Fanfics You Should be Reading #9

Welcome back to Fanfics You Should Be Reading! This edition is, shall we say, the calm before the storm; in just about a month, we’ll have a deluge of wonderful Jurassic World stories to read and review. Even better, the stories will be about a movie that’s actually been released! I for one can’t wait. I’m even working on a sequel to Gentle Giants Petting Zoo; that TV spot shot of the baby trike being attacked by the pterandon has made me want to rewrite the scene and add in Sarah protecting the babies and generally being a dinosaur mama bear.

Please keep in mind that, while I am shamelessly promoting my friends’ works, it’s not because I pander to people I like by showcasing their stories. I just happen to be friends with some very talented authors.

#1—Wild At Heart by Untherius:

Summarization: From the end of the first movie onward, Lex begins having strange memories from what could be a past life popping into her head. She has to contend with her new memories while she learns to cope with what happened on the island and must find out what’s really going on in her head. It’s hard to say what exactly this is. It’s a family story, a character study, a mystery—lots of things are going on here, and the different genres are blended beautifully.

Why you should be reading it: It immediately draws you in with a different and exciting take on the visitors’ center attack, and the lovely prose keeps you around long enough to get to the heartwarming family story with Lex and Tim. The premise is strange but just plausible enough to keep you guessing. In a way, it involves humans communicating/ living with dinosaurs, and that’s a very hard type of story to do well. Lots of people try to do it, but this one actually pulls it off and does a gripping job of it as well. You may notice that I’m gushing and using a lot of adjectives—that’s how I show how much I love it. Adjectives are how I express love. Read the story.

 #2—Through The Eyes of Monsters by CJCroen1393:

Summarization: The story of the first movie is retold from the perspectives of different dinosaurs. Again, dinosaur-perspective stories are pretty hard to nail, but this story really pulls it off.

Why you should be reading it: First of all, the prose is beautifully minimalistic; it tells so little but shows so much. The voices are distinctly animal-like, but they still have enough intelligence and variation between animals to make the dinos feel like individual characters. The style is also interesting—albeit with POV switches to clear things up, dialogue-only stories are always interesting to read (this one is more soliloquy-only, but it’s the same basic concept). It’s a quick read, but it’s still long enough to send chills down your spine. My personal favorite is the Dilophosaur bits. And if you happen to share the same fandoms I and CJCroen1393 do, you might enjoy ‘My Little Jurassic Park’ by the same author.

#3– The Adventures of Baby Stegoceratops by Lord Kristine:

Summarization: Written by the same author as the Silliest JP Fanfiction Ever Written series, this will absolutely murder you with cuteness. Baby Stegoceratops does stuff like take reluctant baths and get frightened by stuffed cows.

Why you should be reading it: You guys know about my baby dinosaur obsession, right? This story honed in on that obsession like a Soviet heat-seeking missile and once it found its target, it dove in and blew my heart to pieces. This is the absolute cutest thing you will ever read. Baby Stegoceratops (who’s Claire and Owen’s baby, making it even sweeter) is impossible not to love. Just look at this face:


I dunno, maybe I’m the only one in this corner of the Internet with such an all-consuming tiny dinosaur addiction, but even if you’re not on my level, you’ll love at least one of the four vignettes. My personal favorite is the one where she refuses to eat her little carrots. Owen makes funny faces at his little baby and Claire the stegoceratops hugs and nuzzes her and they’re a sweet little family. I think I need to go lie down for a minute.

Oh, and I might get around to reviewing the actual story one day, but I found a piece of gold on It’s from the story Saving Grace by Shaylon Ashriel, and it has the best chapter index I’ve ever seen in my life:


‘Uhh You can’t Do That’, ‘I Uhhh Know About Dinosaurs Too’. Guys, why am I laughing? Why is this funny?

Further question: I just got a JW Allosaur figure from Walmart (if you haven’t gotten the figures yet, get them there– they’re like 20% cheaper). Anyone got name suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Fanfics You Should be Reading #9

  1. OMG A FIC FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF DINOSAURS!!! I wanted to do that but couldn’t really pull it off without making the animals too anthropomorphic. Glad to see someone else take a try.
    BTW, for the Allosaurus, I won’t tell you to name it Al because that is so overdone. But how about Alan?


    1. I know right? I’ve seen dinosaur-perspective stories before, but none told only in their thoughts.

      I’m gonna take your suggestion and Kristine’s. Her name shall be Robyn Alana.


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