I. Rex Clip & Viral Marketing Done Right

Honestly, I expected to have a ton of work on my hands at this point. With 4 days until the movie comes out (at least where I live, but my local theater likes to do a few things under the table) I thought we’d be inundated with news, new footage, etc. But less than a week until the movie comes out, here we are with barely anything. There are still a couple of things to cover, though.

First is another 30-second clip featuring the I. rex chasing Zach and Gray over the waterfall:


Dramatic music abounds as they run for it out of the forest, with the I. rex close behind them. Indominus rex really does have a terrifying design and it’s very menacing and dangerous just like Claire intended, and it’s also perfect for movie villainy purposes. It’s fast and dangerous enough to catch and eat minor characters like Lee and the worker in the breakout scene, but at the same time just slow enough that it can’t outrun any major protagonists. Truly a work of genius.


The CGI is also quite good. It isn’t as exquisitely detailed and thoroughly convincing as the animatronics, but it isn’t from a SyFy movie either. I think what throws me off is that I. rex is so bright white– wouldn’t stalking prey quietly out in the jungle be a perfect time for her to camouflage, anyway?– and it just doesn’t look too natural for a dinosaur to be that color. But doing the best I can to set that aside, I like the way I. rex looks here.


Predictably, they come to a waterfall. I know he hasn’t had an opportunity to take it off since the whole attack thing started, but you’d think Zach would have done something about that hoodie by now. Considering that they’re, you know, on a tropical island in the middle of summer. Price of fashion, I guess.


Zach says they’ll have to jump, but Gray insists that he can’t. To clarify: he doesn’t want to jump, fall about the length of your average waterslide past no rocks whatsoever and land in a pool of deep, clear water. When it’s the only alternative to a giant monster dinosaur eating him.


Zach does the smartest thing we’ve seen him do so far by grabbing Gray’s hand and jumping just before I. rex gets her lunch. This is after 10 long seconds of just standing there, but all’s well that ends well, right? That’s the end of the clip. I like it for what it is and it’ll be cool to watch on the big screen, but I am slightly disappointed about it. I. rex chasing them over the edge sort of showed that this wouldn’t happen, but I didn’t really consider it until now. I was kind of hoping to see a scene out of the first novel with I. rex attacking the kids as they hide behind the waterfall; the dark waterfall shot from the first trailer was what implied that, I think. If it isn’t happening, okay, there’s no point in shoehorning it in; if there’s a different waterfall attack scene later or I. rex makes it to the lake, even better. It just would have been nice to see.

Possibly the best viral marketing stunt ever came out this week:


This care appeared in the Waterloo Station in London recently. Growls, shrieks and velociraptor sounds come out of it, and it’s generally very cool. I don’t think anything worth looking at is actually inside it, but that doesn’t stop everybody from sticking their face in the little windows, no siree.


If anyone lives in London and would like to make a pilgrimage to the holy site, pictures would be greatly appreciated. I seriously want to know what there is to see in that crate.

Thanks to Jurassiraptor on Tumblr for sharing this. On June 20, head to a Toys ‘R Us and make a Jurassic Park gate from Legos for free!


And this isn’t official news, but I can’t resist sharing baby dinosaur pictures. Lord Kristine has slaughtered me once again.

Her widdle face while she holds her cow!

Lastly, I’ve been thinking about how I’ll go about reviewing the movie and I’ve pretty much decided that on June 12, I’ll do a review with my immediate reaction. What I thought of certain plot points, how the story progressed, my all-encompassing rage if Rexy dies and an “oh that’s sad, but good riddance” if I. rex loses the fight, etc. I’ll dig deeper over the next few weeks– it’s not like there’ll be too much new JW news after the movie’s out, so I might as well take my time. But that’s the plan for the moment, and rest assured that this blog will still continue after the movie’s over– it’ll just be more focused on fan work (Fanfics You Should Be Reading, fan art expos) and my creative endeavors, as well as merchandise news and Jurassic Park 5 rumors. If you have any different ideas about how I should handle my movie review (which, to be completely honest, might consist mostly of “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH” for the first few days) don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “I. Rex Clip & Viral Marketing Done Right

  1. Man, I’m going through the same thing. I know I’m reviewing the movie after I see it, but just how I’m going to do that is still a bit of a mystery. I think I’ll do a first impressions post first and then a bit later will do a more detailed overview once I have time to think about the movie.


  2. I remember seeing that Raptor Box, and I agree, they shouldn’t be sticking their faces there unless they want to go blind XD
    I’m thinking I’ll review JW the same way (though I’m not gonna see it the day it comes out. I’ll attempt to avoid major spoilers up until that point).


    1. Wait, did you see it in person?! Pictures pictures pictures!!!

      And the only possible way to avoid JW spoilers might be to literally hide under a rock but you fight that fight. I got you, brother.


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