The Best Jurassic World Trailer– An Analysis


They did it. They really, really did it. They dropped the best Jurassic World trailer yet, and I don’t see any way another trailer could top this. I was literally squealing with glee while I watched this. There’s no way for me to react but to say: THIS TRAILER IS AWESOME.

We open with an extended sequence of Owen training his Raptor Squad; some of the footage is new. For the sake of time, I won’t cover the older material in the trailer. He talks more about how his relationship with the raptors isn’t about control. The movie really seems to want to emphasize this, probably for the sake of the fans who rightly freaked out when they heard about trained raptors.


There’s another sequence of the Raptor Squad dashing through the woods, dubbed over by one of Owen’s “70’s sexist” lines from the MTV clip. Whether that was already in there or added as a deliberate middle finger, we may never know, but there are dinosaurs to gawk at so I won’t dwell on it.


Here’s a two-in-one: a throwback to the first movie and the solution to the Mystery of the Goat Video. The T. rex paddock is apparently in a very woody area. Well, at least she’s sorta comfortable, right? Now, by the way, I see why people went to this park in the first place, after everything that happened. You can talk about ethics and worry about animal breakouts all you want, but at the end of the day, you know you’d risk it to watch this up close:


Claire talks about how new dinosaurs always bring attendance spikes and corporate wanted something bigger. STOP! MOSASAUR TIME!


She’s so awesome! Look at that lunge! That shark looks like it’s already dead, but I guess the younger children aren’t fully prepared to witness the mighty power of Mosasaur quite yet. They must age and learn to fear. They must truly know what mortality is before they can face her glory. Surprisingly, this is not the best Mosasaur moment in the trailer. That’s coming up later.

Owen says what we’re all thinking: that the dinosaurs themselves should be so impressive that they shouldn’t need to make a new one. At least the movie is conscious of itself and what it’s doing. Speaking of which:


Hey, I was promised a missing foot. I want my money back.

And now, it’s time to get I. rexy. Claire pulls off the action-movie driving-and-yelling-into-phone thing remarkably well:

Claire car
There’s an asset out of containment and people are gonna die. Mercedes-Benz!

Owen does a wicked gravel dive:


There’s appropriate running and screaming:

Never mind, that’s a historical reenactment of the opening of JP3.

Then we see a scene with a bunch of ACUs out in the jungle. Just as that one article predicted, they get mauled by the I. rex while everyone else watches from screens in the control room.


We find out that not only did I. rex remember exactly where her tracking implant was put in, but she clawed it out of her body. If you think she’s not the most metal animal to ever live, please raise your hand so I can smack you. This explains why it’s such a big deal that they need to track her down; I was wondering how they could manage not to find her if the dinosaurs had such good tracking equipment on them. Personally I’m really looking forward to this scene. It does indeed seem very Aliens, and quite a bit scary too.


Here’s Lee. Hi, Lee. You’re dead meat.


And here’s Lowery, who appears to be wearing an original Jurassic Park T-shirt. Fight the power, Lowery. (Side note: what kind of sicko would make Jurassic Park T-shirts, since in this universe Jurassic Park is a notorious ‘Incident’ that ruined lives?)

We get an extended Gyrosphere attack scene, and holy crap look at this!


This is not, as I had previously assumed, the I. rex punching the glass. It’s an Ankylosaur laying down the law of the jungle, which is just as cool. Wait, an Ankylosaur?!


There’s my guys! I wasn’t expecting looks at the Ankylosaurs in action, but I’m pleasantly surprised. They’re well-animated and they look a heck of a lot better than they did in JP3. They don’t look like dumb, docile herbivores, they look like killer dinosaurs. I love this.


Hoskins, amid shots of ACUs shooting laser guns (no, seriously, actual lasers) and getting totally demolished, talks about how the island has 20,000 people on it and they have no boats and not enough guns. Yeah, it sure is bad that there aren’t adequate escape measures and not enough weapons are on hand, isn’t it, GUY IN CHARGE OF SECURITY?


The Raptor Squad has gained a new member: Barry the French Guy on his ATV. That’s OK, though. I’m sure it’s a Cool Raptor ATV of Power. They Squad it up for a little while, and then there are bunch of explosions and people barking into phones. Hey, it’s an action movie, you’ve gotta have few explosions. It’s not like you can just have a giant dinosaur in the movie to wreck stuff and cause damage, after all.


Hey, did you ever wonder what happened to the guy in the helicopter from the Lego pteranodon attack set? Well, I’ve got good news and bad news.


I rex has entered the aviary, and it’s incredible. This is my favorite part of the trailer. In any other movie, this might have been cheesy, but now I’m just in awe. Look at that wicked roar she throws down! Look at how she turns away from the fiery explosion like an action hero! AND SHE DOES IT AGAIN!


In a few hours, my rational side will take over and I’ll think this is cheesy and the action is too hyped up, I’m sure. But right now I’m watching this and shrieking like a little kid. This is a Jurassic Park movie and dinosaurs are busting up in this place and people are gonna get eaten. This trailer is doing its job and getting me really, really excited for the movie.

Barry says, “Something’s wrong. They’re communicating.”

Hey, this looks a little familiar.
Ahh, I thought so.

I’m pretty sure the communication isn’t just between the raptors, because I’m pretty sure two raptor trainers would know by now that raptors can “talk” to one another. What I think they may be referring to is an unconfirmed, random rumor that some members of the Raptor Squad go rogue and start attacking people. I think they’re saying that those raptors are communicating with the I. rex and they’re in league together. Do I want this to happen? No, but some signs point to it, including another one that we’ll see in a minute.


I. rex punches through the wall like a bad*** in a scene that I think is a little reminiscent of the waterfall attack in the first book, where the T. rex grabs at the kids in a similar way. Over this, Claire says “We’re talking about an animal here!” and Owen talks more about how the dinosaurs are highly intelligent and uncontrollable. She even calls the I. rex “it” while Owen refers to her as “she”. There’s that interesting dynamic I liked so much in the clip– the whole “illusion of control” thing. The movie seems to be handling that topic a lot, and I’m all for it. Not only does it depolarize Claire like I mentioned, it gives us a reason as to why Jurassic Park was a bad idea and shows that there’s an alternative that doesn’t involve trying to control the dinosaurs (cooperating with and understanding them, like Owen does).

And here’s why I mentioned the possibility of a rebel Raptor Squad:


It’s totally possible that this is a wild Nublar raptor or something, but this does take place right next to the raptor enclosure, and that raptor does look an awful lot like Charlie. I don’t know why a Raptor Squad raptor would suddenly turn on people, but I would venture to guess that coming into contact with wild dinosaurs– either the escaped I. rex or wild raptors– causes them to go crazy somehow. Or maybe they taste human flesh and go full Bruce on everybody. I think I changed my mind– I actually do want to see this happen. I don’t want to see them kill their beloved trainer and I feel like Blue at least will stay loyal until the end, but something inside me wants to see raptors being villains and killers again. Running next to a motorcycle is nice, but I wanna see some maulings.


What have we learned about Claire and personal bubbles, Owen?

So then we see the pterodactyl attack scene again, and then as the amazing end shot:


They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so here are a few pictures that I feel sum up my reaction to this moment.





And that’s the end of the best trailer released yet. I’m not one for excessive gushing (pfft, who am I kidding, of course I am) but there’s not a single thing I don’t love about this trailer. The CGI is beautiful, it’s suspenseful and fast-paced at the same time and it seems to show a really, really exciting movie. This gives us a rough idea of the sequence of events leading up to the main breakout: I. rex escapes unnoticed, she attacks the gyrosphere, ACUs and Claire and Owen are alerted, I. rex breaks into the aviary and sets the residents free, the Main Street attack goes down and I. rex goes out into the jungle with ACUs in pursuit. And we also have the question of why raptor attacks are suddenly happening to deal with. It’s really exciting for me, and I think a lot of others will feel the same way.

What did you think? Let me know in the comments!


1 thought on “The Best Jurassic World Trailer– An Analysis

  1. I remember watching this trailer this morning with a huge smile on my face the entire way through. I think that last scene had me literally fall back in my chair from excitement.
    I’ll be uploading my full thoughts on the trailer on my own blog soon.


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