Jurassic World TV Spot 2: Electric Boogaloo


Well, I finally got a way to watch the TV spot, and it didn’t disappoint! You’ve probably already seen it by now, but in case you haven’t, here it is:

The majority of the 1-minute spot is footage we’ve seen before (shocker) but the new shots and lines we get are fantastic. Word on the street is that the CGI is entirely finished– which you’d expect from a move barely a month from release– so what we see here is likely what we’ll get on the big screen.


There’s an awesome front-on shot of the majority of the park, while in a voice-over Claire says “Welcome to Jurassic World” with all the wonder and enthusiasm of a 50-year-old Hammond cosplayer who’s been asked to say that very line 23 times in the last hour and who’s starting to get really, really sick of SDCC. I refuse to give up on the idea of the visitors’ center looking like a Mayan pyramid. There’s gotta be symbolism somewhere, there’s just gotta! If I’m not mistaken, that patch of woodland behind the park area might be the restricted area. It looks very peaceful and quiet.Too quiet.


Out in the jungle at the beginning of their expedition, Owen loads his gun while a very unamused Claire looks on and says, “It’s just like taking a stroll through the woods 65 million years ago.” YOU CAN’T JUST STROLL DOWN THE ROAD, OWEN, I THOUGHT WE’D ESTABLISHED THAT. And then we get a new look at the Raptor Squad (at least we can count on an abundance of that):


Presumably this is the scene described in the extended CinemaCon footage, in which a worker chases a pig and ends up falling into the raptor pen. Well, he’s not the same idiot who opened the door in the Indominus clip, but he still looks edible and distinctly Gennaro-ish:

Ugh, that stupid skullcap.

Owen holds them off, though, so their snackies have to wait. I feel sorry for that pig when its number comes up.

After a few older clips are shown (someone should take a closer look and see if the CGI has been updated in any of them, I don’t have that type of discerning eye) and some sort of really annoying pingy music starts to play, we see the boys’ mom:


Aww, that’s really sad, she’s worried about her kids. Maybe she saw the destruction going down on TV or something. I mean, it won’t be fun to watch their mother’s emotional devastation, but at least the movie doesn’t just drop their parents and run off, right? Plus it’ll be cool to watch the way news of the tragedy unfolds on the mainland. None of the movies really focused on how the public reacted to these disasters (especially the San Diego Incident) and I wonder if people will react like this is a completely unexpected catastrophe and freak out about dinosaur escapes, or if they’ll just look at it like yet another tragedy in the world.

Claire says, “Everyone remain calm” in a delightfully bone-chilling way and we see the pteranodon attack scene again, but now we get an extended look at Zara’s fate. The pteranodon drops her:


She plummets into the water:

2015 Olympic diving gold medal winner, women’s division

And straight into the jaws of the Mosasaur:

2015 Olympic devouring gold medal winner, Kraken division

I mean, there’s a very very slim chance that she could have swam out of the way, and she could have a Disney death later on, but given the sequence of events here and how the pteranodon doesn’t even have enough time to fly away, I kinda doubt it. Rest in pieces, Zara.

Finally, we’re back in the Gyrosphere before the attack:

Always keep your seat belts on when you’re about to be devoured. kids.

I. rex roars at them, but T. rex’s roar comes out. Hybrid genetics don’t work that way, friend. I don’t know why this is, but it’s much too noticeable an error to remain in the final film. I’m sure it’ll be rectified.


And that’s the end of it! In my opinion, what we’ve seen of the movie just keeps getting better and better. The cinematography is looking great (I’m still fawning over that shot of Zara in the water), it seems nicely suspenseful and the CGI has come together seamlessly. I don’ t have any complaints whatsoever. Let’s hope this luck holds. Only one month to go! We can do it! I believe in us!

…Can someone still hold me and tell me the wait will be over before I know it?

6 thoughts on “Jurassic World TV Spot 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. Remember what I said about the notion of the Pteranodon dropping Zara in the Mosasaurus tank being too silly?
    I take it back now. From the looks of it, they’re gonna pull it off pretty well!

    That said, I feel like they’re trying WAY too hard to hype us up for this movie; I mean, after the Global Trailer, what more can they do? Release the film a month early? O_O


    1. Well, lots of movies keep the hype up right until release. I think Age of Ultron had new TV spots a week or so before the movie came out. And yeah, if nothing else Zara’s death LOOKS good. Even if it’s cheesy, I love the way it’s shot– artfully and with minimal noise. I’m looking forward to the visuals and cinematography of the movie.

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