Lego Jurassic Park– Game Review

We’ve got quite a few things to cover today in the way of Lego Jurassic World! First and possibly most importantly, if you live in Georgia, go check your local WalMart as there’s a good chance you’ll find a few JW Lego sets there. I found the Dilo and two Raptor sets at mine; I didn’t buy any as they’re majorly overpriced, but I’m sure at least one of you is rich enough to.

Next we’ve got some official art:


There’s so much going on in this picture and all of it is hilarious. T. rex is running like an excited puppy. Muldoon, surrounded by raptors with bananas on their heads, is so done with his job. Dilophosaurus chases Henry Wu, who looks more like he’s being mildly inconvenienced by his Labrador than about to be eaten. Malcolm is the sleaziest Lego character ever manufactured. Grant is, I dunno, shaking his booty or something, and whatever he’s doing, the kids are giggling at him. This seems to showcase the first movie more than anything– maybe we’ll be lucky enough to get posters like this for the other three? It’s fun and colorful and I love it.

Some new screencaps:


Spino looks absolutely demented, I’m like 95% sure Alan’s clothing colors are all wrong and the scenery isn’t anywhere near as detailed as what we’ve seen in the sections for the other two movies. The JP3 part of the game might imitate its movie in more ways than we think.


Not much to say here, except that this part and the trailer attack are my most-anticipated parts of the Lost World section. I really want to see the entire workers’ village set.


I’m not one to harp on about “any changes in depictions of these movies whatsoever will ruin my childhood you guys!!!1!!”, but I’m enjoying this while I can because in the actual game, it’s pretty much a given that the brachiosaur they see will trip and crush the tree or something, and then it ain’t gonna be full of wonder anymore.

Finally, we have new footage of gameplay from the actual game! Keep in mind that I’m not a gamer and I can’t tell you about gameplay mechanics or anything. I’ll mostly be talking about cutscenes and character stuff. Sorry.


The first scene we see is the sick trike scene. I had previously thought that the characters’ voices would consist entirely of sound clips from the movies, but this isn’t the case. The characters are played mostly by voice actors who don’t sound exactly like the original actors, but who don’t do a bad job either.


Here’s some Lego snot in case you had any doubts about what kind of game this is.


I have allotted myself a limited amount of times to comment upon what a total dork Lego Malcolm is, and this is one of them. He jumps six feet in the air over a thunderclap.

That’s the end of the cutscene. After that we move to actual gameplay. If you’ve ever felt the inexplicable yearning to see what a pile of Lego droppings looks like, allow me to fulfill your wishes:


Ellie literally does a swan dive into the dino’s droppings– on more than one occasion– and we find out that the objective of this level is to collect 3 different items, like a cherry and a carrot, to cure the trike with. The characters use their special abilities (like tracking and using a sniper for Gerry Harding) to find clues. While this goes on, the hosts of the video tell us that the game has 20 levels to play through and that there’s open-world exploring you can do on both islands.


Once you cure the trike, you can actually play as the dinosaur, running around charging stuff and collecting coins. She’s out of control and it looks like a lot of fun.

The game stays with Ellie until the evening, so we don’t get to witness any awkward Grant-Malcolm tension. We do, however, get to see the rex attack scene! But first, gaze upon Lego Mr. DNA:


In a cutscene voiced entirely by sound clips from the movie, we see a pretty suspenseful recreation of the leadup to the rex attack.

The water ripples are replaced by cups falling off the dash. This is what it’s come to.


Malcolm smirks after every single line.


If you pause it at just the right moment, you can hear every single player in the world squealing in happiness in the background.


There are times in the game when you’ll laugh at the T. rex, but this isn’t one of them and the game is all the better for it.

You run around as Grant after the rex gets to the kids’ car, hacking through bushes with your raptor claw to find an item that will help save the kids. After you find it (it’s a giant bone for the T. rex to chew on, because of course) you rescue the kids from the Jeep. One of Lex’s special abilities is breaking glass with her scream, which is just as perfect as you’d expect.


Well it’s about time! After following Alan around biting his nails and jumping around nervously, Ian pulls out the flare and distracts the rex while Alan halfheartedly yells “Ian, freeze!” while standing there, collecting money and chatting with Lex. It’s pretty funny. Also, is there something wrong with me or were the flares in the movie not always pink? The one in Jurassic World is and now this one is too. Have flares always been pink? Am I color-impaired?


Wait for it! It’s coming! Here it comes!


The rex tosses Gennaro up in the air and catches him in her mouth. He takes a moment to brush her teeth before stepping off his mortal coil (though the host says he actually survives; I would love to know exactly how that happens). Freakin’ lawyers, man.


There’s a very cool shot-for-shot cutscene of Lex and Grant falling off the edge of the paddock (during which Lex’s golden scream is heard in its full glory at least twice), and then the scene shifts to Ellie and Muldoon driving up to investigate in a Jeep.


I can’t emphasize this enough: it’s shot-for-shot.


Ian gets injured right in the overacting gland.


He just can’t turn it off, can he? DORK.


This game is rated LLF, for Lego Lens Flare, by the ESRB.


And now it’s time for my personal favorite part of the game, the famous Jeep chase scene! You drive the car as Muldoon, escaping the rex and gathering money and items along the way. Ian throws flares/rockets at the rex as you go along, though they don’t damage the rex; they get you some kind of special item if you hit the rex’s mouth. In this scene and the previous one, we’re told that players will get the chance to play as the T. rex, which sounds like the best part of the game by far. I AM T. REX! I AM FIRE! I AM DEATH!

The scene continues with a distinct lack of Ellie screaming “S**t!” until finally, this happens:



Ian snarks at us one more time–


–and that’s the end. All in all, I really love the way this game looks so far. It’s fun, lighthearted and everything you’d expect from a great Lego game. The jokes are great, the design is beautiful and it pays tribute to the movie very, very well (it even keeps the original soundtrack). If you’re planning to get it, don’t forget that you can preorder the game from Gamestop and get a free Lego set with it! And if you don’t want the Lego set for some reason, I know a dinosaur blogger who will throw herself at your feet to buy it from you! Watch the video here:

Unrelated: I won second place in my school’s talent show last night! I did a skit with my friend Laura and apparently we did pretty well.


2 thoughts on “Lego Jurassic Park– Game Review

  1. Perhaps they’re putting so much focus on the original Jurassic Park part of the game because (A) it’s the part of the game most complete (B) it’s the film most people will be emotionally attached too (C) they don’t want to use Jurassic World footage to avoid spoilers.

    BTW, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Gennaro climbing out of some LEGO T. Rex dino droppings at some point.


    1. You’re right, I feel like the majority of people (other than die-hard JP fans) will just play the first movie. And I don’t blame them, it’s pretty much everyone’s favorite.

      Considering the abundance of gross-out humor in the rest of the game, you’re probably right. Frankly I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.


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