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Someone on the Internet has surfaced with a description of the extended Jurassic World footage from CinemaCon! As far as I know, this is the only account that’s surfaced, so we’ll just have to take this guy’s word for it and hope he’s not another Reddit Guy (I haven’t kept up too much with how accurate that guy’s description was, but I think one or two of his claims have been debunked; please correct me if I’m wrong.)

The opening of the footage had a pig running through tall grass, and a guy on a security catwalk yelling “We have an animal on the loose” and leaning over a railing to attempt to catch the pig in a noose. But a raptor leaps in from out of frame, pulling the guy off the catwalk, and he lays on the ground surrounded by hungry raptors.

First, this is the same idiot who opened the door in yesterday’s clip, isn’t it? Man, that guy ruins everything. Second, predatory animals tend to learn that living things like humans can be caught and eaten– it’s typically not an innate thing. If these raptors were bred by scientists and raised in captivity– and therefore didn’t have other raptors as parent figures– then somewhere along the line they had to learn that humans are tasty and easily killed. We can’t be sure if the raptors have never eaten anyone before, but we also can’t be sure they haven’t. It may have been an accident that led to someone becoming raptor chow, but what if it wasn’t? I’m still holding onto the idea that Hoskins is behind the whole raptor-training thing and that he’s using it as a top-secret security project. That might involve having the raptors know how to effectively kill humans if one day it became necessary, which might mean that Hoskins or one of his cronies deliberately let the Raptor Squad hunt somebody at least once. If that’s the case, mission accomplished, that right there is one very effective villain. I could be totally wrong about this, but at least to me it makes sense.

Third, hooray for references!

Don’t go into the long grass, piggy!
Raptors on catwalks!

Cue Chris Pratt! This is the beginning of the trailer scene where he’s standing in front of the raptors, hand outstretched, keeping them at bay. He saves the guy. Why the guy was trying to save a pig, which was clearly intended as food anyway, is beyond me.

Hey, it’s not like a pig doesn’t deserve to be saved too. Some animals are more equal than others.

The next bit of newish footage was an extended piece of the Indominus Rex escape. Pratt and another dude run through some closing door, chased closely by the dino, who smashes through the door. Pratt hides under a car, the other guy behind one. The dino sniffs around and picks up the car, exposing the hiding guy – who sits there holding his knees until the Indominus eats him whole. It next turns its attention towards Pratt, who thinks quick and cuts the fuel line on the car, dousing himself in gas so the beast can’t smell him.

Ha ha! I called it! I. rex can totally pick up cars! Also, is it just me or is this the most blatant throwback to the first movie we’ve seen so far?

There’s two cars, a rex attacks one and then eats a guy and then goes for the other car, the residents of which cleverly avoid being eaten. I mean, really…

There was some other action footage, including a soldier firing on the charging Indominus, which just gulps him right down, and a helicopter opening fire on the jungle below.

I just love this. Soldier guy’s firing at her with all of his might and she’s just like, “Are you done yet? Meh, whatever. Snack time.”

Also extended: the bit where the pteronadon picks up the lady in the middle of a shopping area in the park. In this clip the dino drops her into the mosasaur tank, and the mosasaur jumps up and eats them both.



OH MAN, THAT’S AWESOME! I thought Zara– the victim here– would just get carried off into a nest or something and the boys would have to rescue her, but this is so much better! And Mosasaur’s teaching the pteranodon who’s really in charge around here Godfather-style! That sounds so incredible!

I mean, uh… too bad about Zara. She will be missed.

One quick thing in the footage that I liked – a shot of kids in a petting zoo riding baby triceratops.

Just leaving this here.

I understand that the triceratops are probably okay with it and that kids would really enjoy this, and of course I don’t want children to get hurt, but I would still love to see a baby trike just buck one of them off and gallop away on its stubby little legs in a blaze of triceratops glory.

I wish there was a way to make a Jurassic Park movie that wasn’t so anti-science, because a world where science allows kids to ride triceratops is a good world.

This is just the author’s opinion, but… oh, honey. Honey, no.

And that’s the end of it. Of course I’d enjoy it more if we actually got to see it, but for now I’m content with the awesomeness described here. I especially want to see the Mosasaur and raptor attack scenes, but then again I always do. Read the full account here: http://badassdigest.com/2015/04/23/cinemacon-extended-jurassic-world-footage-has-an-action-vibe/

6 thoughts on “Extended Footage Description

  1. TBH, I had heard a rumor that Zara gets dropped into the Mosasaurus tank by the Pteranodon, but I was hoping it wouldn’t happen because it sounded too silly :\

    I assumed she and the Pteranodon would disappear for a while, then Owen and Claire would discover her corpse while investigating the Aviary.

    Oh well, at least the Mosasaurus eats the Pteranodon too, so as not to make it look like “ZOMG! THEYRE ALL WORKING TOGETHER!!11!!ONE!” (plus it feels like a nice homage to the common “Mosasaurs Eat Pterosaurs” Paleomeme :3).


    1. You’ve got a good point there. The movie does seem to be about how these dinosaurs are just animals that can’t be controlled, not evil creatures or monsters. Having the different dinosaurs go after each other instead of just humans will be a nice way of driving home the whole “this is what nature is really like and there’s no way humans can hope to control it” theme. And yeah, it’s always awesome to see mosasaurs eating pterosaurs! But then again I just want to see the mosasaur in JW eat everything.


  2. This guy is most probably legit. The man who wrote the original article (Devin Fareci) is a film writer for Badassdigest, and from what I can tell, he and several other film writers were invited to the Universal panel at Cinemacon.


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