More New Photos & Ty Simpkins Interview


Given that Jurassic World comes out in about a month and a half (!!!), we’ll probably be getting new content dumped on us by the boatload. In fact, we already are! Official photos, new plot details and merchandise are coming out every day. We’re positively spoiled. Anyway, now that we’ve reached the critical point for advertising, I can’t promise I’ll post every day. I will, however, do these little news roundups whenever I can.

Most of what I have today is official movie photos, but first let’s see a little merchandise! Spotted by Sickle_Claw on JPL, here’s something that’ll hit American Walmarts soon. Blind bags, people, we have blind bag figurines, this is not a drill:


Part of me wants to get excited about this– more inexpensive Jurassic World stuff to collect!– but I also wonder about the quality. If the bigger toys in this line like the Spino and the Pachy have cheap paint jobs and look kind of slapped-together, what will even cheaper toys look like? Nonetheless, there’s only one way to find out. If nothing else, they’ll probably be on scale with the little hatchlings that came with the previous movies’ human figures. My Ian Malcolm figure’s little Gallimimus could use a friend.

Now here’s a couple of pictures more directly related to the movie. Found by XenoCobra on JPL, this is from the new mobile game:


I mean, it wasn’t a surprise that there were wild raptors, but I honestly hadn’t considered the existence of other species of carnivores out in the wilds of the island. It does make sense, though. According to the embryo container that Nedry stole from, the original park was breeding T. rex, Metriacanthosaurus and Proceratosaurus at the very least. I doubt we’ll see any of these in the wild when the boys exit the park– and if we do, most of the action will probably be centered around the I. rex and wild raptors– but if we do, it’ll probably be a glimpse of a wild T. rex that doesn’t last very long. I’m not getting my hopes up about seeing too many different wild carnivores, but it’s interesting world-building at the very least. Also, could this be more foreshadowing about wild raptors “corrupting” the trained ones?

Also found by XenoCobra, I assume this is some sort of merchandise design:


They kind of did just randomly mash up raptor and T. rex DNA like a kid smashing two balls of Play-Doh together. What did they think would result, a healthy, well-adjusted dinosaur with a stable set of genes? Anyway, I like this design, though I like anything with Ankylosaurus on it.

Speaking of I. rex, Empire magazine has another Jurassic World cover:


Huh. Where have I…


…oh. By itself, this isn’t a bad design at all. It doesn’t leave a shadow of a doubt that we’re dealing with deadly, terrifying dinosaurs, and it’s minimalistically creepy. But evoking JP3 just might not be a good marketing strategy if you’re trying to sell a movie that’s supposed to be set apart from the rest of the trilogy as well as, well, good. I realize that the general public probably won’t make the connection and it was therefore safe to reuse, but I can’t help but be rubbed the wrong way.

Finally, Ty Simpkins (the actor who plays Gray) did an interview with TIME For Kids. I’ll cover that in a minute, but the most interesting part of it was a new still that came along with it:


That’s interesting, are those cages or terrariums behind them? Judging by what appears to be concrete behind the glass, I want to say this is inside the raptor enclosure or something, but of course there’s no way to be sure. And I talk about this a lot, but these people have just rode through the jungle, presumably been attacked by raptors, been doused in gasoline, been attacked by the I. rex in various degrees and released/ run from a T. rex; why the heck is Claire the only one with a speck of dirt on her?! Oh yeah, and if you think this reminded you of something:


I would criticize this for being a blatant throwback in a movie that’s probably filled with them already, but this was actually one of my favorite moments in the first movie. Alan knows exactly what it would be like to be torn apart by a raptor and he’s still guarding Ellie and the kids with his body; it’s probably the same case with Owen. If they’re making lots of references, I’m glad this is included.

The interview didn’t reveal anything new, but it had a couple bits of nice trivia. For instance:


Was it difficult to work with pretend dinosaurs?


It was hard. They had dancers dressed up in bicycle helmets that were shaped like Raptor heads. They were wearing gray suits with little dots on them. They would chase us around. Otherwise, it would be a pole with a blue light bulb on it. We had to run a lot! We had big sets. We actually didn’t do a lot of green screen work, which was cool.

Awesome, they brought back the big paper dinosaur heads! We don’t see them in the movies, but in behind-the-scenes footage it’s hilarious to watch actors screaming and running for their lives from giant cardboard cutouts. Also, not a lot of green-screens! I’m not a practical-effects purist, but I’m really glad they’re opting out of CGI when it isn’t totally necessary.


How are you alike and different from your character, Gray?


We’re alike in that we both like science and dinosaurs. We’re different in that Gray is awkward. He’s highly intelligent and knows everything about dinosaurs. He’s really hyper and always on a sugar rush.

Jurassic Park IV: The Piece of Toast Returns

You know, right now I think he sounds a little annoying, but when the movie comes out I’ll probably refer to Gray as “my sweet, fragile child” like I tend to do with the first two movies’ kids, so disregard my opinion.


Were there any scary moments on set?


There was one moment where Nick and I are on top of a waterfall and Nick leans us forward over the ledge. We were on harnesses, so we weren’t going to fall, but feeling like you’re going to fall off a 150-foot waterfall was a little terrifying!

I have a feeling that the waterfall scene just might take place here:


At least I hope it does. It would make a good transition from the new park to the ruins of the old one.


Is there a message you hope kids take away from the film?


It’s definitely about brotherly love. Even if your siblings are sometimes mean to you, they still love you.

Unless you’re an I. rex. Then watch out, your sibling might eat you.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Assuming nothing major comes out within the next couple of days, I managed to find a gameplay video of Lego Jurassic World, so I might review that. Of course, I’m not much of a gamer so I can’t give sophisticated opinions about gameplay, and I can’t promise I can cut down entirely on crying, “Ian, you dork, stop doing that you dork,” but there’s some interesting stuff in it and I’d like to take a look at it. Anyway, let me know what you guys think.

Read the interview here:


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