EukllVEluVBVCecCnx

Maybe sometime I’ll review screenshots of the dinos, but here’s something interesting from the game:


I assume this is basically the entire cast list, plus a few additions; Grace Hudson (I swear, every time I see a black woman in official materials, there’s always that little spark of hope that Kelly’s back), for instance, seems like the type of character that walks you through the steps of the game judging by her architect-like dress. The guy in the Alan Grant hat looks like Hammond but will probably end up being another paleontologist expy (like Richard Burke to the real-life Robert Bakker); I feel like they’ll make a few scientific community in-jokes with him. Doug Malick looks like an ominous Man In A Suit and very edible indeed. And how about Patricia? I hope she shows up in the movie, it’ll be awesome if they include a disabled character, especially if she turns out not to be evil. Every type of kid needs someone like them to look up to, you know?

This was quietly added to one of the trailers:



Micheal Giacchino continues to absolutely slay me with his music titles:


Jimmy Fallon also narrates the guided tours at Universal Studios in Hollywood because, again, this park is NOTHING LIKE Universal.


And spoiler alert, folks: we’re gonna cry:


I’m not an expert sight-reader, but that’s looking an awful lot like the piano music that played in the helicopter at the end of the first movie. Jurassic World– sponsored in part by Kleenex.

A short segment in Entertainment Weekly magazine featured Jurassic World and a couple of new stills:

I think I’m just gonna start calling them the Obligatory OTP.


Wow that’s a gorgeous shot. I like what they’re doing with the dinosaur colors– Triceratops has some blue on her (and some beautiful skin-texture CGI) and Apatosaurus either molts her skin, rolls around in mud or has some brown streaks on her skin. The stegos look very nice too– seeing them from the side, they look very Lost World, an design that I personally love. I really think these animals are great-looking and awe-inducing, which they were definitely meant to be. Also, some people on JPL have pointed out that if you look closely in the background, you can see what might be a Parasaurolophus:

“Some of our dinosaurs appear to believe they’re Bigfoot. We prefer to let sleeping dogs lie. Next on our tour…”

So if really blurry dinosaurs are your thing, I hope I just made your day. The written piece wasn’t very long, so here it is in its entirety:

It’s been nearly a decade since Hurricane Katrina, and the sign at the entrance of New Orleans’ Six Flags still says “Closed for Storm.” The rides inside may be shut down, but on this muggy day in June 2014, the enormous parking lot has been taken over by the $180 million-plus production of Jurassic World. In the fourth movie in the Jurassic Park series, the dinosaur island theme park that John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) was developing in the original 1993 film has finally come to fruition 22 years later. It is a thriving vacation destination, and the set reflects this. There is an elaborate main street with a visitor center, a gift shop, and restaurants. For the moment, everything is surprisingly calm. “It’s going to be super boring,” jokes Chris Pratt, who plays an ex-military dude living on the island and studying raptors. “It’s just, like, us watching dinosaurs for an hour and a half.” Hardly. Soon enough, Pratt and costar Bryce Dallas Howard are ducking for cover from flying pteranodons and screaming, “Run!”

Some things never change. In keeping with the previous films, Jurassic World is a tale of humans who get cut (or chomped) down to size when they try to outwit nature in the name of the almighty dollar. “We have seen that we will repeat our mistakes if there’s money on the table,” says director Colin Trevorrow. “It’s not about the danger of playing God. These animals are real, and they’re on our planet.”

To boost attendance at the swank new park, operations manager Claire (Howard) introduces a genetically modified dino into the mix. But of course the big baddie escapes and unleashes a rampage—right when Claire’s young nephews (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson) happen to be visiting the island. In one scene that pays homage to the first Jurassic’s iconic T. rex/Ford Explorer sequence, the unlucky lads come close to becoming the beast’s playthings. “There’s a ride at the park that allows you to get into a gyroscopic sphere and be out in the wild with dinosaurs and travel beneath them—and that goes horribly wrong,” says Trevorrow, whose only other feature is 2012’s time-travel indie Safety Not Guaranteed. “Imagine being inside a sphere and then suddenly it breaks and you’re rolling like a cat with a ball of yarn.” Enter Claire, who morphs into an Ellen Ripley-like heroine to protect her nephews. “Becoming a mother myself, I’ve realized being maternal is being wildly badass,” the actress says with a laugh.

Howard and Pratt also got to inject a bit of love/hate, Romancing the Stone-esque electricity into their characters. “They don’t like each other at all, and by the end that’s changed,” Trevorrow says. “We think that [classic conceit] absolutely can apply to a dinosaur movie.”

Making those kinds of decisions is all part of the job on a colossal operation like Jurassic World. It’s no small feat to jump from an indie like Safety (which cost $750,000) to a major franchise. But producer Frank Marshall and exec producer Steven Spielberg liked what they saw in Trevorrow. “Colin understood the [Jurassic] movies,” Marshall says. “That’s what Steven and I felt was the most important thing—he’s a storyteller.” Trevorrow is aware of the tall order he faced. “There are a lot of people in my generation who dreamed of being filmmakers who would love to have this job, and I feel a responsibility to all of them to make this everything that we all wish it could be,” he says. “If I can pull that off, that’s my gift back to Steven.” And to us.

So that hate supposedly turns to convincing love. All right, I can roll with that. It can be fun to watch a romance that develops through witty bickering and chemistry that starts out as total opposition. As long as the movie plays it right– and it definitely has the capability to– I’m sure this romance thing will work as a nice little subplot. Also, Claire is Ellen Ripley! Are they trying to hype us up for Claire or the dinosaurs here? I’m conflicted as to where my loyalties lie.

That’s all for today; hopefully I’ll have the time to look at Jurassic World Builder and its dinosaurs sometime this week (hey Dinosaur Guy, maybe you wanna get this one?). Oh, and a million blessings on whoever drew this:


And this is semi-JP related, but I totally saw the world’s biggest fractal a few days ago and it was awesome:


That is one big pile of squares.


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