Raptor Squad Clip, Among Other Things

Another clip from the movie has dropped! We’ve seen a lot of it already, but at least it’s put together this time. It’s the pig scene with the Raptor Squad, and the name ‘Raptor Squad’ is now canon! Our voices have been heard!


Behold the doomed.


This guy– for all intents and purposes let’s just call him Food– was trying to snag the pig, but instead he just gets yanked to the ground. *slow clap*


Owen debates whether to dive in for a minute, and Barry and Vic Hoskins watch from outside. Hoskins is probably sticking his nose in Owen and Barry’s business again, and Barry is just sort of hanging out, being no-nonsense.


Owen Indiana Joneses under the gate and two ACUs immediately show up on the catwalk, wielding guns; Owen yells at them to hold their fire because if they shoot at the raptors, the raptors will never trust him again. That is if, you know, they’re not freaking dead from being shot at. 


Barry (who’s wearing a pink button-down and khakis; is he Disneybounding Ellie Sattler? Wow, ol’ Barry’s cooler than I thought) yanks Food out of the pen while Owen stops the raptors with his “stand down” pose that we’ve seen in the trailers. Throughout all of this, Hoskins remains 100% useless, opting to stare at them with the requisite amount of fear. He wants to retrain these raptors to obey him, but he won’t even try to enter a barred-off gate area that’s slightly closer to them but still safe. Yeah, that plan’s gonna work out fantastically.


He tells Blue to stand down, and when she snaps– but doesn’t make a move on him– Owen makes his adorable little stern face and says, “Hey, what did I just say?” Um, Owen, I have some bad news for you. I know this must be tough to hear, but, well… raptors can’t understand complex English sentences. I understand if this takes a while to process.


He says, “Back up!” and they understand that, at least. And that’s the end of the clip. It was short but tension-filled, and if I hadn’t seen Owen being the Raptor Whisperer 83 times before this I’d genuinely be in the edge of my seat watching it. And the musical score reminds me very much of the first film– it’s very effective. (I saw Tomorrowland today, which Giaccino scored as well, and if his work there is an indicator of his usual performance I don’t think we’ll be disappointed with what he did on this one.)

We’ve got a new TV spot, featuring Claire!


We get a quick panorama of the island. I can see why Masrani owns a private helicopter now– you know, other than being filthy stinking rich.


Those of you with multiple dogs probably recognize this look. The “food is being offered so now we’ll fall into line like a bunch of soldiers, see how good we’re being?” gaze.


The whole clip is a voice-over of Claire getting her daily rundown in the control room. She makes a point of saying that there were more than 22 thousand visitors that day. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– what do they need to make new hybrids to boost attendance for? 22,000 people isn’t enough for them?


Oh yeah, gimme that lunge! They’re still using the T. rex roar for Indominus. You know, we’ve already played with our Bad Boy toys and those roar, and it isn’t really a big secret what I. rex’s roar sounds like, so I’m beginning to think these scientists take notes from the Jurassic Park Lego game when it comes to their genetics strategies.


Owen talks to the ACUs about how raptors are pack hunters– the significance of the Squad must be explained, for it is sacred– and that’s it for new footage.

A short featurette on the making of the movie was released the other day. People are making a big kerfuffle about it but we’ve seen about 95% of it before, even Spielberg’s commentary. Anyway, here it is:

The only new footage we see in it is a little bit of Owen training his girls from the walkway:



You may notice that Charlie keeps hitting Echo in the face with her tail. I find this so, so hilarious.

In case you’re interested, Dairy Queen has a commercial for their Jurassic World Blizzard and it features the Main Street attack:

RaptorBait10162 on JPLegacy discovered some new Lego JW screenshots!


This looks like the Jeep shed that we see Claire and Owen gettin’ shippy in in the TV spots, so awww, does that mean no wild T. rex? I mean, I’ll take any old Jurassic Park ruin scenes I can get and the scene will still be cool if it’s I. rex attacking them, but I was kinda looking forward to seeing Rexy tearing up her old kingdom. Oh well.

image (1)

Owen, you’re not fooling anyone with that stern face of yours. It won’t stop people from calling you Andy Dwyer.

image (2)

What did Ankylosaurus do to deserve being mutated in this way? WHAT DID IT DO?!

image (3)
“Yeah? YEAH? Come over here and say that to my #^%*in’ FACE, Charlie!”

Actually, that isn’t entirely a joke. I can’t help but wonder if there’s at least a little infighting that goes on with the Raptor Squad– they’ve gotta get those killer instincts out somehow, right?

Some new movie stills were recently released as well. A lot of them feature Claire and Owen, both of whom would like to cordially offer you a ticket to board the Ship Train. Much like the Polar Express, it’ll come by your house late at night on June 11. It will take you to Universal Studios, where one lucky child will be chosen to stand beside Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt and shout at them until they kiss. The Ship Train will only come for you if you truly believe.

“Oh Owen, you’re so *gasp* strong!” “I was born to ride, baby.”


download (1)


Honestly, I think I’d want to punch Hoskins even if I didn’t know about his character.

download (1)

Don’t mess around with Barry. His pink safari shirt is very serious.


“Yeah, uh, Karen? I think I might need you to pick me up. Yeah. Him.


Ooh, old visitors’ center! Visitors’ center! I know that mural!!! Awesome, I can’t wait to see them just look around for a little bit! I was wondering if the only scenes taking part there would be fast-paced action scenes, but apparently not! Hooray! You can see the rest of them here: http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/over-30-new-jurassic-world-photos-plus-2-new-clips-lots-of-new-tv-spots-20150525?page=1

If you’re feeling thirsty, here’s someone’s tears that I’ve enjoyed drinking and that I’d be glad to share: http://legalinsurrection.com/2015/05/feminists-freak-out-over-jurassic-world/

That’s all for today, folks! I won’t be on here for a couple of days– I’m going to MoMoCon in Atlanta! If you see me there, hit me up; I’ll be wearing either a Malcolm, Ellie or Vinyl Scratch cosplay.


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