Hoskins Revealed, Soundtrack & Brachiosaurs are Coming

I know I have some readers from Jurassic Park Legacy’s forums; which of you guys were in the thread that predicted Hoskins had a plan to weaponize the dinosaurs, and maybe that was what the IBRIS Project was? I mean, I’ve been saying that for a while, but it wasn’t entirely my idea and the people who’ve supported it deserve to share in this sweet, sweet “I was right”. Because now we know that I and they were right all along. Found by the fantastic Sickle_Claw, this is a section of a Jurassic World article in SciFi magazine:

-against the system but he also works for the system, “says Pratt. there’s a bit of conflict there. When the s**t hits the fan at the park, there are people on the island he really cares for . It’s just one of those moments where he has to grow up and be a leader. He helps Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard and the kids. He’s the heroic person in an extraordinary situation” on the other end of the spectrum stands D’Onofrio’s Vic Hoskins, described as the film’s antagonist. He’s a private security contractor who comes up with other ways to take advantage of the dinosaurs. “There’s a lot of great material in the first book about using dinosaurs in the same way we’ve used a lot of other animals, both in medicine and military aspects” explains Trevorrow. “Vic feels dinosaurs have all the potential in the world and Masrani is using this place to stock a petting zoo. So he’s got some out-there ideas that he tries to practice.” As expected havoc eventually ensues. At the heart of the chaos is the Indominus-

So that’s how Hoskins wants to steal Owen’s research– he wants to use the dinosaurs as weapons and in biotech, probably the same way that BioSyn did in the first novel. Something tells me he’s not a friendly guy with animals and that dinosaurs under his care wouldn’t fare too well. He’s making the same mistakes that Claire is in that he sees the dinos as just products that can be easily controlled, but I think what will put him off the edge from ‘morally dubious’ to ‘villain’ is mistreatment of the animals. If he sees the dinosaurs as just weapons and he’s generally not a friendly character, there’s a good chance that he’ll push them too far, not care when they get injured, etc., and we’ll hate him even more because the raptors he’s hurting will have names and personalities. We’ll feel a personal connection to the dinos and get genuinely angry when they’re hurt. And if you ask me, that’s a recipe for a pretty hateable villain.

Something else in here is another mention of how Owen both works for “the system” of the park and wants to rebel against it; this is probably hand in hand with his Malcolm-like views. By “rebelling” I suppose he means generally being disdainful and pointing out when things aren’t a good idea, not necessarily Nedrying all over the place, but dissent is a form of rebellion, I guess. That and the fact that he heads a motorcycle gang.

Next, we have something very punny indeed– the full tracklist for the Jurassic World soundtrack! Found by XenoCobra on JPL, here it is in all its groan-worthy glory:

1 Bury the Hatchling
2 The Family That Strays Together
3 Welcome to Jurassic World
4 Does This Dino Make Jurassic Look Big
5 As the Jurassic World Turns
6 Clearly His First Rodeo
7 A Glorified Petting Zoo
8 Owen You Nothing
9 Indominus Wrecks
10 Gyrosphere of Influence
11 Pavane for a Dead Apatosaurus
12 Fits and Jumpstarts
13 The Dimorphodon Shuffle
14 Love in the Time of Pterosauria
15 Chasing the Dragons
16 Raptor Your Heart Out
17 Costa Rican Standoff
18 The Teeth Degree
19 Our Rex Is Bigger Than Yours
20 Growl and Make Up
21 Nine-To-Survival Job
22 The Park Is Closed
23 Jurassic World Suite

I won’t go through track-by-track since most of them don’t make much sense in the context of what we know so far, but “A Glorified Petting Zoo” is probably based off of a Hoskins line and most likely plays during one of his scenes, possibly during his ~~ominous villain scheming scene~~. “Indominus Wrecks” is probably the I. rex’s breakout, “The Family that Strays Together” might be the airport scene with Gray’s family and we all know what “Pavane for a Dead Apatosaur” is about. “The Dimorphodon Shuffle” is the Main Street attack, and oh man, “Raptor Your Heart Out”? Does a raptor actually rip someone’s heart out Mayan-style? I wanna see that! “Our Rex is Bigger Than Yours” is most likely the T/I. rex fight (I like I. rex, but #TeamT.rex2015) and “Growl and Make Up” is probably Owen and Claire realizing the inevitable end of their Hollywood story arc. And “The Park is Closed” is when we cry.

Finally, there’s a new update to the Masrani site, starring a familiar face:


The update is about Claire’s announcement of the I. rex, as well as a few other attractions:

Claire Dearing, Senior Assets Manager at Jurassic World, has recently spoken about what consumers can expect over the next five years, including next month’s highly anticipated Indominus rex. “We’re very proud of our achievements here at Jurassic World, and our excitement cannot be contained as we prepare to showcase this pinnacle of genetic ingenuity”, announced Claire from Isla Nublar, Costa Rica. “The Indominus is an alluring addition to our diverse collection of assets, which will be sure to entertain future audiences like nothing before.” Ms. Dearing hinted that the Indominus may be the first of many genetically modified dinosaurs in InGen’s attempt to continually satisfy both visitors and investors. The Indominus rex enclosure is set to officially open to the public in July 2015.

Masrani’s flagship enterprise opened in 2005 to record-breaking numbers. A state-of-the-art theme park and biological preserve, it has lead the way in entertainment, education and scientific discovery. But what is on the horizon? Claire Dearing, Senior Assets Manager at Jurassic World discusses her thoughts.

“Scientists are often challenged by the risks involved in executing grand concepts,” explains Claire. “Many at InGen doubted the likelihood of a successful hybrid, but here we are just one month away and she’s more than we imagined. We will closely monitor visitor response and gauge the consumer’s appetite for future experiences, taking Jurassic World into a new era.”

“But as we seek to recreate the past, we can’t forget to innovate”, Claire adds. “We have several new rides in the conceptual phase with Axis Boulder. Our most evolved, the ‘Treetop Gazers‘, has an ETA sometime in 2018.”

OK, so I was wrong, the I. rex exhibit hasn’t opened in-universe yet. It doesn’t happen until next month, when the movie comes out. That makes a little more sense. And wait, “the first of many hybrids?” Oh, how foolish I was to think that I could be free of it…


To be honest, the idea of Stegoceratops has begun to grow on me just a little bit. Like I’ve said in the past, as long as it isn’t just an “LOL look at what we can make because we can do anything we want” gimmick and it actually fits into the storyline, and it’s not touted as some awesome, super-dangerous monster (it’s made out of two different herbivores) I can live with it. And who knows, it might not even show up in the movie and the whole just-a-toy thing could not have been a misinformation campaign. At this point I’m rolling with the punches here.

But my favorite part of this is the concept art they released for the Treetop Gazers attraction:


Is that beautiful or what? It looks very, very much like a reference to the first movie, and it captures the feeling of wonder in the original scene extraordinarily well. It’s too bad that this is just a coming attraction, because I’d love to see it in this movie. But there’s always Jurassic World 2, right?

“Which means more time for ME!”

You can pre-order the soundtrack here: http://www1.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/28935


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