Lego’s JW Page– Backstories & Spoilers

The website for the Jurassic Word Lego game has launched! Not only can you look at stills from game challenges and download coloring sheets and wallpapers, you can also go to the ‘Characters’ page. It reveals a few interesting tidbits, including the backstories of all 4 members of the Raptor Squad!

Most of the dinosaurs’ pages are short tidbits about stuff we already know. Pteranodon’s is somewhat relevant, though:


Pteranodon’s long, sharp beak is toothless



Blue is one of two raptors shown wearing tracking gear:


the Velociraptor excelled at hunting with its keen senses, large brain, and the retractable sickle claw on each foot

Retractable sickle claw? Well, then–


Well, I mean I– I guess so, if it– I need a little while to think about this.

Blue, the leader and oldest member of the raptor pack. Larger, smarter and more cunning than the rest, she insists on eating first…which is why Owen feeds her last so she remembers he’s in charge.

Yeah, but if you feed her last then she might look less important than Owen, but in their pack structure she’ll probably look less important than the rest of the raptors too. Way to encourage a raptor coup, Owen.

DNA from a Black-Throated African Monitor Lizard provides her distinctive pattern of scales, which reflect an iridescent blue color.

So they did tamper with these guys’ genes. To make them even a tiny bit more naturally docile, I kind of assumed they had to, but I had no idea what animal they used. Monitor lizard isn’t a bad choice, actually; it’s a lot less aggressive than a raptor but still has the deadliness factor. And it might have served the dual purpose of making them more trainable and color-coding them at the same time. Color-coding by messing with genes isn’t exactly the most responsible way of setting a group of animals apart, but we’re talking about Jurassic Park here, not a place full of competent, responsible, morally-conscious people.

Next is Charlie.


Charlie is the youngest member of the current raptor pack, and its least-experienced hunter. Her instinct-driven reactions make her hard to predict, so Owen never takes his eyes off her during training sessions.

Aww, cute li’l rookie. She seems to be the loose cannon of the group. I bet she’s always got her head in the clouds and comes up with totally wacky ideas, like standing on top of each other, putting on a coat and pretending to be a human.

As the “rookie” of the group, Charlie looks to Blue for guidance and commands during hunts, and will immediately give up a meal to her pack leader.

I’m not the only one who gets really squee-y when it’s mentioned that the dinosaurs care for each other like a family and adopt the younger ones and nuzzle each other and stuff, right? Right? H– hello?

The InGen scientists have genetically programmed her with the dramatic striping of a large Green Iguana.

I am fully in support of this. Iguanas are the best lizards to ever live. Iguanas 4evz.

Delta’s gettin’ crazy up in here:


The second-eldest member of the raptor pack, Delta shows the signs of InGen’s genetic experimentation and modification in several ways. Along with her unique gecko-like pupils, she has been infused with more avian DNA than her sister raptors have, resulting in her very bird-like movements and behaviors. Being watched by Delta is a lot like being stared at by an eagle about to launch an attack.

Oh, so they just took the raptor design, just went wild with it and kept whatever didn’t come out as a screeching abomination. That’s wonderful. That said, I think a more avian raptor will be awesome to see in action, especially when she does the characteristic raptor pounce. I can’t see a little avian DNA fundamentally changing a raptor too much, but when the little hints shine through I’m sure it’ll look cool.

The last raptor is Echo:


We don’t hear about her personality or unique genetics. Instead, we get this:

When they were both young raptors, Echo once challenged Blue for command of the pack. Unfortunately for her, Blue was the stronger fighter, and Echo was left with the permanent scars of their encounter across her face. Because of her permanent sneer, some of the Jurassic World dinosaur handlers have nicknamed her “Elvis”.

Too bad, Echo. You start s**t, you get hit. This establishes kind of an interesting dynamic between Echo and Blue– does Echo still hold a grudge and will she try to get back at her dino-sister, or like in the rest of this movie, will family overcome all? If it’s the first case, and some members of the Squad do indeed revolt, I bet one of the first things Echo will do is attack Blue. Heck, people have guessed that Blue dies for a long time now– maybe this is how it happens (if it does happen! It’s not confirmed!). Either way, I like this a lot because it shows a complicated relationship between two of the raptors, thus making them actual characters and not just monsters or weapons. They’re a widdle family!

In the way of human characters, we finally get an insight as to why Hoskins is evil!


Vic Hoskins is a greedy “skunkworks” agent from InGen, the genetics company responsible for cloning the original Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs. He sees the animals of Jurassic World not as beautiful and amazing creatures, but as potential for profit…and he’ll stop at nothing to steal Owen’s research for himself!

Well, obviously any villain in this franchise is a villain because they see the dinosaurs as just products, that’s kind of inferred. But Hoskins is also trying to steal Owen’s research, not necessarily using Owen’s raptors for his own sinister purposes, although he could still be doing that. Anyway, I don’t know exactly how he’s planning to steal Owen’s work, since Owen probably hasn’t written any papers about their behavior and the animals are trained to obey only Owen and Barry. Maybe he just wants to steal the actual raptors, either for teh evulz or, again, to use in his own security initiatives? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

That’s all of the really new information, but there’s a couple more little but cool things.


Lego Simon Masrani has exactly the same hair piece as Lego Ian Malcolm.


Watch out! The mobile vet unit is under attack from Blue and Charlie, two marauding raptors.

So if anyone’s rebelling, it’ll probably be Blue and Charlie. That’s funny, those two are the exact opposite raptors that you’d think would go rogue, especially Blue. Maybe their loyalty isn’t so strong after all. This, by the way, is probably where the shot of the raptor jumping on that guy from the latest trailer is from.

From some of the product descriptions:

You must get that dangerous dino safely back in the pen before it causes serious damage.

Take down that dino before it can jump on the back of the 4×4 and activate the explode function!

…capture the dinosaur before it can escape.

A mighty T. rex has broken loose and it must be captured before it harms anyone.

Ha ha! Yeah, that’s never gonna happen.

You can play a game called Demolition Dinosaur, where you play as a dilophosaur and the main goal of the game is simply to cause as much utter destruction as you possibly can. If it’s as incredible as the description makes it sound, I’ll play it all day. Unfortunately, I can’t play it on my browser right now because my life sucks.

You can also watch a short toy commercial that shows the Lego I. rex being captured, tasered and locked in a truck. I think it’s safe to assume we won’t be seeing that in the movie.

Here’s one of the coloring pages that I might get around to abusing one day, Jurassic World news flow allowing:


I’m guessing this is a little bit before the I. rex clip, and Owen goes down into the pen with that worker after they notice the I. rex starting to claw her way out. I’m guessing he tries to keep her inside and that’s when the clip starts. We all know how successful he is.


Looking pretty edgy there, Owen.

Check out the site here:

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