Indominus Rex Clip

Good news, everyone– a new Jurassic World clip has debuted, showing Owen running from the rampaging I. rex! Check it out:


Some of this is footage we’ve seen before. Owen is trapped in the I. rex paddock with some poor unfortunate worker, who proceeds to get snatched up and tossed into I. rex’s gaping maw like a Dorito. Honestly, I could think of worse ways to die.


Lowery, Masrani and Katie McGrath whose character’s name I forget watch intently from the control room. Judging by the fact that they appear to be alone, I’m guessing this is right at the very beginning of when things start to go wrong. We see these three in largely the same physical state in the part of the second trailer where everyone’s gathered in the control room, so I’m guessing Owen escapes the I. rex and she begins rampaging, and then everyone convenes in the control room.


Some other guy in the paddock with them (where was he literally 5 seconds ago when people were being preventably eaten?!) hits a touch-pad and opens the paddock door. Judging by the scratches from the first trailer already being there and I. rex remaining in her pen, I think it’s safe to say that she didn’t get out by climbing up the walls as I had thought. She sure as heck did try, though. Also, only one door in a huge paddock like that? This obviously wasn’t planned out very carefully.


This is the most we see of her face. While I have the opportunity, I’d like to encourage you to donate to the PETD’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Dinosaurs) campaign to stop shrink-wrapping dinosaurs. They don’t deserve to starve, and a little help can go a long way.


There are more cameras monitoring labs and visitor areas on the main camera screen than there are watching actual dinosaur habitats. Because, you know, they can trust the dinosaurs not to try anything funny.

Masrani says that they need to close the door. Lowery says they can’t lock Owen in, but Masrani insists and reaches over to try to do it himself.

A world-renowned humanitarian, everybody!

This makes me wonder even more what Masrani’s alignment is. Obviously Hoskins is the main villain– at least according to people who’ve actually been in the movie– but Masrani seems like kind of a shady character as well. Not exactly the type of person to try to kill people rather than let his assets be destroyed, but the sort of person who’ll sit around while he makes everyone else do the dirty work (based on how we’ve never seen him out of the control room in any trailer). He may not be evil per se, but if it’s a couple of people getting eaten over one of his expensive dinosaurs escaping, he’s just shown himself to favor the former. Still, though, he hasn’t done anything outright horrible and there is a little bit of seeing the error in his ways in the “It’ll give the parents nightmares” line. I have a feeling he’ll either decide at the very end– a la Hammond– that saving people is more important than not letting his dinosaurs die, or he’ll do something really cowardly and barely escape with his life. I’m really interested to see how this character progresses.


Claire is cruising along in her Productplacementmobile while all of this goes down, yelling, “Someone talk to me! What is happening!”; she probably says this before but in the same scene as her “we have an asset out of containment” line, confirming that this is indeed when the I. rex gets out of her paddock for good. You know, guys, she kind of is the Asset Manager. It might be a good idea to let the person in charge of assets know what’s happening with an important asset. She just might be able to handle it.


Owen dashes toward the doors as they slowly begin to close (oh hey there, Temple of Doom reference, didn’t expect to see you here) while the I. rex just barely stays behind him. Let it be known throughout the land that this animal, which was supposed to be the biggest, meanest, deadliest animal in the world, couldn’t outrun Andy Dwyer.


There’s even an Indiana Jones-like musical cue that plays while Owen runs through the door. Geez, they could at least  have been subtle about Pratt being in the next Jones movie.


We’ve seen this in the second trailer, but it was too awesome not to post again. The fact that she rammed through so easily and appears not to be in any pain adds to my hypothesis that she has very thick, if not bulletproof, skin. I would imagine that the spikes on her head would help when she needed to ram or break something. Maybe they function as shock absorbers?


Owen does the gravel dive of the century…


… and waits under a car while I rex makes her way out. That thing just ripped through a concrete wall like it was nothing, but I’m sure a car will protect you. Of course. That’s gonna work out great, buddy.

And that’s the end of another wonderful clip! Needless to say, I liked this much more than the first, even though it was shorter. The excitement level of the movie seems to only go up from here, so if the rest is as good as this, we’ve got a genuine thriller here. We learn that Owen’s visiting the I. rex pen starts the whole sequence of events, that Masrani might be kind of a sketchy guy and that all of this happens because of that one idiot who opened the door. I mean, I’d probably do the same thing, but it isn’t a Jurassic Park movie unless someone does something stupid because they’re scared for their life. Oh, and the I. rex can break through concrete, and it didn’t look like a spur-of-the-moment thing. She looked like she knew exactly what she was doing when she chased Owen toward the exit. I bet she’d been formulating an escape plan for a long, long time like the raptors did in the first movie, and her opportunity just came up. She’s been brooding and waiting to strike, and now she’s out on the loose. You go, I. rex! Let that dino-angst be heard!

As always, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Indominus Rex Clip

  1. I really enjoyed this clip, as I think it shed a little light on some characterization, specifically Masrani’s. And is it just me, or is the CGI really good in this scene in particular? When you see the I rex chomping down at that guy, I was really convinced.


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