My Jurassic June Art

Every June for at least a couple of years, the Jurassic Park fandom celebrates June, the month that the original JP movie came out and now the month that Jurassic World was released, by making art and doing other cool stuff. I did a few cosplays and stuff last year (which I won’t put here because I didn’t have my wigs and I didn’t look very accurate because of it) and I’ve been so busy with JW news that I haven’t done anything for it until now. There’s only one more day left of it, but I couldn’t just let it slip by, so here’s some art. It may not be good, but I had fun doing it and I don’t have to go a full week without posting again, so that’s really all that matters.

Claire bear

Just some random sketches. Claire doesn’t quite know how to handle any kind of child yet.


Some art for Lord Kristine, author of this fanfic, and the one that mostly inspired this drawing, this one.

This isn’t particularly well-drawn, but I had to get this idea on paper. In Jurassic World, everything seemed to be named after John Hammond– the Creation Lab, the genetic sequencer, the statues in the Bamboo Forest, etc. Well, lots of other characters had just as much impact on the first movie as Hammond did, so they deserve to get some recognition. This is what it might look like if other locales in the park were named after original-trilogy characters:

Buildings 2

Buildings 1

Finally, I decided to do a cosplay that other people have done before, but that I just loved the idea of so much that I had to take a shot at it. I present female Ian Malcolm (or Irene Malcolm, if you’re a fan of my friend duckythefangirl’s story It’s Chaos):












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