Random News: Just Let Me Die at Universal Edition

OK, first of all, a couple of new tracks from the Giaccino (am I spelling his name right? I always feel like I’m spelling it wrong) score were released last night and you need to listen to them right now.

The first is As the Jurassic World Turns, the second one doesn’t have a name and they’re both gorgeous. As the Jurassic World Turns has my full seal of approval. It’s exactly what a Jurassic Park soundtrack should sound like– soaring and full of wonder with little undertones that make it seem just a bit dark. I hope this is the main theme, because it’s evoking just the right feeling with me. It’s the sound you’d hear when you walked through the park gates onto Main Street and saw apatosaur heads in the distance. The other one is nice too, very creepy indeed. It’s giving me sort of a Restricted Zone vibe.

TV spot #19 has hit the air! By the way, has anyone actually seen these during commercial breaks on actual TV? Which ones have you seen? I don’t have cable (living that Roku life) so I haven’t had the opportunity to see one and hit the roof.

There’s really only one new shot, and it’s of I. rex’s eye-rex:


She looks a bit green– looks like she can camouflage after all! Good for you, I. rex! Unless she’s actually feeling green, in which case she should probably visit the I. rex hospital along with all the I. rex toys who have gaping Dino Damage wounds that take great effort to close. My Natasha’s flies open with a single touch.

Thanks to Sickle_Claw of JPLegacy, who didn’t loose this Hero Mashers commercial upon the world but who I do blame for bringing it to light:


I. rex knocks T. rex apart with a drumstick because all forms of good on the Earth are dead.


Mosa-Spino takes the drumstick instead. Light has vanished. All that is left is dark and cold.


There is no such thing as beauty anymore and laughter is nothing but a distant memory. A voice hauntingly chants, “You take your old head off, you put your new head on,” as civilization marches into its grave and all love vanishes into the air, trailing away like wisps of smoke.

Hey, I don’t have Stegoceratops to knock on anymore, so all my foreboding and rage has to go somewhere. Speaking of which, Lord Kristine kills me once again:


And now about Universal. Look what they put up in the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure. Just look:

That, friends, is an actual raptor pen where you can get the closest you ever will to meeting an InGen dinosaur in person. It’s an independent (somehow it walks around on its own without a track; there was a dinosaur animatronic called Lucky once that could do that, but I thought that technology wasn’t that widespread) animatronic raptor that does the weird raptor chirps, restlessly moves around, shakes its tail and a bunch of other cool stuff.


Is that awesome or what? If you’re in or near Orlando right now, please take the opportunity and haul butt to that park. I personally would pay the entire admission fee just to sit there all day and watch the raptor. You may also want to pay a visit to this little guy:


When I went to IOA as a kid I used to love spending time with this little trike animatronic. Its trainer carries it around and it moves, grunts and wiggles on its own (and likes to be scratched under its chin). Come to think of it, this may have been something that contributed to my baby dinosaur obsession today. Anyway, please go check it out if you have the chance, and tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you.

Finally and also Universal-related, I dug something interesting out of my computer files today. If you’ve never been to the park, there’s a Visitors’ Center replica called the Discovery Center, where you can watch a “baby raptor” hatch and play trivia games and stuff. There’s also a bunch of machines there that let you see what you’d be like as a dinosaur. It “takes a DNA sample” by taking your fingerprint, takes your photo and asks a bunch of questions about what kind of dino you think you’d be. I said I’d be a solitary herbivore with armor as defense (this was a few years ago and I was a young child in the early stages of my velociraptor awakening). I therefore present to you Raptor Dash in her dinosaur form:





13 thoughts on “Random News: Just Let Me Die at Universal Edition

      1. Let it be known to everyone here that I did, in fact, get Raptor Dash to tolerate Hero Mashers. The Lord Kristine has struck again!


  1. That soundtrack. Oh man that soundtrack. At the end of “As the Jurassic World Turns” when we get the end of the original JP theme, I got chills. I wasn’t sure if they were going to keep the original theme in, but I’m glad they did.


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