A Bit of New Footage

About two hours ago on Entertainment Tonight, a very, very short behind-the-scenes segment on Jurassic World aired. Most of it was just scenes from the trailers with a voiceover outlining the basic plot, but we did get a couple of glimpses at new footage. Keep in mind that the only footage of it that exists right now is someone videotaping their TV, so it’s not too beautiful to look at.


We get, of course, a look at the Obligatory OTP, out I. rex hunting in the jungle. You know how after The Hunger Games got popular, interest in archery spiked by more than 150%? I have a feeling that’s what this movie will do for rifles. I can just imagine conversations between strangers in public going like this:

Guy in a JP t-shirt: I love your shirt!

Guy in a Jurassic World shirt: You like Jurassic Park too?!

JP Shirt: YEAH!

JW Shirt: I make Jurassic Park game mods!

JP Shirt: The raptors are actually more like Achillobators!

*both pull out rifles and wordlessly, gleefully begin shooting into the air in celebration of mutual fandom*


The woman who will always be Claire Dearing in my eyes no matter what she does after this Bryce Dallas Howard says the movie is “crazy, but also very moving”. This shot looks very similar to the new still that came with the Time For Kids interview, so I’m guessing it’s the same scene; they appear to be somewhere clean and indoors here, so I guess that other shot doesn’t take place in the raptor paddock or something after all.


Chris Pratt continues to be the ever-adorkable Chris Pratt, albeit now with a scruffy little mustache. He says that he and the rest of the case often stop and just say, “What are we doing here?” and you can just see the overexcited fanboy shining in his eyes. I just wanna pinch his cheeks.


Chris poses for this shot, giggling, “This is so fun.” I don’t know this for sure, but I’m imagining that he’s about to run into the raptor paddock and the raptors will excitedly run up to him and jump around and screech until he pets them, like puppies. Actually, I kind of need that to happen. Puppy-dinosaurs are my sustenance.


Not much to comment on here except that everybody looks happy, and that they genuinely do seem to have a family atmosphere going on. Speaking as an actor, that’s a sure way to know that at least the actor chemistry will be good; not all casts even like each other, and if you can see a clear “we’re family and we’re all proud of each other” vibe even after they’ve toiled together for months, then that is a cast who can really work well together.

So there’s a lot of yadda yadda and trailer shots, and then:


It’s Steven! Daddy came back! He looks very artsy and disillusioned in his scarf and peacoat and says that “seeing Jurassic World come to life is like seeing Jurassic Park come true”. I’m really glad they’re pushing the wonder angle; again, it’s been very lacking in the past two movies. I’m even more glad that Steven’s adding his touch, because come on, how are we gonna be filled with childlike wonder without him?

And how would we get our Spielberg faces?


This is where Claire delivers her line about attendance going up when they introduce new attractions. I think this is in conjunction with her “we have our first genetically modified hybrid” line and that she’s talking to investors, or to fellow businesspeople that Masrani might want to get with. Or she’s just looking to get in good with some important people by wowing them with dinosaurs. Climb that corporate ladder, Claire.

Steven says there are a lot of surprises in the movie and that his confidence is very high. I believe you, Steven! Tell me what to think! TEACH ME YOUR THOUGHTS!

That’s the end of it. As you can see, there isn’t much to go on, except that the cast seems happy and cohesive and that always ends in good acting. I have a couple of things to add unrelated to this, by the way. First, if speculators on JPL are correct and the Stegoceratops was indeed the “sibling” that the I. rex ate, then I’ve decided that I’m okay with that. Just as long as it doesn’t stick around to mess up the movie or roar over a “WHEN STEGOCERATOPS RULED THE EARTH” banner, and it gets eaten and only gets shown in a flashback or something, then okay, I can deal. They must have tinkered around with more than just one hybrid anyway. I am 100% in support of the chance to watch that hideous thing get a good chompin’.

Second, this is all of us right now: http://www.funnyordie.com/articles/6cbc4346e7/mike-waits-in-line-for-jurassic-park

Third, from Jurassiraptor on Twitter, we get a look at the blind bag figures:

Blindbags Jurassiraptor

For the most part, I like these. The paint jobs are far from perfect and some of them look suspiciously like dinosaurs from other lines of small, cheap dinosaur toys– especially that Ankylosaur and Pachycephalosaur– but the rest are pretty cool considering their size and price. The T. rex seems to be a really, really scaled-down version of the Mega Strike Rex, and the Dimorphodon and I. rex look particularly well-made. When you’ve bought whatever other toys you wanted and you’re down to your last three bucks, I’d say this isn’t a bad buy.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOiT21DALrE&feature=youtu.be


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