Posters, Sorta Trailer & Lego Screenshots

Three awesome posters have just come out for Jurassic World! The first was the Mosasaur one that was on the popcorn bag. Here’s the second:


I don’t know how long this was in development, or if it was released because it was already being planned to or because of fan demand, but as a Raptor Squad fan I am positively squealing with joy. They really, really look like an angry motorcycle gang. It’s like Raptor Mad Max and I want more of it.

The third one has a design we’ve seen before on a Dairy Queen cup:


I knew that would look great as a poster! I love how beautiful this is in its simplicity. A line between a calm science lab and the jungle is nicely symbolic, and really, that’s the basic concept of Jurassic Park as a whole– the world of science colliding with nature. I love this design in general. And so does the Internet:


And speaking of Claire, here’s another official screenshot:

Except for getting eaten. That can be kind of a limitation.

To me, this doesn’t look like a screenshot from the movie as much as it looks like a profile photo for the Masrani corporation. It could be a photo taken separately from an actual movie scene, though; Claire could have a reason to be in a helicopter. If she’s in the one Simon Masrani pilots, she’d better have her seat belt on tight.

Here’s how she looks in the Jurassic World Builder game:


And here’s Henry Wu:


What is that on the back of that raptor’s head?! It looks a little too rigid to be feathers. This has been hinted at before– you can see this raptor head style on one of the T-shirts and a cardboard cutout in the back of a Jurassic World gift shop– but I always assumed those were feathers, and this looks just plain weird. And what’s with those spikes down the back? I would say what we’re seeing here could be a wild Nublar raptor that’s grown these traits out in the jungle for some reason, but this is being presented as something from Wu’s lab, so I don’t know. Maybe they’re engineering some next-generation, “better” raptors for easier training like Wu mentioned in the first book? This is really strange and I’ll be looking further into it for sure.

A trailer of sorts came out recently. Don’t freak out, it’s only 12 seconds long and doesn’t show anything new from the movie, but it’s still awesome. It features the I. rex angrily roaring and then stomping into the frame– basically, the beginning of every dinosaur documentary to ever exist and a shot out of every SyFy original dinosaur movie. Check it out:

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present to you the best merchandise tie-in ever. I give you Jurassic World Barbasol cans:




Man, where to even begin with the Nedry jokes? This is genius, and if I was the sort of person who needed to shave my face, I would use this every day. I know how insulting it is to men that every single hygiene product marketed to them has to have “BACON FLAVORED, MONSTER TRUCK POWER, FOR MANLY MEN ONLY” plastered on it, but if I were a guy, I’d shave with something with a freakin’ raptor on it over another brand any day. Also, there’s a baby T. rex in there?! I’ll take 20!

The Lego Jurassic World game has released a few new screenshots! I don’t know why I’m getting excited over the Lego game out of all the tie-ins for this movie, but I am on the hype train:


Billy and Amanda, AKA the Two Stooges of JP3, appear to have tripped and fallen into an abandoned building. Billy looks only mildly disturbed at this; as a paleontologist, he’s quite used to raptors tricking him.


Alan and Ellie have dug an entire intact, beautiful dinosaur skeleton out of the ground and mounted it right where they found it, because that is totally 100% what paleontologists do.


Muldoon prepares to follow his free-spirited new friend Ellie across the bridge to the magical land of Terabithia.


Indiana Ian bravely leads his team of adventurers into the Cave of Mysteries. No one pays any attention to the floating DNA strand or gigantic cockroach; such things are only to be expected.


Nick surveys the natives of this land and his new subjects. They don’t know him now, but in time they will grow to trust him. In time he will rule them all.


Ian only wanted to be a firefighter to impress women. He didn’t sign up for this.

Finally, their costumes might not be spot-on, but this is absolutely the most adorable cosplay family I’ve ever seen:




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