Jurassic World: Day One


Well, it’s day one after the release of Jurassic World and the entire fan community is sitting around chatting and playing with their new toys like a bunch of kids on Christmas afternoon. The general opinion from fans seems to be that the movie is an 8 or 9 out of 10, and critics are saying something different but we’re pretty much ignoring the haters for now. I thought today I’d talk about a couple of things that I missed in my review yesterday.

The deaths in this movie were very, very brutal, gory and scary. I thought Eddie getting ripped apart in Lost World was intense, but I. rex graphically tears a worker apart in full view within the first half hour, and that’s only the beginning. It was also pretty awful to watch the man who got out of the I. rex pen with Owen look so full of despair before he died, and the men getting killed in the raptor attack scene—especially the one who left the bloody handprint on the Mobile Veterinary Unit—went out in particularly nasty ways. Masrani’s death was the saddest human one by far—he isn’t Book Hammond and doesn’t really deserve to get offed like that, but he dies in a particularly horrific way and the look on his face when he realizes he’s going to crash really tore my heart out. His character was complicated and interesting—he valued the wonder of the park while still succumbing to capitalist greed, and he genuinely seemed to listen to Wu and realize his mistakes. He didn’t undergo any enormous character changes, but his transition from trying to lock Owen in the I. rex pen and suppressing the news of her escape, to caring more about people than his expensive asset and even trying to destroy I. rex himself, gave him a really great story arc.

I still think that Claire was a delightfully strong and interesting character, and I liked her story arc. Some critics are saying that the movie is indeed sexist because it shows her transition from cold, corporate worker bee to surrogate mother, but that’s not at all the way I see it. Just like Masrani, she learned over the course of the movie that people and animals aren’t just assets and the importance of family. In other words, she had Alan Grant’s journey with a slightly different beginning and because she’s a woman, people are calling it sexist. Okay, friends, you’re entitled to your opinions. Also, she maintained the whole feminine thing and didn’t have to act masculine to be a hero—which is what Trevorrow has been saying for a long time—and didn’t have to take off her heels to kill dinosaurs and save people, which is a pretty feminist message if I do say so myself. That’s not to mention how Owen might have been the one with the gun out in the jungle and she had to hide behind the guy with the gun a couple of times, but he didn’t save Claire in a distinctly knight-in-shining-armor way even once and she saved his butt on at least two occasions. Needless to say, Claire is one of my favorite characters in the whole franchise. Everyone else’s favorite generally seems to be Lowery and he’s my second-favorite too, but Claire’s my girl.

Now that I’ve had the chance to look over other people’s reviews, I was wrong to say that there were no references to the previous movies. Mr. DNA showed up and had a couple of lines, and although his voice was actually Trevorrow’s, he sounded a lot like he did in the first movie. I. rex was fed part of a dead cow in a very similar way that the orignal raptors were fed that same animal. When Zach and Gray were getting attacked in the Gyrosphere, a piece of glass separated them and the I. rex’s head, just like the first T. rex attack scene. There was no mention or sight of the old Barbasol can, but there was at least one sign from the old park, which can be seen as Claire drives away after the MVU raptor attack. There was also a quick reference in Jimmy Fallon’s Gyrosphere video, where Jimmy pretended to have dilophosaur spit on him. People on JPL are saying something about a green button, which I personally don’t get but some of you probably will. One ACU was crushed under I. rex’s foot in the mud, which was a reference to the poor guy who met the same fate in Lost World, and there was a spiraling, upward shot of some kids digging up a “fossil” in the visitors’ center that was almost exactly like the shot of Grant’s team digging up the raptor skeleton in the first movie. Also, I spotted this yesterday and didn’t say it in case I was wrong, but someone confirmed it—Jack Horner was in the movie. He was one of the spectators on the catwalk in the first raptor scene. There are more, some more subtle than others, in this Imgur album.

Something that stuck out to me was how many flaws in the system there were. In the beginning of the control room scene, we see that a pachycephalosaurus has escaped into the Restricted Zone and been captured by the ACUs; apparently this is the second time that this has happened that month. That, combined with how much they didn’t know about Indominus (showing how they didn’t even bother to watch her, let alone research her behavior) really surprised me. How could these people watch animals break out and not think it was a big deal? How could they have such big, dangerous animals in their care, watch other animals escape on a routine basis and not connect the two ideas? The fact that they had a whole military force for asset containment was probably what kept there from being any serious incidents, but it still really surprised me how truly reckless and blind park management was with the dinosaurs. The whole message of corporate greed and rushing into things you don’t understand was very much there, but it may have been a little overstated. You’d think that in a park like this, animal escapes would be a huge deal and they’d at least observe their new, deadly monster attraction before letting it out on the public, but I guess they really were that jaded. Wow.

I think what we’re all wondering is, what happens next? The head of Masrani Corp is dead and so is Hoskins, so the only person really left to lead InGen (assuming InGen still exists after this disaster) is Henry Wu. Wu may or may not have realized what he did wrong—he didn’t seem to show any remorse for any part of the creation of I. rex, and seemed concerned mostly with saving what the company had left—so it’s up in the air whether he could take over the company in the next sequel. Considering that Nublar is about to be overrun with newly free dinosaurs and it would take an act of God and/or enormous stupidity to get anyone back into a dinosaur park, let alone Jurassic World, I think it’s safe to say that we probably won’t see another operational park for at least one more movie. Since Hoskins’ men smuggled a case of embryos off the island and they probably agree with Vic’s ideas about dinosaur application in the military, could the next movie involve militarized dinosaurs? It would take a few generations of animals, but with the work that Owen did with the Raptor Squad, it’s entirely possible that raptors at the very least could be harnessed and used in combat. That alone would make a pretty cool movie, but there’s very little potential for wonder or a wide audience appeal there.

There’s also what Trevorrow said about an Apple/Microsoft tech-race-type dinosaur fight, but I do wonder how the technology would get out of the hands of an elite military force and into the hands of companies. (Maybe someone Nedrys it out.) In any case, it would be interesting if that kind of story were to unfold and if it were at least a little plausible. I can’t imagine even huge corporations being able to convince a world that’s seen what happened at Jurassic World to visit another dinosaur park or attraction, so that’s probably out of the question; maybe one or two companies would clone peaceful herbivores and sell them to zoos, but that’s it. So the main possibility here is application of dinosaurs in the modern world. What if raptors could be trained to do assembly-line tasks, like the pigeon factory experiment? What if dinosaurs’ genes were tampered with to make them all small and domesticated, and they were sold widely as pets; what if the public were slowly reintroduced to dinosaurs over the years and that paved the way to demand for another dinosaur attraction? Whatever happens, it’s probably safe to assume that it won’t be InGen cloning the animals this time around. With the first Jurassic Park incident (news of which is obviously very widespread, judging by Lowery and Claire’s T-shirt exchange), the San Diego Incident and now Jurassic World’s downfall, I’d be very, very surprised if InGen ever made a single dollar again, that is if InGen will even still exist after this. Some people are saying that Jurassic World will start up again with stricter security protocols, but after the public’s impression and all the injuries and deaths (not to mention how every single dinosaur in the park probably escaped within a week of the park’s abandonment) I think it’s safe to say that Jurassic World is done for. But Henry Wu is in charge now, and he’s always determined and full of surprises. He could pull off the impossible. We’ll just have to wait and see.

As for how the various characters would be in the sequel (and they probably would be; Trevorrow has said numerous times that the producers have a plan for these movies in mind, which involves a multi-movie plot arc and the return of the main characters) some would be better than others. Owen and Claire are probably the most likely candidates; assuming dinosaurs end up being used for military purposes, maybe Owen could return to the Navy and work as some sort of dinosaur advisor. Since she was the main character of Jurassic World, the sequel probably won’t ditch her completely, although I can really only see her being against dinosaurs as attractions and not working as the manager for Apple’s dinosaur division or anything. She’ll end up with Owen in all likelihood, so if he shows up then she probably will too. (Although if she just gets a brief cameo as a stay-at-home mom, I’m gonna be pissed.) Lowery is rapidly becoming a fan favorite and I would really love to see him return as well, but he strikes me as being a lot like Malcolm—absolutely phenomenal as a supporting character, but not the best as a leading man. Zach might grow up and do something important, but he’s not very fleshed-out and doesn’t do anything that would make the fan base pine to see him return, so he likely won’t. And all I want for Gray is to see him grow up to be a paleontologist. I want to see him as a happy adult or a well-adjusted kid in a brief cameo, or maybe as a returning Obligatory Child, but all in all he doesn’t seem like he’d be a liability or someone who has no idea what to do around dinosaurs anymore.

That might be the last rambling post I make about my impressions of the movie for at least a few days (I don’t know when I’ll go to see it again, but probably soon and at least two more times). I’ll comment on it, of course, but probably as segments in other posts. In the meantime, Lego Jurassic World has been released and someone made a compilation of all the cutscenes, so I’ll probably tackle that in a few different parts. The last thing I want to cover today is what’s happening on the websites right now. Thanks to CJCroen1393 for the tip-off, and to the same person, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

This is the first thing you see when you log onto the main page:


Park capacity is dropping and is at 15% right now; in-universe the events of the movie seem to have taken place on June 12, so they would technically be occurring right now and evacuation would be underway. The park cameras show evacuated areas, people running and utter pandemonium (though no dinosaurs).

I could be wrong about the canon day and time, but judging by the dropping park capacity I’m probably not. I’ll update with what’s happening on the site tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Day One

  1. I hate that people are calling Claire’s arc sexist. Why can we not just have characters that are characters? Not everything has to be a political statement. To the naysayers, I boldly reply: don’t have a cow.


    1. I know, right? Someone even said her arc was sexist because she got a boyfriend. Like, calm the %^*& down, a big part of the feminism of her character was that she didn’t have to give up her “feminine” traits to be an action hero. And LOL at that pun.


  2. Hey, thanks for digging up (no pun intended) all this stuff on JW. I’m glad you liked it. I liked it too. I have some DIY replica JP vehicle hangtags over at my blog… and other odds and ends from JP. I think it might be “right up your alley.” 😉

    -Mike J.


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