Jurassic World Blows Up

No, Jurassic World has not blown up in the literal sense– Isla Nublar hasn’t (yet) been firebombed in film canon– but it has exploded in popularity. It’s growing exponentially with the general audience as well as with JP fans, and its popularity has already set it on track to become one of the Internet’s major movie fandoms. As you can imagine, I’m very excited about this, as are lots of my dinosaur-loving comrades. It’s a lot like how serious comic book fans must have felt when Guardians of the Galaxy came out– we’ve been staying in our few-and-far-between fan spaces for so long, but then we looked out the window and our fandom was suddenly on billboards and little kids’ T-shirts. It’s incredible.

Probably my favorite trend to emerge from this is Prattkeeping, where zookeepers and animal trainers recreate Owen’s “stand down” pose with their own animals. These range from ostriches (which are really the closest we’ll ever get to interacting with Utahraptors):


To camels:


To penguins:


To my personal favorite, walruses:


And other assorted cutie pies of the animal kingdom:




Seriously, I can’t express in words how hilarious I find that walrus one (the one on the left is just sitting there like, “What? What do you want from me?”) and I really hope this keeps going on, because it’s the best.

Nostalgia Criic Doug Walker and his brother Rob did two separate reviews of the movie. I’m not saying I met them at a convention last month and asked them to do exactly that, but I totally did and you’re welcome.

Thanks to Devin for the tip-off on this. Some incredible, incredible human being (who apparently designs attractions and shows for major theme parks; oh hello there, dream job) has created a website for a Jurassic World attraction that never came to be. It’s about a water show called Amber Dreams, and it’s, well… I’ll let it speak for itself:


My personal favorite parts are the compies jumping through the hoops, the Mr. DNA costumes and the flying butterfly John Hammond lady. I also appreciate the monologue in the ‘Blog’ section and the fact that they also wrote a song called “Life Finds a Way” which, to my knowledge, is the fourth song based around Malcolm’s quotes that I’ve ever heard.

Lots of people have been writing parody articles like this one, which is about the 10 best female characters in the movies (although every single one of them is the best and I would totally hang out with each and every one, except Amanda Kirby), or this one from The Onion about the serious lack of raptor dialogue. An apartment company called ForRent (which will never beat Apartments.com, BRAD BELLFLOWER I WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU) also made an awesome comic strip/infographic showing the guidelines for living with a baby velociraptor:


Tumblr is blowing up with fan art, and be assured that I will do a JW fan art exhibition soon. In the meantime, there are quite a few great parodies that need to be shared. I don’t know who made some of these, but credit where credit is due:

The real MVP.


Naturally, there are flower crowns:






Sources on the last three are here, here and here. Something else cool happened: somebody wrote this ode to differentiating between Jessica Chastain and our one true queen, Bryce Dallas Howard:

This fandom being what it is, parodies abounded. The best, I think, is this one by Lord Kristine:

But, topping them all, Bryce herself sang along to a few seconds of it, and she did it on Jessica Chastain’s Instagram, no less. All hail Claire! We’re not worthy!

In other news, Lego Jurassic World is out and from what I’ve been seeing, it’s fantastic! I’m still doing a review of the cutscenes (which should take quite a few posts; now that I think about it, I can probably continue that Jurassic City review as well, if you guys want me to) but in the meantime, look at this absolute freaking dork:

I think Lego Malcolm lives in a state of perpetual drunkenness. He just jumps everywhere and gets in everybody’s faces, and it absolutely kills me. And look at this family of dorks, trailing along behind each other like a mother dork and her babies crossing the street:




I love this game so much I think it’s gonna end up putting me in the hospital. Finally, something pooped up on that ‘Prattkeeping’ ad that I’m positive had nothing to do with the article’s content. It was a separate advertisement from a separate sponsor that popped up on lots of people’s non-JW-related articles as well as the one I was reading. I don’t watch Mad Men, but I feel like this is the kind of thing that Don Draper would applaud if he were alive today. This is the kind of unique art that most ad agencies can only dream of. It is the very pinnacle of sales artistry. Behold:



4 thoughts on “Jurassic World Blows Up

  1. Being both a major comic book fan and a JP fan I can tell you for sure that both this film and Guardians of the Galaxy (heck, pretty much all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films) instilled the reaction of ‘yay, people like what i like’!!

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