New TV Spot With BABIES

Another Jurassic World TV spot is out!

You probably know me well enough to guess what I’m gonna talk about first. If you’re new here, I tend to obsess a bit over baby dinosaurs; I’ve waited a long time for a good look at the dino babies of Jurassic World, and now I need to have A Moment. The spot gives us a shot of baby dinosaurs in the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo! Babies! Babies! BABIES!!!!!



Look how tiny and precious they all are! The little tiny apatosaur who wraps his little neck around the boy who runs up and hugs him! That little boy loves dinosaurs so much he can’t help himself from hugging that one! And it hugs him back! And all the little Gallimimuses scampering around and trying to play with everyone! The teeny baby triceratops following their handlers like little puppies! I think I’m having actual heart palpitations right now– I just wanna pick them up and hug them and wrap them in little knitted blankets and snuggle with them forever! Aagh, I can’t handle this, it’s so cute. It’s my new favorite trailer shot and it just might be my favorite part of the movie. Also, why are all the handlers dressed exactly like Muldoon? Is it this franchise’s version of red shirts?

Seriously, though, here’s a clearer version. The little apatosaur settles its head on the boy’s shoulder and closes its eyes. It’s hugging him back. No one can convince me otherwise.


In an extended version of the adorable shot from Spot #4, Claire and Owen get shippy in the jungle:


I’m not entirely sure why their nearly taking a trip down the T. rex Throat Tunnel of Terror together makes me want them to kiss so much, but it does.

Edit: I knew this reminded me of something. Now I know what:


You’ve gotta admit, there are parallels. Both pairs are grudgingly polite at best and adversarial at worst, right up until the point when they nearly get killed together– and then they’re adorable and squee-worthy. Are near-death experiences the best way for couples to bond in these movies? This universe must have some really grim dating sites.

And there’s a longer shot of when Owen tells Claire (completely unnecessarily, I think she’s actually past the Ellen Ripley horizon by this point) to get the kids somewhere safe:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– why is everyone but Claire so clean?! I guess she needs to get nice and grunged up to show her transition from cleanliness and order, but seriously, how is it possible for everyone to be mostly clean but her? Whatever. You get those battle scars, Claire.


More pretty Gyrosphere scenery. I really feel like this scene will mostly be Trevorrow showing off his cinematography chops, and I’m totally okay with that. What would a Jurassic Park movie be without wondrous, peaceful, visual-based dinosaur sequences?

JP3, that’s what.


Here’s a panoramic shot of the lagoon and the woman who says the Mosasaur is “a little shy”. She gon’ get ate.


In the control-room argument scene before stuff starts to go down, Claire yells, “We are not in control here!” and continues to set impossible beauty standards for anyone who wants to cosplay her.

And that’s it. Really I just did this as a full post so that I could properly express my many baby-related feelings. But how cute is that?! I seriously hope there’s an extended petting zoo scene in the movie. Even with just a minute-long scene, I’d die happy.

Less than a month to go until the worldwide premiere!

All abooooooard!

7 thoughts on “New TV Spot With BABIES

  1. OMG that’s so adorable. That petting zoo is so much more than I could ever imagine. I just love those little baby Gallimimus’ cavorting around.
    And the way that little boy hugs that apatosaur…I think I might cry.


    1. I was a little upset by that. I hate children at petting zoos. They just abuse the animals like nobody’s business.


      1. I agree 100%, basically every petting zoo needs a much better conduct code because kids can hurt the animals so, so much. I do wonder if they’ve been raised since hatchlings to not really care if they’re touched and poked at (like the trike in ‘Pangaea’) but even that is a pretty cruel thing to do to an animal.


  2. The petting zoo part made me squee internally! I will admit, though, I feel sorry for the baby Gallimimuses (they look like those types of animals that everyone wants to just pick up and cuddle while they’re all like “WHY ARE THESE STRANGE CREATURES CHASING US!? PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE AHHH!”)

    And I agree about the baby Apatosaurus: She looks to me like she’s thinking “AH! Let go of…you know what never mind, this is nice.”

    If they based the handler staff’s outfit off of Muldoon, then I think that’s kinda sweet. Rest in Pieces Movie!Muldoon 😥


    1. Yeah, I do feel sorry for those Gallis. Maybe that’s why there are so many handlers in one place– they could keep them from letting the animals get picked up too often, although they really shouldn’t be getting picked up at all. Or they’ve been raised around humans since birth and are specially trained to not care if they’re picked up. Anyway, it is a pretty unhappy situation for them now that I think about it.


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