Fanfics You Should Be Reading #8

Welcome back to Fanfics You Should Be Reading! Today I’m going digging into the older Jurassic Park stories on Archive of our Own because not a lot of stories have been written recently and I feel bad for neglecting this blog. I’m a terrible blog-parent. Forgive me.

Most of these stories are really good but short, so I’m doing a couple more entries to make up for it.

#1. Trixie Seven by Innerbrat–

Summarization: If you read the first novel, you know that the sick-triceratops scene in the movie involved a stegosaur in the book, and you know how that little plot arc was resolved. If you haven’t read it, though– no judgment, although you should, the book is gold– all you know about the sick-triceratops scene is what the movie showed, which didn’t include a resolution or explanation as to why the trike was sick. This story wraps up the scene and bridges a gap in Ellie’s part in the movie.

Why you should be reading it: I know a story that mainly just wraps up a minor plot arc doesn’t sound too exciting, but this is just short enough to get its point across and still be enjoyable. It’s written in a very similar style to the movie’s dialogue, making it nicely blend in with the source material, and the characters’ voices are done just right. I like how the triceratops’ name is Trixie, which is cute, but also connotates–

To hate her or to hug her? That is the question.

#2. You in the Dormant Past by jazzfic–

Summarization: Told in vignettes– and you all know how much I like that– this is a short story about Ellie’s life, mostly before the Park. There’s not much else to say about it, but click the link, you won’t regret it.

Why you should be reading it: This is told in a short and beautifully simple style that still manages to hurt you. Alan and Ellie had an undeniably emotional story together in the movies, and there’s a lot of ways that people have tried to retell their story and convey all the deep emotion in it, but I haven’t seen a lot that have shown it in a way quite like this. It always annoys me when people say the humans in these movies are one-dimensional or only there as dino bait, because stories like this emphasize and add to the very real character development in them.

#3. Fantasy by SG1SamFan–

Summarization: An Alan and Ellie drabble (flash fiction, if you’re unfamiliar) set after the Park, that will tear your heart out.

Why you should be reading it: It’s beautifully written and it will tear your heart out.

#4. Objects of a Class by foolish_mortal–

Summarization: This one’s a little longer. Billy Brennan goes to Dr. Grant’s university and begins working with him, programming computers and helping with his paleontology classes. It takes place mostly in college, but if it’s an AU I can’t tell.

Why you should be reading it: We don’t get a lot of stories about the doctors’ everyday lives in the colleges they teach at, which I actually love and wish there were more of. If you like those kinds of stories too, you’ll love this one. It’s excellently written and the character voices are done just right, and even if you aren’t invested in the story, you’ll at least enjoy the banter. And if you’re like me about Billy– ambivalent to annoyed with his character in general– this portrays him in a generally likeable way. I guess it made me realize why people in the fandom care so much about him, and if you already do, icing on the cake. The tags say this is an Alan/ Billy pairing story, but personally I think you’d have to read it pretty closely to get that impression.

#5. In All Things, Chaos by jazzfic–

Summarization: In a little break from canon, Malcolm and Grant follow the sick triceratops (I’m probably gonna start calling her Trixie now whether I’m conscious of it or not) away from the field.

Why you should be reading it: Again, it’s all in the banter. These characters (all of them, but these two in particular) play off each other so well, and it’s always fun to read them throwing witty one-liners at each other. It concentrates solely on a happy aspect of Jurassic Park as well, which is pretty rare in stories about the main three characters– in AO3 in particular, there’s more trauma going on in the Jurassic Park archive than an ER ward. Basically, it’s short and fun and what’s not to like about that?

#6. RAR! by Merlin Missy–

Summarization: And thus we save the best (at least in terms of uniqueness) for last. Velociraptor writes an advice column and answers questions from Liopleurodon, Malcolm (it’s a little unhealthy how much I love fanfics about him) and some sort of Titanic survivor, I guess. I can’t overanalyze this, it would be like cutting apart a stained-glass window to try to find out why it’s pretty. Just read it.

That’s all for today; I’ll have a little time over the weekend to try and breathe a little more life into this blog. I don’t like my absences either, but the closer we get to the movie (less than two months!) the more awesome stuff I’ll have to write about. As a side note, I absolutely encourage anyone with the urge to write Jurassic Park fanfiction to do so– the world will always need more– but if you plan to, then please don’t name it “Chaos Theory”. Going through older stories, I must have seen at least 20 stories with that name on one site alone. “Fractal Dynamics”, “Dragon Curve”, “Final Iteration”– please, anything but yet another “Chaos Theory”. Although that’s the name of a pretty long but good story on Maybe I should review that next.


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