An Interview With Raptor Dash

I’ve been interviewed!

Lord Kristine Does Some Things

I suck at intros.



Hi, I’m Raptor Dash! Unfortunately I’m not a dinosaur or a pony, but I wish I were, so I write about them. I’m a Jurassic Park fanfiction writer and the closest thing I can imagine to a professional fangirl. You may have read some of my work, like “Gentle Giants Petting Zoo”, or my blog, “The Jurassic Adventures of Raptor Dash”. Jurassic Park and dinosaurs are my life, and I hope to be a paleontologist someday. In the meantime, I type about baby dinosaurs on the Internet for two hours a day and apparently there’s an audience for that. Thank you for having me, Lord Kristine!

What is your favorite story you wrote and why?

I would have to say it’s “A New Jurassic World”. Not only was it the most fun to write, but it was nice to write the main three characters…

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