Jurassic World Comes Out Tomorrow

Jurassic World comes out tomorrow. There are a couple of things that I’ll cover tonight, but this is the final night and Jurassic World comes out tomorrow.

It’s not like new footage is a major deal at this point, but I couldn’t resist with this. It aired on the Today show in an interview with Chris Pratt yesterday morning, and it shows Owen feeding his girls like he’s throwing treats to four little puppies:



Are you getting sick of the Raptor Squad being compared to dogs? Because I definitely am not. It looks for all the world like Owen is telling Blue to speak before he throws her her mouse, and she’s speaking and looking up expectantly like, “Food now? Food now?” I’ll probably be sitting in the theater tomorrow night watching them slaughter people, and I’ll still be like, “Awww, look at the little puppy raptors!”

Colin Trevorrow did an interview that I completely approve of, talking about how Claire is the main character and the story begins and ends with her. This has been stated before, but it’s made abundantly clear here that this is a very feminist movie– I plan on doing a post in a couple of weeks making fun of all the people on the Internet who will inevitably whine about this fact. It also says that one journalist made a comparison between Jurassic World and Zero Dark Thirty; someone else (on Tumblr) compared it to the third act of How To Train Your Dragon 2. Wikipedia informs me that HTTYD2 ends with a battle between two major dragons, and the one from the first movie wins while the other survives and leaves the city alive. This bodes well.

I’m excited for the movie, of course, but I’m also very excited to see the cosplays people will show up in! I’ve changed my mind at the last minute and decided to do Ellie instead of Malcolm. TrexMalcolm on JPL is doing John Hammond, Ammonites is going as a park vendor, sdp is being Lowery and Imperialtrooper is going as an amazing park vet:


I’ll also be doing a post featuring all the JP cosplay I can find, so if you’re dressing up for the premiere, strut your stuff and make sure to post pictures! (Speaking of JPL, I’d like it on record that I was the first person to describe what will go down tomorrow as “the great server crash of ’15”. It’s coming and it’s gonna be big.)

Margaritaville is selling Isla Nublar Margaritaville T-shirts, my favorite of which is the Mosasaur one.

This fan art from Amy Mebberson on Tumblr is perfect:


And that’s all I have to report.

This is it, people. We’ve waited for so long and the day is almost here. It’s still really hard to believe that I’ll be sitting and watching Jurassic World in less than a day, but I will and so will most of you. It’s been fun waiting and guessing and anticipating, but I’m more than ready to go see Jurassic Park dinosaurs on the big screen– this will be the first JP movie I see in theaters, but for a lot of other fans that isn’t the case. We’ve waited 14 years and now there’s only 24 hours to go; tomorrow night we’ll all be sitting in our respective movie theaters miles and miles apart, but we’ll cheer and cry and shout at the screen at the same time. Good or bad, for the first time in more than a decade, we’ll all experience this together. And I can’t wait.

I’ll post my review of the fourth Jurassic Park movie tomorrow afternoon.


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