Lots O’ New Footage

We’ve got a bunch of clips and new footage to check out! First is a thingy featuring the Samsung Innovation Center, provided by Best Buy. It’s worth mentioning that if you go to a Best Buy and ask a salesperson about whatever new Samsung TV they’re showing this on, they’ll give you a bunch of free stuff like a park brochure and trading cards. So go jump on it– older people are laughing their way to the bank because we all bought their JP Topps cards off of Ebay, so in a couple decades let’s do the same to the next generation. Here’s the video:


Here’s Zara chillin’ out with her sign and generally not giving a single **** about what’s going on. And wearing Helena Bonham Carter shades, no less. I bet she’s hungover from too many Bloody Ellies.

The clips follow the boys and the reluctant Zara (I like her just from this clip; it’s too bad she has to violently die, but such is the will of the Mighty Mosasaur and ours is not to reason why) as they go through the Visitors’ Innovation Center. There isn’t anything terribly worthy of note– mostly just the movie showing off its CGI chops by all the awesome displays and toys the place has– but it’s visually appealing if nothing else. And Gray is pretty cute in it.


I found it worth noting that this is exactly what the elevator from the parking lot to the security checkpoint at Universal Orlando looks like, as well as the elevator between the upper and lower park sections at Universal Hollywood. They think they’re being subtle, but I see what they’re up to.


Zara trails along behind the boys on her phone and narrowly avoids losing them. On one hand, I want to say, “Zara get off your phone, those are human children under your care” but on the other, she just doesn’t care. She’s just too chill to be bothered. Oh well, at least Zara’s negligence and carelessness won’t be what gets the boys in danger, ZACH.


Cool, maybe in 50 years they’ll let natural history museums borrow these kinds of displays for a little bit. Also, what the heck is the pink-and-white thing on the screen behind them? The Indominus Rex Spinal Distortion Experience?


“Hey Vic, check out this Samsung Galaxy tablet I bought for the low price of $49.99 at the Samsung Innovation center on Isla Nublar! Hey Vic Hoskins, dinosaur trainer, wouldn’t you say this tablet is dinoriffic? Give me your Skype name so I can contact you on my Samsung device, Vic!”

That’s it for that one, except for a couple of little snapshots. Next we have another short clip featuring Owen and Claire!

This isn’t too astounding; it’s a clip of the two of them walking up to the I. rex pen, and most of the quotes– Claire’s about corporate, Owen’s about dinosaurs being wow enough– we’ve heard numerous times already. It seems to take place after the bungalow scene, after a short car ride. Hey, look at that! Look what Owen did! I even made a special ribbon just for him.




If I had to choose one favorite thing about this movie besides the dinosaurs, it would be the faces Claire makes when she’s annoyed. Look at her. They’re priceless.


She says they needed a name like Indominus because it was scary and easy to pronounce; “you should hear a four-year-old try to pronounce Archaeornithomimus.” This is a crucial stage in Claire’s character development because it’s where we find out that she clearly dislikes children, and has in fact probably never been around a four-year-old at all. Have you ever been in the same room as a dinosaur-obsessed preschooler for more than ten minutes? They’re like little dictionaries when it comes to dinosaur names. My dad works at a primary school and mentioned that I like Tylosaurus to one of his classes once, and a first-grader immediately pointed out that tylosaurs were a kind of mosasaur. Never underestimate the power and determination of a four-year-old. Anyway, Owen says, “You should see you try to pronounce it.” (She pronounced it flawlessly.) Owen, you watch yourself or you won’t get another ribbon, young man.

Next is another featurette, called “A New Vision”.

It’s mostly about Spielberg talking about how Trevorrow was a great choice to direct the movie, and anything Steven says I will agree with (even though Trevorrow won’t direct JP5, so maybe he isn’t totally invested in the franchise). We see him directing in places like this:


Hooray! Old maintenance shed! It looks like the boys will be pretty thorough in their search through the ruins. Speaking of which, look at the official page put up the other day:


This might be a bit of a shoehorned thing, but I really don’t care. ♫♫ T. rex paddock, we’re going back to the old T. rex paddock, with the ol’ wrecked Jeeps, oh yeah ♫♫

Bryce Dallas Howard and a few others gush over Trevorrow, and then we see a behind-the-scenes look at the apatosaur animatronic (thanks to Jurassic Daily for pretty much every GIF here except these two, which were made by Indominous Rex):



Wow. It could just be me, but that looks 100% real to me. We are way out of the first-movie brachiosaur level here. This is some wizardry. Look at how it blinks and how the neck skin moves. You can even see its nostrils move as it breathes. I’m really, really impressed.

And now I’m gonna ruin it for you. Look at the apatosaur’s face in the first GIF.



That’s it for that video (unless you want to hear a bunch of different people verbally kiss Trevorrow’s ring), but there’s a couple more animatronic shots from this video. It’s in Korean, but apparently it doesn’t say anything we don’t know.

There are some awesome shots of the movie’s animatronics.





Again, wow. That is some seriously beautiful artistry right there. They all look gorgeously detailed– I love the I. rex’s pebbly skin– and they seem to move well too. Just look at that apatosaur’s mouth moving. It’s just like a whinnying horse. CGI is a great tool, don’t get me wrong, but I would be thrilled to see more of these kinds of animatronics in the movie.

We’ve gotten a few more TV spots (and they’re getting shorter and shorter) but #23 had an interesting second of new footage.


The group is reunited and Claire is filthy, so I’m thinking this takes place somewhere around the Visitors’ Center scene or the Mobile Veterinary Unit scene. I’m just wondering what Blue is doing here. No one looks like they’re particularly terrified and Owen looks mostly collected, so it’s possible they aren’t in too much danger, but since Owen’s in his “stand down” position and Blue is facing the group before she turns around, she could still be rogue and attacking them. It would make sense, assuming Blue was trying to kill them, for Owen to stave her off and Claire to protect the boys. But I want to believe that Blue has decided to stay loyal and protect them and that she’s looking to Owen for orders– even though she of all raptors is probably the one most likely to go and stay rogue (hey, if you were fed last for your whole life you’d be bitter too). Either way, I assume she’s turning around to look at one of the ‘rexes and I seriously hope she doesn’t die. Stay powerful, New Big One.

The last video is a behind-the-scenes B-roll (the sound cuts out in the beginning, don’t turn your speakers up):

We’ve seen some of it before and not a lot of it is notable, but some of it is pretty cool. We get to see a bit of Lowery:



I still like his character and I’ll probably be obnoxiously fangirling over and cosplaying him once the movie’s out, but I still think it’s a bit of a jerk move to wear that T-shirt.


We see a couple of scenes where Masrani gets up in Wu’s business. Here we can clearly hear Wu saying, “I never imagined…” Oh my, is Henry Wu about to get converted to the good side? Is he seeing the error of his ways? I want the answer to be “yes”, but that’s mostly because I want to see him fight dinosaurs with a machine gun. But sure, I’ll sit through a philosophical argument first. No rush guys, talk it out.


♫ Can you hear the people cry, cry over Owen and Claire’s ship? It is the tears of teenage girls who only want those two to kiss ♫

And possibly the best part of the entire thing:



The amazing part is that this is right outside the T. rex kingdom. The Lego trailer bit has been confirmed– T. rex smashes right through the Spino skeleton on her way out. I feel like screeching at a decibel level barely audible to human ears. Rexy is queen again!


Not related to videos, another Giaccino piece was released called “Nine to Survival Job”. http://jurassicdaily.tumblr.com/post/120493498312/nine-to-surival-job-jurassic-world-ost It’s beautiful but sad, and it features just a tiny strain of the original theme music at the end. It’s becoming a cliche at this point, but we’re gonna cry, folks.

I saw some pretty cool stuff at Target the other day:





I bought one of the official plushies there, so now I have a small but growing mosasaur collection!

Poseidon on the left and Kraken on the right.


Finally, I went to Dairy Queen tonight and got a Jurassic Smash Blizzard! Their promotion is in full swing, so I got my ice cream in one of the official cups and decided to share it to social media before I ate it like some kind of teenage white girl:


For the record, the Blizzard flavor is really, really good. It’s two kinds of cookie dough and it’s truly awesome. Plus the lady at the counter gave me an extra Gyrosphere cup when she saw my raptor. So don’t be afraid to show off your fandom! It just might get you a free paper cup with a dinosaur on it someday.


7 thoughts on “Lots O’ New Footage

  1. Love that Apatosaur animatronic. Glad to see both styles of special effects being implemented as best they can.

    I have a feeling if I ever cosplay as a JP character, it might be Lowery. Heck, all I would need is a Jurassic Park T shirt and some dorky glasses. Heck, I might just make that gif of him winking my profile pic.


  2. I can’t tell you how much I love this post. Why do you have to make me lol so much. My mom asked me why I choked on my cornpops, and I had to say “Les Shipérables”.


  3. “You should see you try to pronounce it.”
    I both laughed and admitted that comeback was terrible. What’s next in Owen’s sass arsenal? “No, you”? “Your mom”?

    After seeing that animatronic and the new “photo folder” on JW’s website, I officially take back everything I said about the Jurassic World Pteranodons being ugly.

    The Mosasaurus plushie is so adorable!


    1. Owen shouldn’t even try. He can never, ever surpass the glory of the glowing sass being that is Claire Dearing.

      I think they look awesome, too. It’s great that they cleaned up the CGI and made them look less like zombies. Now if only they’d flesh out those wings just a teeny bit…

      Thanks! I don’t know when the other Mosasaur toy will be available, but when I get one there will be a photo saga. One of my Mosas will have an epic rivalry with the new one and the other will be relentlessly shipped with it.

      Liked by 1 person

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