New TV Spots, Clip and More of My Art

Yet another TV spot has dropped upon us, and this one is raptor-centric!


Owen introduces the raptors by their names to the kids while everyone is still unscathed and calm. He says that Blue is the beta, and when Gray asks who’s the alpha, Owen says, “You’re looking at him, kid” with this look on his face. You know, this really makes me uncomfortable. First he sleazily hit on Claire and now he’s referring to himself as an ‘alpha’– guys, I think Owen might be a closet pickup artist.


The new tagline “Our park, their world” flashes on the screen as Owen does this (apparently Reddit Guy was right about this shot happening, and we’ve been waiting for that confirmation for quite a while). That looks like a downright draconian headpiece, and he’s getting a bit too close to the mouth area. Any other human would get a thorough and complete chomping for doing either of those things, let alone both. Better watch your back, Owen– that Star Lord charisma can only get you so far.


Indominus chases the boys out of the forest. I’m beginning to think the Gyrosphere attack scene happens, they abandon ship (a bit late if you ask me), I. rex chases them and that ends with them jumping down the waterfall. If Gray doesn’t get thoroughly Tim the Human Piece of Toast-ed after all of that happens, then wow, he might be more than an annoying twerp after all.

Another purely beautiful and scary TV spot came out. This makes #15:

You can guess from the start why I love this so much. That’s right, it’s got a precious tiny raptor baby! And she’s hatching!



(Edit: this is the I. rex. I have realized my mistake.) Aww, she’s just hatched and already she’s learned to tap her claws ominously like a true villain– they grow up so fast! I don’t know which one this is, but if this is in the actual movie, then it might confirm my greatest dream and hope for the future. We could get a full scene of Owen raising the Raptor Squad from hatchlings and taking care of his babies from birth. We could get an entire scene of cuddly raptor babies thinking Owen is their mother. If this is a thing that actually happens– I’d pretty much given up on it until now– then the movie is perfect already in my eyes. I will have no complaints whatsoever. Give me my baby raptor scene and I will huddle up with it in the corner and never say a word against the movie. I mean, there’s a whole plot and 14 years of waiting and memorable characters and everything, but look at her widdle baby claws!

On a related note, here’s the newest promotional art from Lego Jurassic World:

“Hee hee! In the source material, this is the last time any of us smile!”

That’s all the new footage from there; we also got a short clip of Masrani seeing I. rex for the first time.


The first thing he says is, “You didn’t tell me she was white.” Oh my gosh, Simon, you can’t just ask people why they’re white.


Claire says her, “Think it’ll scare the kids?” line and he responds with, “It’ll give the parents nightmares.” And he thinks this is a “fantastic” thing. For shame, Masrani, here I thought your inner good guy was shining through. I guess the self-awareness comes later, and if not, there’s a special spot in a dinosaur’s jaws reserved just for him. I love the way this scene looks. It’s very quiet and suspenseful in a way that a meeting between two ominous scientists should be, the pacing is just right and I can hear some notes of the Giaccino score in the background that I duly approve of. Two thumbs up.

The last video is Chris Pratt goofing off in the visitors’ center set, doing that weird dance again and singing the theme song. The cast, apparently, had gone stir-crazy by this point. I can’t say I blame them.

Well, I felt like doing some art today, so I did. In no way, shape or form am I good at drawing, but I felt like doodling so I drew a cartoon about the prehistoric animal that’s easiest to draw (and one of the coolest pre-dinosaurs if you ask me). The scan didn’t come out perfectly, but here’s my magnum opus, Things Dimetrodon Hates:

Dimetrodon 1

Dimetrodon 2

And finally, I did it again. I abused some coloring sheets, this time off the Lego site:

Lego 1

Lego 2

Lego 3

Oh, and look at the little cutie that hatched in my backyard this week!


He’s so tiny– he’s starting to grow his first coat of feathers and started vocalizing just the other day. It’s like there’s a little baby dromaeosaur right on my fence. I’ve named him Buckbeak.


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      1. Nothing is sturdier than the brand new Mercedes Benz.

        Nothing is sturdier than the brand new Mercedes Benz.

        Nothing is sturdier than the brand new Mercedes Benz.

        *help me*


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