New Jurassic World Clips & The Meme Lives

Two new clips from Jurassic World were released over the past two days, and according to Jurassic Park Legacy we’ll get a special 2-minute one tomorrow night on NBC!

EDIT: Ugh, what a ripoff. There was no clip, it was just a bunch of footage we’ve seen before.

The only new thing I could discern was a half-second shot of two raptors chasing the Mobile Veterinary Unit, which is pretty cool:


But oh well. We’ll all see the whole movie in 5 or 6 days depending on where we live, so there’s no point in crying over spilled clip.

For some reason I can’t find the first clip, #7, on Youtube at all. Not a single second of it. It was removed by the original poster for some reason and now all that remains are a couple of pasty guys reviewing the clip but not showing it. Anyway, the clip was another one where we’ve seen most of the footage already. It was Owen and Barry releasing the Raptor Squad from their cages by waving meat in front of them and then opening the doors for them to run out. The only important things I could discern from it were that the team’s strategy seems to be just letting the raptors out and letting them run ahead and track the scent like bloodhounds, and that all of the raptors were in fact wearing those black electronic headpieces.

I hate those things.

The headpieces are more than likely for tracking purposes so they don’t just run off and do their raptor thing in the jungle, but if Vic uses them to take advantage of the dinosaurs I will be very, very pissed.

Here’s the second clip, #8, featuring the boys in the restricted zone:


Gray looks understandably upset and Zach looks like the consequences of his actions might just be coming back to him for once in his life. Gray sulks, “We shouldn’t be here, and there’s five dinosaurs.” Not quite sure why the dinosaur count would be the biggest issue facing them at this point, but okay. Zach says, “Aren’t you supposed to be a genius or something?” This is a Jurassic Park movie, Zach, at least one of the required children has to be a genius at something. Get with the program. Then he points out 4 ankylosaurs.

“You came to the wrong %*&$in’ neighborhood, kid.”

And then Gray looks at the reflection in the gyrosphere and says, “Five.”

When you see it…

The camera very slowly pans up and then we see the I. rex standing right behind them. She roars– and it’s actually her roar this time and not T. rex’s! Hooray– and the clip is over.


I like this clip a lot and I sincerely hope that it resembles the rest of the movie in terms of suspense. The cinematography is very cool– especially when we see I. rex covered in sunlight– and it’s great with its suspense. The pacing is just right and very little music is used, and even then it’s only a chord or two. This scene could have been played up in a ‘spookier’, more obviously suspenseful way, but it wasn’t. It was suspenseful in a quiet, distinctly Jurassic Park way, and it reminded me of the leadup to the trailer attack in Lost World. Kudos all around! Now let’s just hope the rest of the movie is this good.

Some new footage also came from TV spot #24:


I. rex bites down on the ‘sphere just a few seconds after the boys get out. I’d call it implausible that she would take that long to attack, but she may have been momentarily distracted by the ankylosaurs and she doesn’t have a lot of context to figure out that there are humans in the big rolly balls, anyway. It seems like her primary motivation in this scene is to establish as much of the Restricted Zone as her territory as she can– a dinosaur’s roar probably had a few meanings, the primary one being the communication of “GET OFF MY LAWN”– and she’d probably see other dinosaurs as a threat before she’d notice a big piece of glass.


Some pterodactyls give this helicopter the business before it crashes into the aviary. I wonder if their goal was to get it there in the first place or if it was just incidental that the copter ended up there? Or I’m reading into it too much, and the pterodactyls just wanted to head home and their lunch followed.

On top of that, there’s a new GLE Coupe commercial if you’re into that sort of thing:

I hadn’t noticed it earlier, but in the scene where Owen investigates the Gyrosphere, you can really clearly see the Mercedes logo on the car behind him. Oh well, better that than including product placement in the dialogue.

You may not know this, but I have a terrible habit of laughing at old memes. I still think “I crave that mineral” is funny and I still follow Tumblrs that revolve around neckbeard jokes. So I still think the “70s sexist” meme is funny. And now I’m glad to say that it’s been brought back from the grave.

A masterpiece that speaks with the voice of this generation.

Trevorrow responded to Joss Whedon’s tweet a couple months late by saying, “I wasn’t bothered by what he said about the movie and, to be honest, I don’t totally disagree with him. I wonder why [Universal] chose a clip like that, that shows an isolated situation within a movie that has an internal logic. That starts with characters that are almost archetypes, stereotypes that are deconstructed as the story progresses.” There we go. That’s basically what everyone except the clip truthers have been saying since the clip debuted– it’s an isolated clip that doesn’t represent the rest of the movie. I’m also very happy that he’s breaking down walls and doing something different with the ‘types’ of characters that Owen and Claire are– showing that they’re actually people who may appear to be stereotypes but who aren’t all surface. And then he said something even better.

“The real protagonist of the movie is Claire and we embrace her femininity in the story’s progression. There’s no need for a female character that does things like a male character, that’s not what makes interesting female characters in my view.” Yes, yes, yes! I’m so thrilled about this and I couldn’t agree more. Not only does she completely bust the smarmy-scientist archetype and go through an Ellen Ripley character transformation, she can still act however she wants while she does it because being feminine doesn’t make someone any less capable. I know you guys aren’t here to listen to my feminist joy, but please know that I’m still squeeing on the inside.

Now here’s something interesting regarding JW’s sequel. JPL member Oviraptor found this in an article in the Radio Times recently (emphasis mine):
“I really like the idea that this group of geneticists aren’t the only people who can make a dinosaur. You know, when you think of the differences between Apple and PC – the minute something goes open-source, there are all kinds of entities and interests that may be able to utilise that technology. It would be like the way we have relationships with animals on this planet right now – there are animals that are kept in zoos, like Jurassic Park, but they are also used in agriculture, and medicine and in war. We are the Alpha now, and we dominate all of the other animals. But when you throw in animals that were the Alpha on this planet for far longer than we’ve ever existed in with us… I don’t really know who’s in charge there.”

Sounds pretty terrifying – and Trevorrow deliberately leaves the door open for these possibilities in Jurassic World with one key scene (which we won’t discuss in too much detail to avoid spoilers) involving dinosaur embryos being smuggled off the island, and which Trevorrow described as an attempt to “leave possibilities open that were relatively endless.”

Well, isn’t that interesting. Not only is it possible that there will be a “tech race” between different companies’ dinosaurs in the sequel, but there seems to be a scene in Jurassic World that involves somebody getting embryos off of Nublar. I would think Hoskins of all people would probably do this. I’m not gonna speculate or pry too much about this– we still haven’t seen the fourth movie yet!– but if this turns out to be a reality, I’m 100% in support of it. I’ve wanted to see dinosaurs being integrated into the mainland and becoming widespread yet under human control would be like for a really long time, and to see that explored in an actual movie would be phenomenal. And I don’t care if it’s a shot for shot remake of the first movie, I want Hoskins to get eaten by a dilophosaur. Read the article here.

That’s all there is for official news. I found a neat little quiz on BuzzFeed that lets you find out if you’re more like Dr. Grant or Dr. Malcolm. (Warning: it’s kinda unnecessarily sexual, which fits in with the spirit of Malcolm now that I think about it.) I think you guys can guess what my result was. As an added bonus, someone said, “Seriously! As I was answering, I’m like oh sweet, I’m totally getting Dr Grant. But NO, I got the Chaos SLUT!” in the comments section, which made me laugh for ten straight minutes. Actually, I’m pretty much still dying.

Matching icons–
–for you and your friend!

I went to one of my local malls today and was a complete dork at the movie theater:


I also picked up this little beauty at the comic book store:


Yes, that’s a polar bear on the cover. This woman chases down pterodactyls and one lands in a dusty zoo (hmmm) and fights a polar bear. The bear wins. It’s weird.

Drop what you’re doing and follow and/or go read Lord Kristine’s new blog called Lord Kristine Does Some Things. It opened with a hilarious mocking of a terrible JP fanfiction and it’ll only get better from there. Also, the blog was kinda my suggestion. She might be able to make me like toys, but I can make her start blogs. Score’s even, Kristine.

Happy Jurassic June, by the way! Make sure to do any JP-related creative stuff you can or at least just post some selfies of you in your Park shirt! Only one more week to go. We can do this!


7 thoughts on “New Jurassic World Clips & The Meme Lives

      1. For the same reason I hate the metal muzzles. They’re legendary predators and I don’t wanna see them get held down by the establishment, maaaaan.


  1. I’m still confused about the helicopter thing. Did the Pteranodons get out BEFORE it crashed? If most of them did, why did the rest decide to fly out after the I. rex went after them? Unless it’s only cut that way for the trailer, which it probably is.
    Those pictures of Malcolm were perfect XD


    1. Thanks! And I legitimately have no idea what’s going on with the Pterodactyls. I can understand why you’d want to figure out what’s going on, but the movie’s coming out in a week and I’ve pretty much retired from heavy-duty speculation unless massive stuff drops. It’s been real.

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