TV Spot 8

That’s right, another mini-post about a single TV spot! A lot of people are saying this is their favorite spot of all, and it’s not hard to see why:

The clip features the Jurassic Park score as well as a little clip of Giaccino’s spin on the original theme, which is pretty cool in itself, as well as a voice-over of some of Hammond’s more iconic quotes. One of the lines is altered to say “Welcome to Jurassic World”. Aww.

Are you crying yet? ‘Cause it’s getting to be about crying time.

We get another look at the Gyrosphere Valley scene, as well as a Parasaurolophus in action!


Well, maybe not action exactly, but still. I love the way the animal looks out in the wild, and of course I’ll always have a soft spot for lazy, sleepy dinosaurs.

The scene of the crowd rushing out of the gates has been altered to show what they’re running from:

“Ha ha ha! You run from PTERANODON now!”

And we see the I. rex in the waterfall scene!


It seems I. rex has a variety of different attacks, including her arms and her jaws. Seeing as T. rex really only has her lunging attack to fight with and I. rex has two different fronts to attack from, it’ll be especially interesting to see how the rex fight goes down and whether or not her dextrous arms will even matter at all. Anyway, it’ll be cool to see her kill and devour this way in the meantime.

At the end of the spot, #Armgate continues:


What, they couldn’t leave the arm in there for two seconds? Would showing the arm of someone who has very clearly just been eaten in the mouth of what just ate her be too gruesome for this movie about murderous dinosaurs chasing little boys and going crazy on their trainers? Especially in a movie that the director describes as ‘purely terrifying’ and in a scene where only really, really dedicated watchers spotted the arm in Mosa’s mouth in the first place? I’m sure the editors had their reasons for removing it, sure, but it doesn’t make sense to me. Why would they remove the arm? Does Zara somehow survive that? Did it have to go away to keep the PG-13 rating? What is the meaning of life?

That’s all the new footage; just so this isn’t a total stub of a post, here’s something concisely appropriate from Jurassiraptor:


I don’t know what these people’s names are or where to find them on Tumblr, and I really wish I’d recorded it, because these are some of the most awesome Jurassic Park cosplayers I’ve ever seen. Look how amazing they are. I cry:


If you know who either of them are, please send me their Tumblr or at least tell them they’re awesome for me, because not only do they look amazing, the world’s female Malcolm cosplayers need to unite in this time of struggle and I’d love to make friends with these girls. And I need to find out where she got that wig.

Oh, and in Shameless Friend-Promoting news, I totally forgot to mention this: Dinosaur Guy of When Dinosaurs Ruled the Mind is opening a new frontier! He’s starting a new blog about depictions of anthropomorphic animals in the media, much like he does with dinosaurs right now, and he’s also publishing his novel Masai Mara there. He’s currently trying to get it off the ground, so you should visit it at and give it a follow. It’s gonna be awesome.


9 thoughts on “TV Spot 8

  1. Will people stop putting Gate at the end of silly controversies?
    They probably used the scene from the first trailer with the mosasaur eating the pteranodon which didn’t have the arm added. Maybe they just want to keep the moment a surprise? I’m sure the scene will remain unedited in the film and we can look back at this controversy and laugh.


    1. Yeah, you’re probably right. They’re probably clinging on to whatever surprises they still have at this point. And the only reason I referred to it as Armgate is because I love watching utter chaos unfold. I love sitting back, laughing and eating popcorn as angry mobs erupt, and making fun of when people make huge controversies out of little things. It’s a personality flaw.


      1. Nah, I wasn’t bashing you for mentioning it, I was simply remarking on the internet’s tendency as a whole to make small things into big deals.
        And still, they’ve barely shown the T. rex, so I await surprises in the movie theater.


        Finally, some of the original theme music. I’m so happy to be hearing that again.
        The Parasaurolophus’ were a surprise. Hmm, they look nothing like they do on the website.


      3. Yeah, I wonder why they’d change the color scheme? I guess they got someone to do the website photo after the movie’s version was all done and rendered?


  2. I felt so sad when Hammond said “Welcome to Jurassic World!” 😦
    I’m also predicting that the Spinosaurus skeleton is gonna take a lot of punishment. Well that’s what it gets for trying to usurp the T. rex!


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