Awesome New Videos

Okay guys, firmly grab hold of your posteriors. I don’t know if this is the best TV spot yet– the Hammond and baby ones will always be the top contenders– but this is the one that left me leaning back in my chair, open-mouthed, clawing at the air and gurgling, “The hype is reaaaaallllll”. This doesn’t have much new footage, but you have to watch it. No, you have to. Right now.

I and a lot of others have really wanted an in-universe spot that looked like an actual travel commercial for the park. Now we’ve got it, and it’s straight out of a freakin’ horror movie. It starts with friendly narration and the original John Williams score, and then it slows down and gets so creepy. There are no words, it’s beautiful. There’s also this:


The Pteranodon drops it! Baby Triceratops lives! Praise be! Life is a miracle!

Next is a making-of video from Mercedes-Benz that shows how they unveiled the GLE Coupe on set. It was a huge secret until then. Why was it guarded more effectively than, say, the design of the most important dinosaur in the whole movie? The world may never know.

Claire Bryce Dallas Howard Claire earns that paycheck by acting super excited about getting to drive the car (or alternatively, she actually does get excited about stuff like driving new cars on set, in which case she must have practically had a seizure when she worked with the dinosaurs) and we see a little new footage.


The car, apparently, is the same as the characters– “sophisticated, sexy and smart”. I can understand smart, but I would be quite interested to know how a car could be sophisticated or sexy. Actually, no, I take that back. I don’t.

If it were sexy, he’d make weird hand gestures at it.
“Hey, Karen!”

“Hey, Karen! You still up for brunch, girl? Good, good, good! How’s the boyfriend doing? Yeah, that guy’s still annoying me. He said something about his bungalow the other day that– Hang on, I gotta go. Yeah, friggin’ assets again.”


This is how the bungalow meeting scene ends. Claire strides away like a strong, confident 70’s woman.



Zach appears to be driving a ‘For Official Use Only’ van here. I don’t know, maybe he has to step up and be the Lex of the film? I swear, if he cracks one joke about finally getting his driver’s license…


Here’s how they either get to or get away from the “get the kids somewhere safe” scene. Tsk tsk, Owen, you have a kick*** motorcycle for that kind of thing.


An ACU gets yanked into the Mobile Veterinary Unit. Oh boy, there’s gonna be a mauling, I can feel it in my bones! This is probably the raptor attack scene from the global trailer, judging by the angle and presence of the raptor paddock in the background.


Claire drives either a normal company vehicle or, more likely, the MVU from the Aquatic Park. Wow, I thought that was just worldbuilding for the website, I didn’t think they’d actually show it in the movie! I wonder if we’ll get at least a cursory shot of what the area looks like, because it would be amazing to see a Jurassic Park-themed water park (not to mention the potential tie-ins for the Universal-owned Wet ‘N Wild park in Orlando). I also wonder what Claire is doing there in the first place; it may be too much to hope for, but a dinosaur attack in a dark water park would make for some truly amazing visuals. And I love how even the water park has torch-lit Jurassic Park gates. Gotta keep instilling that wonder and keeping that brand up somehow, right?


Yeah, we’re getting a metric ton of product placement in this movie. The video shows at least 6 official-looking shots of the logo on different vehicles’ grills. Oh well; every movie needs sponsor money at some point (and I have a feeling this will be cleverly acknowledged and lampshaded with Lowery’s “Pepsisaurus” lines) and as long as Owen isn’t standing there like, “I think I’ll go out in my TRUSTY, GERMAN-ENGINEERED MERCEDES VEHICLE to hunt that I. rex”, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Heck, even Lost World had a few shots where the entire screen was full of the Krackel logo.


This is the scene before the MVU raptor attack; Lego sets and context tell me that they’re escaping the I. rex and murderous raptors. Maybe Claire picks the kids up at the Aquatic Park, there’s a bunch of shenanigans between that time and this scene and that’s why the kids are still hiding in the back of the car? Besides that, look at Claire and Owen. Running for their lives like a couple of li’l lovebirds. Awwwww.

Finally, here are a couple of videos of Chris Pratt on set, generally being adorable and doing stunts. A few times you can see Bryce Dallas Howard in the background, giggling and having the time of her life. They don’t show too much new footage or reveal anything important so I won’t pick them apart, but they are pretty funny and endearing.


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